Stereotypes still exist about how a real feminist should behave Essay

Feminism had been carried on through centuries. It is the idea that females can also do what males can. At the same time, anti-feminism also exists just as long. It is the idea that separates what females and males can do per-say. There is definitely wrongs between the two due to the fact that both genders are physically built differently. Based on Roxane Gay’s article: A Bad Feminist Manifesto, in her own belief she needs to prove herself to everyone; she is willing to give up everything even her own happiness; therefore this essay will argue that the real feminists do not contradict themselves and pretend to fit in, and feminist are not stubborn and self-centered.

Firstly, on the subject of feminist are not contradicting and pretends to fit in, Contradiction and pretending happens when a person does not have confidence in their own instincts and cannot admit their own mistakes. Roxane Gay mentioned in an article that she wants to be in charge, respected, and in control, but wants to surrender completely, in certain aspects of her life. She wants to be independent, but she wants to be taken care of and have someone to come home to. (Gay, 2014). She wants to be strong and professional, but she also understands how hard she needs to work to be taken seriously. This is because, she denies being different and believes that a feminist has to act a certain way. To the length that she is pretending to fit in the idea of feminism. Roxane Gay also mentions that, “When she drives to work, she listens to thuggish rap at a very loud volume, even though the lyrics are degrading to women” (Gay, 2014). The fact that she dislikes what she hears, but still manages to listen to the degrading and disrespectful lyrics of the song. To the feeling that she is more comfortable and that it makes her happy because she feels like she fits in.

Lastly, on the subject of feminist should not be stubborn and self-centered, this is because, feminist show determination of how they can support their own beliefs. They show dominance in a way to express their strengths and to prove that they are independent women. For instance, “Gay said that no matter what issues she has with feminism, she is a feminist (Gay, 2014)”. This tells us that Gay is stubborn and self-centered, because even when she is having issues on what feminism is, she still wants to be considered as a bad feminist rather than not a feminist at all. She cannot stand people who judge her behaviour. She makes questionable decisions because she doesn't want to be controlled and affected by others and she wants to prove them wrong.

In conclusion, feminist should not be determined by inward intuition because feminist is not contradicting themselves, pretend to fit in and are not stubborn and self-centered. Pretending to be smart, professional and strong to prove that feminist can stand alone without anyone’s guidance even when they want to be with someone. Feminist people behave in certain ways such as hating men, selfish and serious-minded. They believe in equality, equal rights and fairness. “Feminism isn’t about making woman stronger, women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength” (G.D Anderson).


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