Strategic Management: Sales And Asset Turnover Essay


Discuss about the Strategic Management for Sales and Asset Turnover.


The overall experience of simulation of the Delta Corporation had been struggling because the company had to be sold to a private investor for a higher share value. The main aim of Delta / Signal Corporation was to invest in the future because it had losing its market share. Increasing its performance was important but it was challenging because the costs had been increasing. In the first period, the main focus was to invest in its internal process whether by recruiting and training initiatives, enhanced infrastructure and research and development. After, period 1 we were capable of implementing trade campaign programs, there was steadiness in growth until period 3 till we started making major profits through gross margins, sales and asset turnover because of innovation.

I preferably chose financial strategy because to gain market share, company’s market standing based on profit margins is important. Delta / Signal Corporation had to improve in areas of marketing, innovation (research and development), total quality management and reaching out to customer. The basic idea was to be visible in front of its competitors. All I could wish was to make the company stand out by differentiating from competitors’ through a quality makeover of the product of luxury segment.

The objectives were framed from innovation and finally integrating the partnerships with the customer in the long run. Initially the progress had been slow but with continuous efforts in areas like customer segments, marketing and innovation areas of new designs wear resistant parts further developed the customer’s taste in the market of luxury segment. As per my analysis of running the strategy mapped, innovation and research and development changed the sphere of the company in the competitor’s market with immediate effect on the customers.

The objectives were backed by initiatives starting with innovation and technology (in wear resistant parts and leading technologies) and equipment upgrades as well as the major funding. This had been followed by continuous marketing and training programs to implement the given objectives. In the eight rounds, as the initiatives follow up for the given period and the same had been carried out through improvement in innovation process skills and by leveraging supply technology. The high quality had been maintained because of this continuous process of improving in product innovation in luxury segment followed b y process efficiency initiatives.

Balance scorecard taught me that over the eight rounds, we need to continuous imply on the initiatives we wish to enhance. Also, with further changes, certain other areas can even e improved. As per the initiatives undertaken, it personally helped in building strategic thinking with the continuous changes in the balance sheet. Every initiative like innovation and technology with supplier pipeline has been followed by real performance colors in the reaching out to customer segment. The strategy has been customized to achieve Delta/ Signal Corporations’ sustained long term success to the strategically important areas.

In real scenario, it is an amalgamation of learning exercise with the help of group decision making and the continuous interactions that further helps in devising strategy for the organization. Here, Delta/ Signal Corporation not only gave me an insight to actual experience that one can go through. The continuous planning and then carrying forward of initiatives and further analyzing the finding activities to be allotted to other areas further reflects the unique an dynamic situations that can be experienced. However carrying out the simulation exercise was difficult to set up objectives at first but with monitoring changes, a path to successful growth was devised. They were many discussions that took place but ultimately the exercise was fruitful because the company started making gross profit from the first period itself. Hence, sales even increased that built our confidence in building a suitable strategy map through internal processes that directed towards effective customer relationships which augmented in becoming one of the “leading technology products from suppliers” rather “best in class” for the production innovation in the luxury segment.

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