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personal essay Lapland 2018

On the 9th of december I traveled to Lapland (Finland) I went with my family. A couple of weeks before I went to Lapland all over the newspapers was that their was no snow and it normally starts snowing in late october so i was felling a bit worried but when i got there I was lucky because it had been snowing. The airport we landed at was Rovaniemi airport and i it was the smallest airport i have ever been in. It was so crammed and there was no space to move about. Once we got our bags we asked a tui worker which bus we were on. The bus i was on was called Snowball once everyone was on the bus they introduced us to the two elves who took us through the activities. The two elves were called Dobby and Cranberry. They took us to our little cabins.

When I arrived we had to try on snow suits , snow boots etc trying on the snow suits i hated it because i felt as if they were all to big and i looked ridiculous. We didnt have any activities for the first night so we went up to receotion and went sleging down the hills I loved it even tho it was absoulutley freezing it was great fun. We stayed out sledging for about 2 hours and my full body felt numb because it was -5 degrees when we got back down to our cabin my mum made us hot chocolate and then went to sleep so we wouldnt sleep in tomorrow.

The next day monday the 10th of December i woke up at half 7 to get ready and go up for breakfast. When I got up to breakfast it was a buffet all the food looked and smelled strange that it made me not want to eat it but it wasnt to bad. We had to be on the bus for 9am to go to our first activity my first activity was the Husky riding, Reindeer riding and snow mobeling we were there for 2 hours I was on each activity for 20 minutes and only got to do each thing once. We then got back on the bus and it was a half n hour bus ride back to our cottages when i got back i went for a wee nap because i was absoulutly exahausted from doing the activities. My mum woke me up and told me to get ready so we could go skiing . The skiing resort was right next to our reception so we didnt need to travel we skied for about 1 hour. When i was on the ski lift i was too scared to jump off incase i fell down the hill and died because i am no good at skiing when i got down i never went back up because i dont like skiing because i am rubbish at it and i was to embarrased incase i fell so i gave up. When i got back home i got a shower then went to bed because Lapland in the winter there is not much daylight it is mostly dark so i was feeling tired because i kept thinking it was late at night.

My final full day I went to santa park which i really enjoyed because it was inside even though i love the snow i was quite glad that i wouldnt be frezzing. Santa park had so many fun things to do like elf school, gingerbred making",meeting santa and watching the elf show. My favourite was elf school because it was teaching you how to act like an elf and how to gift wrap presents. The line to meet santa was so long so whilst my mum was waiting I went to make a gingerbred man I lved it because it smelled amazing and was so much fun. When we aventually met santa he gave us a snowglobe and got a picture took with him. we Started to make our way back to the bus to go back home once we got back my mum started to pack because we were away home tomorrow i started to fell very sad because i didnt want to go home i loved this experience so much. We were running late to the gala dinner with santa this dinner was the last dinner where you would get your christmas dinner and toest marshmallows and watch a firework display it was an amazing way to end the holiday.

Wednesday the 12th of December was when i was going hope i felt very sad because i didnt want to go home and i would miss waking up every morning looking at the white gorgeous snow. We had one last activity whilst on the way to the airport we were going to santa village which was so magical and looked like the north pole it was an amazing place to take nice photos. In santa villiage it had santas post office, santas workshop etc. There was lots of little gift shops where you could buy nice souvenirs for family and friends at home and to also remind you of this amazing place.

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