Stealthcrypto: Bringing Security To The Communication Network Essay

Before the advent of phone, our four father’s only communicate through the use of letter and it might takes days or sometimes months before the letter gets to it destination. The communication system then takes a step further with the invention of fax-messages beside travelling to aid discussion between two partners. But now, communication has developed to the creation of smart-phones and desktop-computer in the use of dispensing cogent info and discussion among different individuals either offline or online.

As of today, we can boldly say that the present communication operations system with the advent of the internet has help in the connection of the whole world together without the barrier of miles of distances. While looking at the network sector, someone might have every course to say that the network has duly developed with a glaring signs to everyone and touching everyone’s lives. However, it is pivotal we understand that the network have a serious problem that while gazing at the network we will actually discover the problems. Most times, many solutions offered end up becoming another obstacle, well I will like us to read the next paragraph to get the idea of the setbacks I am talking about and the solutions available for them. Cheers.


Here are the problems below:Breaking of User’s Privacy: this act is a very bad act, this is because everyone’s privacy ought to be kept but the network system we have today gives no regards for the private doing of the users. Our governments of today also added to the issue by secretly spying on everyone’s life through the networking system. Lack of security when it comes to users Data: many people have regretted trusting the internet and some of the known social-media of today, and this is due to the fact that their data kept on this mediums turn out not to be safe this is due to the fact that many encryption that ought to be used to secure users data was left unused by this famous social-medias. Currently, we have heard of how people’s data was acquired on Facebook which was calculated by Cambridge institute. Come to think of it, there is a big disaster if our information falls into the wrong hands and this is why solutions must he administered to these problems as soon as possible.


New and new innovations are emerging everyday with fresh discovery in the scientific researches and new set of gadgets produced by several entities and magnificent organizations of the blockchain innovations. This innovation is widely known for the distinctive features it possesses such as the simplicity, clarity, protection and beautiful way of privatizing users info through the use of digital operations. Stealth-crypto has come to highlight this innovation tech to render the best communication network with this following features: Personal-Data protection: Stealth crypto with the use of the digital functionalities will render different tools that will ensure the privacy of the users data and private info in order to remove the peeping of the middle-men from each and everyone’s operations. This network then provide protection tool which can be accessible to the users when purchase to bring security to the activities both offline and online. Respect for users privacy: before the advent of this network, users always have their various privacy invaded by some unknown entities or individuals. The breakage of some privacy are aidded by the operations of our so called governments under anonymous monitoring.

Furthermore, the platform that are for social use also invades people’s privacy in the name of governments giving them go-ahead and we know it is not the government but due to the fact that we can’t do anything we kept them alone. However, shealth crypto is going to provide a shealth gird for the purpose of security for the users to ensure that their privacies are absolutely respected. This will be done via the use of digital functionalities and quantum-mesh operations.

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