Strategic Public Relations Management And Method Essay


Discuss about the Strategic Public Relations Management and Method.



From the market research, I conducted based on my personal experience data that I collected the restaurant providing same services as our Tandoori Inn Albany Creek; it is obvious it is the reason behind the drop-in business in our restaurant (Goetsch et al. 2014). Our services don't differ much, but the problem is how our restaurant is the organization in every aspect. The entire team of our restaurant must be reorganized in critical aspects to be sustainable in the competitive environment.

Our competitor Tandoori Inn Albany Creek restaurant cleanliness is of a high standard. I realized that the floors were sparkling clean and no pests crawling around, the servers themselves looked tidy with their heads covered and in complete uniforms including closed shoes, cleaning the bathrooms is after every 20 minutes, the kitchen is well planned, clean kept (Blennow et al. 2014). No offensive odors felt not forgetting the glasses and the plates used to serve where food is being clean and sparkling. I could hardly see any customer wiping their seats before seating. After a keen observation, I realized they outsource their cleaning services unlike to us. Outsourcing these services has added advantage to our competitor, and we should also consider doing the same for our company.

It took me less than a minute to find an available table since there are specially assigned staffs to locate the available tables for the customers. At the door, I was warmly greeted as well as welcomed. The servers are professionals and are polite in that they attempt to answer any question in a respectful manner and quickly find out when any issue is not in their capacity of solving it. The food ordered is offered in the shortest time possible and served in an exact way required. In case the order delays the servers inform you and also compensate with a drink for the delay which I rarely saw (Carroll, 2015). After the meal one is asked to leave a comment about the service so as to mend any shortcomings and these comments are turned into ideas and implemented as soon as possible. The customer care services are integrated to quickly pick up calls and answer questions relating to reservations in the best ways

The food I ordered was very delicious, and from where I seated I could see the people dining around me reacting positive and others commenting on how the food was incredibly delicious. From the menu prices charged were reasonable based on the surrounding and dish offered as well as the choices are well balanced for a combined meal. The food variety accommodates every person's tastes like the vegetarians’ choice (Men, 2014). From the presentation of the food, it looks fresh and appetizing which you then prove that indeed it is from the first bite and sip. All the necessary ingredient is well balanced, cooking of foods is to the required level. The food package included appetizers and desserts this balances the meal. The food is served still hot which is gives a good indication to the customer.

The d?cor at Tandoori Inn Ablay Creek restaurant is attractive and appealing. The chairs and tables are comfortably and neatly arranged. Fresh and well-kept flowers are in every corner, and African nature artwork is included to lift the appearance and create a warm feeling. Suitable lighting is in place, and the place is neither too dark nor too bright to stay (Austin and Pinkleton, 2014). Regulated temperatures as the place are not too hot nor too cold; the servers complement these with dressing decently and accommodating.

From the above evaluation from Tandoori Inn Albany Inn Creek, there are greater chances of many reduced sales from our restaurant. It is to imply that the competition level is of high level and immediate critical issues must be dealt with so as to remain stable in the market. Our restaurant services, food offered, cleanliness and atmosphere are relatively, but through the experience, I got from our competitors we have to upgrade these issues so as to compete with Tandoori Inn Albany Creek restaurant competently (Schoeneborn, 2014). You could consider me having a chance to speak to the staffs during the retreat scheduled for them to understand the reason behind the drop in the summary so that they could prepare in advance for our monthly meeting.


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