Stimulation Of Consumption In Advertising Essay

Advertising of destinations “does not simply transfer images of tourist destinations to potential customers”, but also create produces pictures of vacationer destinations and assists in the transformation of places into products for visitor’s consumption. These advertisings may have had an effect on the emergence of consumerism throughout the tourism industry. It can be argued that “tourism is also an interactive experience involving the entire body and all its senses”.

As a tourist I am very bound to consume and spend money on whatever I see interesting. For example, while being in South Africa I spend most of my money on food, hiking and diving as what is provided there is not obtainable in the country that I live. “Engaging with new sensations and of being in, moving through and interacting with different environments” are experiences that are inestimable and once in a lifetime. One good question that arises during the module is what prompts our want to consume that specific product. Advertises frequently uses music to have some sort of psychological impact on the person viewing the advert as music is the “most polarizing forms of mass communication.”

Music have an “emotional and communicative effectiveness” that stimulate some reaction and feelings towards the advertised product, such as the Volkswagen Passat advert where familiar resonances, for instance the Dark Vader signature air was used. There is also a link between the media, “the body, image and affect within consumer culture”. Beauty standards presented in adverts impel consumers of these ads to pay for more goods and services that may empower them to suit in these ideals. Personalities who fit in the beauty standards set by the media are regularly utilized to picture an item and to make it a viral pattern.

Actually, I am not a lot into fashion tendencies, but I can admit that I look at the outfits and equipment that famous travelers use for exploring places. It can be said that “products that are purchased for many reasons or to fulfill many needs are imbued with multiplex goals of varying importance, some of which may be less salient than others or even unknown at a conscious level by the consumer.”

Moreover, the article “The Reconfiguration, Manipulation and Contestation of Retail Space” shows that the structure of shopping malls also plays a role in how much consumers purchase. I understood that shopping centers are not just build to regroup a range of stores and they are not just structured for convenience and visual matters. For example, if we look carefully at where the seating seats of the Bagatelle Mall is placed, we can see that they are all placed in front of shops. This is to impel us to enter the store and ultimately purchase an item. One more interesting thing is that shopping centers are also build in a mind-boggling way that makes you need to remain there to purchase more of the entertainment they provide. “Malls are not only centers for shopping but highly organized social spaces for entertainment, interaction, and other types of consumer excitement.”

Throughout the module I understood that any occasion is misused to pull in individuals; an example is Christmas. The IPC Shopping center in Malaysia is decorated with amazing decorations and organizes many activities for children. This is special made for us to come in the Shopping mall, firstly to come and enjoy the activities but we may end up purchasing stuffs.

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