Strategic Marketing: Troubled Asset Relief Program Essay


Discuss about the Strategic Marketing for Troubled Asset Relief Program.



The background of the rationale is Sony, which has established itself as one of the leading brands in global electronic industry through innovative products. The greater success for Sony was its walkman. Sony has been dominating the stereo market since last few decades. The competitors of Sony are named Matsushita, Toshiba, Sanyo, Sharp and the Philips. The electronic giant has focused highly on the market perceptive, financial strength and the engineering skills (Aaker and Joachimsthaler 2012).

The Cuban missile crisis occurred between the United States and the Soviet Union, which concerned with the American ballistic missile deployment in Italy and the Turkey (Allison 2012).

The players in decisions making for social space are the US government, Secretary and the chairperson.

The players in the social space were of the perspective that the company should keep on inventing new innovations and creating the modern and appealing device, that were wanted by the different demographic of the society. Therefore, according to the Public and External Forces, the economy was suffering from the subprime mortgage crisis (Hybel 2014).

Sony, which deals in the business of the entertainment and the electronics, looked like there were synergies between the businesses. However, it can be stated that high degree of synergies are not the key success to the businesses (Du Gay et al. 2013). On the other hand, what makes a blockbuster in the field of entertainment does not drives success to the electronics segment. Sony loses its dominance in the television. The Company did not use the new technology. Its competitors have already used the technology that Sony used later.

The technology used by the Company Sony was outdated whereas there are many new brands and new technology that dominated the entire market. The prices of the new technology that were available in the market were not so costly as compared to the other electronic products. The quality of the products that were provided by Sony was very cheap as compared to the other electronic brands.

The first walkman that was launched in the market was of Sony. There were new technologies used for the walkman but it failed miserably in the market as there were other electronics and new technologies took over the market and resulted in the failure of the walkman that was totally a new concept in the market. The new technology like the one iPods, Apple iPhones and CDs killed the market for the walkmans (Baum et al. 2012).

The crisis of the credit began building as the subprime mortgages in the year 2007, which spread through the mortgage industry and spread to the national and the global markets. At the time, when the focus was on the subprime industry, the credit crisis aroused in the economy.

A number of events have taken in September 2008

The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and the Federal National Mortgage Association were placed into conservatorship by the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

Lehman Brothers announced the filing of the bankruptcy and the bank of America was sold by the Merrill lynch at a total cost of $ 50 million. The bridge loan that was taken by the American International Group was around $ 40 million from the Federal Reserve Board to be in the higher authority.

The Fed announced to lend up to $ 85 billion to the AIG from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York under the section 13 (3) of the Federal Reserve Act.

The treasury Secretary Mr. Paulson and the fed chairperson Mr. Bernanke suggested that to take the quick legislation action because they wanted to remove the illiquid mortgage assets from the balance sheet of the financial institutions.

The concentration of the TARP on the banking sector worsened and left it to rise the crisis. According to Geithner, the financial system of the US was in a much stronger position than before the crisis. Amongst the 15 largest financial institutions before the crisis, four institutions did not had their independent identities; five institutions had to restructure their capital; two of the financial institutions altered their legal policies and 10 has to settled the major changes in the senior management. The secretary noted that the total banks in United States are 7800 in numbers and the people of US are less dependent on credit with respect to the financial institutions, which are providing roughly half of the credit to the businessperson.

TARP is the program that is related to the purchase of the assets and equity from the financial institutions in order to strengthen the financial condition of the economy. It was the component of the government measurement system in the year 2008, which had highlighted the subprime mortgage crisis. The TARP does not allow banks to regain the losses that incurred because of the troubled assets, but when the trading of the mentioned assets resumes, the prices will go up and the value of the investments will increase, that would result in the profit (Anthony 2014).

The decisions of the TARP are severely controversial. Many taxpayers saw the government, which is helping the large businesses with the help of the TARP. The COP criticized its administration, which is with respect to the transparency and the disclosures (Wilson 2013).


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