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The success of the business process depends very much upon the accounting processes. The reason behind it is this process basically brings much ease by the use of the accounting software. The use of the accounting software for various kinds of accounting process varies from industry to industry and irrespective of the business types there has been the software that produces the specific accounting information system with respect to the business types. On the whole, the use of the accounting software packages enables the business types to get through all the accounting records with quite an ease. In accordance to that, it helps the business in maintaining the proper data track record including all the automated data entry, accounts payable as well as receivable flow, costs maintenance level, longevity as well as comprehensive of the business, accounting software, bookkeeping and security level. Thus this paper is prepared to keep in mind the details of the accounting organization in Australia. In addition, there will also be the description of the specific accounting software packages used by the company.

For that, the report had selected the use of adoption as well as the growth of the accounting software packages by the leading company like Mazars. In that context, the company acquires the use of the software packages that provides proper assistance to the clients which in later conditions help in managing their accounting affairs. This will further help in attaining the optimal outcome in relation to the various new ways regarding the tax representation, tax planning and tax consulting. Thus the paper will describe how the use of the accounting software will add on the generation of value to the firm as well as its clients with the delivery of proper professional services.

The professional expertise in this matter will result in the development of the strategic processes. The strategic process engrosses the development of goal-oriented winning along with the strengthening of self-belief and mindset. Thus the paper is prepared to describe in detail the development carried out by the company with respect to the clients, investors, individuals and many other businesses for various kinds of accounting processes.

The company that has been considered for the description of the accounting software packages in Australia is the MAZARS. It is the organization that brings out the delivery of best accounting services to various business organizations across the Australian market. In addition, the company is already having its deep route reputation in the Australian market from since 25 years. Thus it has been seen from various evidence that the company is quite well known in the Australian market as well as in abroad for its efficient auditing and advisory services. Most of the big companies go for choosing for the services from MAZARS to bring integrity to their company (Akhgar, Parvin & Sherkat, 2014). In that context, the major advantage for which the company is gaining success in the competitive market is the presence of a specific organizational structure which enables the fulfillment of the responsibilities of all the employees equally. With the formation efficient structure, the company provides employment for almost 18000 skilled professionals that are serving in almost 79 countries. In that structure, the company maintains the process by which the higher management can have proper look over all the processes in detail starting from top officials to the customers, clients and the employees on a regular basis. For that reason, the effectiveness of this accounting enhances very smoothly by providing the customer's active services which result in effective outcomes with due course of time. More specifically it helps in sharing values to the clients (Al-Hashedi, et al., 2014, November). Thus paper involves the key insights regarding the company’s provision of various practical solutions which with time affects the effectiveness of the resources as well as the experience of the organization.

The above section provides the clear view regarding the organization running successfully in the Australian market. More specifically the above section also delivers the basic idea that though the company with a proper hierarchical structure still the structure follows the process in such manner that the higher officials can pay proper attention above the ongoing activities of the all the employees as well as the needs and demands of the customers. In that case, there have been the business researchers basically think that such lose control or kind of flat structure can affect its business structure (Amrollahi, Ghapanchi & Talaei-Khoei, 2013). In addition to that, there has been a big threatening to the morale as well as the matter of respect to the employees as per the market researchers. But the ongoing hierarchical, as well as flat structure let the managers handle its employees through the introduction of many innovative processes as the situation demands. In that case, the addition of more motivational activities will result in the growth of the business in the Australia market (Amrollahi, Ghapanchi & Talaei-Khoei, 2013).

The company basically uses the system acquisition method to make the enhancement of the company’s growth in the Australian market. For that reason, the company came to a point by which they decided the use of the custom developed software is quite better for use which can enable the growth of the economy of the country. It is because this process works with quite specificity. Thus by ongoing with that process the company owns its software to the proper completion of the process. (Amrollahi, Ghapanchi & Talaei-Khoei, 2013) In addition, as the company owns its software so the company also takes care of its programming processes as well as the setup programming by their own. Due to this reason the company provides employment to various programmers as well as analysts which make the ERP as the best-used software for the company. And for that reason, the use of ERP or the custom based software will enable the fruitful system acquisition by MAZARS.

As per the details provided regarding the organization in the above section, there has been the presentation of the flowchart which will provide a clear description of the business processes of MAZARS in the Australian market. It is because the flow chart will provide the clear understanding of the product selling in the market which is an essential part in terms of the success of any organization (Hovelja & Vasilecas, 2013). Basing upon that the sales also provides the establishment of linkage in between the retailers as well as the customers which make the market of Australia more competitive. Thus from every aspect, it can be said that the sales person becomes the medium link that joins the every part and plays a vital part in completing the whole process with accuracy.

MAZARS would have the concerns and issues related to fraud in the processes of the company. Requisite measures and actions are required to be executed depending upon the location, organizational size and structuring of the organization. The management of MAZARS should incorporate and heighten the security and confidentiality features of the process of eth organization so as to prevent any security breach or fraud taking place. This will allow and provide the employees as well as other employees to look forward for reporting about any occurrence of fraud in the company. The fraud or the breach in the confidential or private information of the company or the individuals associated with the company can be evaluated through three categories (Koech, Gichunge & Thuo, 2016). The fraud or breach in the information security can be done through asset corruption, asset misappropriation and financial statement. These three aspects are very important factors that can pose significant threats to the Management resources of the company. These three factors can also affect the growth of the organization in a negative way. The breach or fraud in the information system can be controlled by gaining access to certain areas where the breach or leakage can be generated. The breach or security fraud can be prevented and monitored by keeping a keen and careful surveillance and observance on the individuals associated with the company. The organization can also implement certain internal controls by incorporating an employee reporting system in the company (Lo, 2016). Highly experienced experts can also be hired by the company to deal with the breaches and frauds. These experts can also monitor the absenteeism and vacation balance on a regular basis. The implementation of the terms and conditions regarding the corporate culture with transparency can be made to be incorporated in the later stage. This would result in obtaining a control and prevention of the frauds and security breach in the information systems of the company.

Mazars is listed to be one of the top accounting firms in the Australian market. The adoption and development of the accounting system package by the company has to be an integrated feature for the successful implementation of the business. The accounting system package would be able to facilitate the technical support for the company which is necessary in the competitive market. The facilitation process of the technical support is complex in nature. It inculcates the Internet as a basic part of the communication, thus incorporating accounting software package would prove to be beneficial and productive. Along with the utilization of the accounting software package, the operation and implementation becomes more convenient for the human resource management of the company (Luse, et al., 2013). The process of the accounting software package will enable the human resource department to work on different functions that would assist during the delivery of training of accounting along with the technical skills to the staff members and new employees. On the other hand, if there will be any issues or concerns in the organization regarding the accounting software, the development of the designing, accounting and information technology systems. Therefore, there is a strong relationship between the process of accounting software and human resource in an organization (Nezakati, Harati & Elahi, 2014).

Mazars is and established accounting company in Australia which has been serving its clients with high value driven solutions on all scales. The company has been doing well in the global market with providing its auditory and advisory services of its 25 years experience and knowledge. In regards to the reference to the organizations, the usage along with the distribution of the accounting software package has been recognized. The distribution and usage has been undergoing changes for last few years as the market size keeps on changing very frequently. Analyzing the market perspective of the company denotes to occupy 70% of the market share (Nezakati, Harati & Elahi, 2014). The current market size is fluctuating and the market differs from country to country. Hence, it can be stated that the process of accounting is a subject matter which makes the process very effective and efficient by the implementation of the audit and tax services depending upon the ever fluctuating global economic conditions. Moreover, it could be observed through the inculcation of different innovative services like the cloud processing and the data analysis.

While working on the analysis of the market, it could be understood that the accounting market for Australia has different kinds of software packages which are implemented by many companies. The most important players in the accounting software package industry are Xero, Intuit, and MYOB (Yang, Pita & Singh, 2014). The most important demand of the accounting software relates to the basic reasons regarding the tough competition in eth global market. The introduction of the accounting software packages resulted din removal of the obsolete systems such as bookkeeping along with maintenance of eth records as well as the status of the business to flow of cash. This has also resulted in the acceleration if the acquiring of the accounting software package in the Australian market.

The issues related to efficiency and security is arising with the multiple advantages of accounting software package. The lack of security and the high possibilities and loopholes related to the leakage and breaching of private and confidential data is a floating threat to the organization (Pita, Cheong & Corbitt, 2013). This is also resulting in losses for the company as tackling with the issues and aftermath is consuming money and energy. Thus, the priority of the organization should be to make the system more efficient and highly secured.


The report illustrates the specific aspects of the accounting software package along with the application in the organization. Overall study regarding the market for the software package, analysis of the issues and the development of eth organization through the use of eth accounting software is being represented in the report.


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