Steal my desi style Essay

Whether you just need to add some new chic looks to your wardrobe or you can’t stand over thinking what to wear for your next date, vacation or party — you are in the right place. Since you’re here now, something tells me that you want to look and feel beautiful every single day. But maybe you • Need help in creating a killer wardrobe. • Don’t want to break the bank to look fashionable. • Want to leave the door feeling amazing and looking impeccable. But you are wondering how to make it happen. Trust me; I have been in this situation and I am more than happy to help you. My focus is to create comfy, colorful looks with both expensive and inexpensive pieces. I will not only create western looks but also create some desi looks for various occasions (Just for your information, desi means someone who is from the Indian subcontinent). I will share all my outfit details with you and what I think about them. If you like my outfit ideas, feel free to steal my style. Hey, I’m Nikitha Reddy. I’m a South Indian girl born in the Pearl City, Hyderabad and living in the Garden State, New Jersey. I graduated with a Master's degree in Computer Science and working as a Software Developer. I occasionally went shopping when I was in India, as my mom is a big Shopaholic and she used to get every small thing for me. Even when my mom asked me to join her for shopping, I would find some random reason to avoid it and used to sit at home and relax. I used to wonder why I was not like my mother in the shopping department. After coming to the U.S.A., I started shopping with my roommate, that’s when I understood my irrevocable love for it. It’s the genes, where would it go . Shopping till I drop, trying new outfits and creating new looks gives me immense joy. If someone asks me “what are the two things, you would never get bored off",” I will happily say shopping and dressing up. I also enjoy reading fashion magazines, blogs and watching YouTube videos of fashion bloggers when I get some time. I follow many American bloggers, and I adore them for their confidence and sense of style. They have motivated me in many ways, and I always look upon them. As I was so inspired by the bloggers, in the back of my mind, I always wanted to start my fashion blog. I never had that confidence to launch the blog as I was under an impression that I should look in a certain way, or be in a particular size to do that and the most important how people would react to my blog. At one point I told myself to stop overthinking and just believe in yourself. So, I started my love story “fashion blogging” to inspire other desi girls like me to look stylish yet comfy. There is a lot of work involved in fashion blogging, but I feel it’s totally worth doing it. My style mantra is to wear clothes that I love, feel comfortable and have fun with them. I believe in stepping out of my comfort zone and expanding my fashion piece by piece so that I become the best version of myself. I want you to be part of my exciting journey in sharing and learning things about fashion. Please subscribe to my newsletter to steal my desi style.

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