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Welcome to the rocky forest landscape Rocky Foreststone Forest or Rocky Forest. About 27 million years old, the decaying limestone forest extends over 500 square kilometers of area. This rocky area is now a place of interest for tourists from countries such as China and many places of interest. This Stone Forest is a tragic legend.To get knowledge or to go far in China. Whether it is knowledgeable or not, one of the seven wonders of China to visit the great welfare of the country, the country had been on the travel list since childhood. When the opportunity came from office to China for a weekend, I thought the hobby was filled. But Beijing was dropped from the tour schedule; As a result, he had to compromise with the hobby of Mahaprabir's view. Since the Kunming city was on the list, so I saw the bird's eye Stone Forest. In 2007, UNESCO was declared a World Heritage Site. A lot of stories have been heard, now it's time to watch the eyes.

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Kunming is a well-known city of the time, but we welcome the airport from the rainy season and the snowy weather. After entering the hotel, some of the passengers ran a car and ran through the streets of Stone Forest. It is about 85 kilometers away from Kunming city in Yunnan province.On the Internet, I discovered that the old erosional limestone forest of about 27 million years is spread over 500 square kilometers. This rocky area is now a place of interest for tourists from countries like China, which is a tourist destination for many places. The small rocky ridges from the time of erosion are now strange to see. As if a steep forest of hundreds of stone pillars has suddenly turned into a stone in a wizard. A Chinese woman traditionally dressed in a Chinese woman's traditional dress

We reached the appointed time. Tucked into the ticket, it seemed as if a hundred-and-a-half stone pylon was suddenly turned into a stone on the magical touches. As far as the eyes go, the whole scene of the same scene. Walking through the stoneware forest, all the rocky stairs were visible. Someone is a farmer on a hat, a woman standing in a lap, and some strange animal statue, on the head, literally hanging on the head, a broken stone hanging on one another, leaning on another's face, so that it will fall on it, something like that will be too vast Canvas. Streets broke on the hills of the huge hills and I saw the watch tower for tourists there, which was seen in the horizon of this stone forest.

Down with a tourists from Jordan came down. She came with her little girl; But before coming back to her, she has come to show her the Stone Forest. There is also the Bahari organized for tourists inside. In one place, I went to the local traditional song dancing with a group of children; Some enthusiastic tourists are busy taking photographs nearby. In another place, there is a arrangement for photographing local traditional clothes; One of my team lifted a royal dress with 10 RNB (Chinese currency) and pulled the picture with the sword. In the mountains of Anakankan, I saw a few small shops, which are beautifully decorated with various stone statues, ornaments, and more excellent things! It is possible to buy at least half of the price that is demanded here. All of the locals do not have the same proficiency in English; in that case, I bought a few beautifully made monumental gifts by bargaining!A tropical legend is present in the stone forest in the rocky forest. One of the legends told that the traveler got up there. The story is very much like this, Asima was the name of one of the girls in the local Wei community. She loved each other But he could not establish his love for his community. Later he was taken away by another. Asima was drowned in flood water and turned into a stone on the way to escape from there.

The strange thing is that there is a hill, which is believed to be the image of Asima local people, seeing as if a mountain girl standing with a shoulder basket. In the memory of Asima, local people still celebrate the torch festival every year. And Asimaka is called the choice of marriage and the symbol of happiness.

After hearing Asimara's legend, he also cleared the hill

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