Strategic Management & Leadership Skills Essay


1.Explain the one most Important lesson you learned today in MBA 7512 class. It may be from course materials.
2.Provide one example of how you plan to apply this lesson in a specific situation in the workplace in the future. In your example.


1.From the course, I have liked the topic of Strategic Management the most as it provides me with the understanding about how to maintain a balance between management and leadership. The concept of strategic management also allows me to explore the organizational strengths in order to make strategies. The main reason behind the selection of Kolb’s Learning Cycle is that it provides great understanding about how to use the personal experience in the work life to get success.

Kolb's learning Styles Model

The Kolb’s Learning Cycle Model states that people learn from their life experiences. It needs to be mentioned that reflection is an important part in this process. There are four stages in Kolb’s Learning Cycle Model. They are Experience, Reflect, Conceptualize and Plan.

Figure 1: Kolb’s Learning Cycle

(Source: Kolb & Kolb, 2012)

Stage 1 “Experience”: As per this stage, life is full of experiences from where we can learn. This experience can be from anywhere.

Stage 2 “Reflect”: Reflection refers to the process of thinking about the learning and the experiences. Some people are good at reflecting while others need to be trained (Muscat & Mollicone, 2012).

Stage 3 “Conceptualize”: Conceptualize refers to the process of creating hypothesis about the experiences.

Stage 5 “Plan”: Plan refers to the process of learning from our experiences.

2.Kolb’s Learning Cycle can be used to train the employees of the organization. As per the first stage, the employees will be encouraged to experience different aspects of work in the organizations. After this stage, the employees will be encouraged to reflect their experience, as they will be encouraged to write down their experiences from different sources. After that, the employee will be encouraged to interpret their experience in order to learn their jobs effectively. In the last stage, the process of learning will be planned. In this stage, a detailed plan will be made in order to provide training and development to the employees. Kolb’s Learning Cycle can be used to solve the complaints of the customers. In this regard, the employees will be encouraged to use their experiences to recognize the problems. After that, they will be encouraged to make strategies to resolve those customer’s issues.


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