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Describe about the Strategic Information System for Advance Technologies.



Globalization and advance technologies have increased the competition among the business entities and to face the stringent competition the organization is continually trying to develop and carry out efficient strategies that help in overcoming the cutthroat competitions in the market. The blue ocean strategy has changed the business world. The organizations compete with each other in order to increase their market share. The level of competition is so intense that some organizations cannot sustain in the business environment. This type of organizations describes a red ocean, showing saturated market share (Worthington and Britton, 2006). In order to avoid this intense competition, organizations can expand or innovate in the hope of discovering a blue ocean. The blue ocean exists where no organizations operates now, leaving the organization to expand without competition. The University of South Australia is the largest university of Australia combining the global outlook with strong research focus and local engagement. The programs are constructed with professional emphasis, assisting the students to gain the ability and experience required to help them in their career. The University of South Australia offers degree across wide range of areas in academic field including business and law, social sciences, arts and education, health sciences and IT and engineering (Johri, 2010).

Business situation

The global engagement and strong industry link of the university ensures students are gaining ability and experience which is required for their development. The students are offered with adequate academic knowledge and skills. The University has more than 35,000 students including 5,900 international students. Therefore, it becomes important for the management department to keep all the records of the students and staff members (Kuada, 2008). The programs of the university are constructed with strong professional emphasis and focus on fieldwork, industry project and placements. The blue ocean strategy of the university is to provide online education to the students that will enable to learn from any place and gain more knowledge.

The most important thing that must be focused on IT department is to improve its network system and online education system. An appropriate network system will help to execute the business operations efficiently and increasing the flow of communication (Burrow and Kleindl, 2012). It is the responsibility of the members of IT department to provide quality education to their students. The main aim of the university is to provide quality education and developing its online education system.

Processes, IT challenges, risks and approaches used to resolve/mitigate

IT challenges and the risks that are depicted in the organization of University of South Australia focus on the weak access passwords with the technical imbalance. The majority of the security threats seem to be raised from the social networking which offered the conduit for the hackers and the malware attacks also seems to be depicted in the organization of University of South Australia (Baig, 2013). Attackers which include the malicious embedding of the threats are included in the form of the malicious software within the advertisements. The approaches that must be undertaken for resolving/mitigating those problems which are embedded in the organization can be mitigated by creating strong password system in the organization. The ignorance of the advertisements with blocking those will help University of South Australia to be secured from security breach.

The major challenge for the organization is to offer services at low prices to grow its market demand with depicting the creation of pioneering education system. The technological changes have also increased the needs of the customers such as easy access to the online education. The increase in demand is an advantage but not for the organization due to the imbalances faced by the organization. The organization has struggled to cope up with the increasing demand by providing different process of providing education and services (Bourletidis, 2014). The other challenges are the effect of competition which can be mitigated by focusing on the expansion of the market about the education. Therefore, the organization has to adopt and carry out effective IT management system to increase its efficiency and providing services at lower prices. IT management system will help to decrease cost and increase profitability with thereby enables the organization to focus on the innovation of the education system.

The process of IT service management for the University of South Australia helps in depicting the proper consideration Blue Ocean Strategy for the implementation of the online tool for the education system continued in the organization. This process thus needs to be developed in an appropriate way for making it the easiest way for providing the education with the implementation of IT infrastructure (Eaton, 2016). The processes also depict the implementation of the appropriate environment regarding the implementation strategy depicted for the growth of the education system and thereby the system arrangements are depicted in order to keep the flow in a sequential manner. The sequential order must be maintained in order to keep it in an appropriate track.

Implementation of Blue Ocean Strategy regarding IT - Infrastructure and Operations

The University of South Australia provides the education solutions with thereby including the network, cloud services, and data structure summit which seems to be included in the infrastructural operations of IT. These services help the organization to create the enhancement in the organization with depicting the implementation of online learning tool with prioritizing the security about the tool used for the education system in University of South Australia (Kim and Mauborgne, 2005). IT operations of University of South Australia seem to be well-managed by the improvement of the network operators with providing the proper path for the management of the performance services. The ICT solutions seem to be existed by the help of appropriately designated roles and the responsibilities allocated to the employees for the services provided by the University of South Australia. Henceforth, the IT-infrastructure and the operations that are depicted in this case represent the appropriate operation with the implementation of Blue Ocean Strategy.

The technological road map for the services provided by University of Australia helps in depicting the visibility regarding the future expectations. The discussion of the needs regarding the future investments with depicting that the business is headed in right direction is discussed in this roadmap provided with depicting the complexities as per the implementation of Blue Ocean Strategy (Nicolaou and Bhattacharya, 2006). The road map describes the design process and the rules that are involved regarding the enhancement of the strategy and thereby the implementation of the roadmap helps in depicting the futuristic values for the organization.

Role of CIO

The role of CIO is to manage the information technology department which is very much important for the implementation of the strategies. The online education system of University of South Australia is to be managed by the information technology department. The CIO plays a significant role in strategic business planning process, network system and privacy of data (Burrow and Kleindl, 2012). The delivering of technological infrastructure and applications to support the education system is also executed by the CIO. The CIO also focuses on evaluation of new techniques and innovative technologies that will help the University to develop and provide quality education.

IT/IS Strategy for this organization with depicting the weakness

University of South Australia has not implemented an adequate security system which led to the breaching of university data. With this a great issue seems to be created and thereby the organizational imbalance is created. With the adoption of the Blue Ocean Strategy, the organization regains the place with creation of variation in strategy (Wen, Schwieger and Gershuny, 2007). Therefore, it is the responsibility of IT department to implement effective network and security system. The department has to improve its security system for the betterment of the organization to create an innovative educational framework. The “Blue Ocean” strategy can be used by the organization to explore new markets as well as identifying the needs of the customers. The focus would be customer satisfaction and not on the performance of the competitors. The strategy will help to focus on innovation that will help to solve the technological challenges and addressing the risks of the company. A right IT infrastructure will help to improve the network system, customer support system, and security system with creating an appropriate education system (Sharplin, Stahl and Kehrwald, 2016).

Information systems usage with the Implementation of Blue Ocean Strategy

The information system which is used by University of South Australia depicts the cloud computing and networking systems in the organization. The usage of this system in the organization helps in depicting the importance for the creation of student friendly environment about the learning. It also brings advancement in the system of education provided by the University of South Australia and thereby the importance of the organization can be gained by the consumers with differentiating the provision of education system from the other organizations. It thus helps in providing greater control over the business with fulfilling the needs and thereby the control of the IT environment is undertaken in this case with appropriate allocation of resources (Norman et al., 2015). Henceforth, it also helps in generating the online tool for the creation of advancement of the education system used by the Organization.

With the variation of the work practices conducted in the University of South Australia, the top management of the organization includes the IT/ IS to be appropriately executed with providing the security of the networks implemented in the organization. The sharing of the information and the data must be executed in an appropriate way and thereby the process must be executed in order to securitize the system used by the University of South Australia (Randall, 2015).

Budgets and spending

Online education Budget Summary

Amount ($)

Course Revenue


Course expenses


Delivery expenses (meeting rooms & equipment)


Advertisement (pamphlets, flyers & others)


Faculty expenses (Salary & Medicare expenditure)




General Administrative Overhead






The implementation of appropriate IT infrastructure will help to decrease cost and increase the revenue of the company. The budget analysis of online education has been estimated which shows revenue and expenses (Sen, 2008).

Discussion on blue strategy

The University of South Australia has focused on online education to make competitive advantage in the market. The staff members are provided with adequate knowledge and skills that helps them to provide quality education to their students online. The students can take admission online and can pay their fees by logging into the University Payment Account. The information technology management department plays a significant role in ensuring security of network systems and payment systems. The fees structure shows low prices for the courses offered by the University that helps to create a strong competitive environment for other university. The students are provided with wide platform to take admission as well as job opportunities from big companies. The online education system will help the company to increase its profitability and revenue.


Strategic information is important for the business organization. Thus, the entire contemporary business organization provides great emphasis on implementing effective information system which helps the organization in making an efficient strategic decision on behalf of the organization. The undertaken Organization University of South Australia provides emphasis on the enhancement of the management system and the transfers of the information in an advanced way (Umapathy, 2006). The implementation of IT strategy about this organization plays an important role with the implementation of Blue Ocean Strategy. It thereby also provides the superior infrastructure with creating an efficient IT system in the organization and thereby the organization can be able to increase its productivity with the increment of efficiency in the employees and the other members of the organization.


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