Stereotypes Essay

Stanza 1 Intro: simile

How do stereotypes affect students in high schools? Well...

Stereotypes are tricky like a trickster

They can be untruthful like Pinocchio or reliable like an agenda

But be that as it may, they're all bad in their own way

most of these kids assume, and they're verbal thoughts make me feel like I'm being alienated like an alien that's been alienated from its kind

Stanza 2: metaphor

Once we let our hurtful thoughts out they aren't ever coming back like a leaf that fell off a branch it ain't ever climbing back

leaves dropping like Eavesdropping on some peeps I haven't even heard of and somehow I have gathered all my thoughts and now I'm going to spit them out on them like its just for fun. no.

Stanza 3: personification

Why is a kid going through an adult experience?

Ever since 5, you’ve been assuming and pursuing indefinitely about the people in your life and reverse that every single time (you assume)

And everything you say is something that you can't reverse or rehearse or free verse without some deep thought in return

You don't listen to I, but I listen to you like some tunes

You only trying to bring the heat at this situation like a heater on a rocket ship about blast off to space

Stanza 4: rhyme

Stars and stripes well that seems nice, rolling, trolling, showing that some who stereotype a lot find comfort in supposedly ‘knowing’ everything about a type of religion when they really don't

Just because I’m quiet doesn't mean I have no voice. I'm not lost you're just not found. I'm headed straight to the top with my crew because we are stereotype-free

Hey, that's nice of you to say that we can stay, but hey you can't tell me what to do or what to say just because I am a female doesn't mean I'm afraid to break my nail.

Stanza 5: Alteration

You’re talking like you have it all figured out

Judging, picking, trashy talking, doubting people all around you

Setting expectations low for others, you be doubting they'll survive your monstrous audacity and your philosophy on others

And even after this whole mess, your evil thoughts have settled into bed

“My mouth is not your enemy, but my words may be” said he to she and back we go to the metal hostage that's imprisoned by he.

Stanza 6:

The problem these days is that we stare at some with hate like bate based on how they look, like a cover of a book.

like please speak up I only talk humanity.

These ain't new energies, I hate you, jokers, indefinitely just kidding those were the stereotypes kicking in. now i’ll turn into a snowglobe.

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