"Star Wars: Episode 6 - Return of the Jedi" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Koster ... You look at him and suddenly realize that it is impossible to look away from the flames dance. Imagine around the dark cool of the night, under a canopy stretched incredibly tall pines, scratching the sky. Imagine something covered by fire, creates the illusion of existence, movement, life. And if does not burn at all, but on the contrary, filled with life and power bestowed by fire, has not yet started to destroy the work. Just imagine that you are looking at it through the eyes of Luke Skywalker. Just read between the lines, because ...
In the glare of the fire
«It is Good. I can feel it. He did not give me the Emperor. I can save him, I can get it back on the good side of the Force. I have to try »
Luke Skywalker
With great trepidation I am the sixth episode. Is it because with each repeated viewing experience does not disappear novelty, humor still causes laughter, drama and genuine compassion. Or the secret of the truth of the senses, desire to save loved ones, do not allow to take away the most expensive. Here, surprisingly it combines humor and drama, epic and bespafosnost - so sincere, so incorruptible, so easy ...
Versatility - it is always beauty. The beauty of each frame, each thing and the beauty of acting. Games present for wear. In this episode, the heights of excellence of Mark Hamill as an actor. In this film - a role of unprecedented force, put an end to his acting fate. I read an interview with him, he does not regret ...
most beautiful in the saga and final fight with laser swords between Luke and Darth Vader. Dance green and purple blades facing in the shadows, showering sparks all around - every time you goose bumps. Battle with Vader was his destiny, what we have prepared for so long, and life does not lie in ruins.
In this episode shows a large-scale battle between the Imperial Navy and a squadron of the Rebel Alliance, on which much depends. Lucas joined in this battle of the big spaceships, high flight speed and great explosions, throwing splinters like us. Well, the final battle, it is the last battle. But in the battle scenes of Han Solo and his friends with Imperial stormtroopers on the planet Endor, pathos, not at all. On the contrary, cheerful Solo comes up with such clever tricks that wipe the smile from the face will not work at all desire.
The scattering of stars
«Never, I will never move on to the dark side. You are lost, Your Highness. I am a Jedi, what to me was my father »
Luke Skywalker
Yet, the main theme of the sixth episode - a long-awaited meeting Luke, Vader and the Emperor. You know, I'm not just trying to figure out what is the main difference between Luke from his father, Anakin? Why did they choose the opposite way when the similarities? Seeing a meeting with the Emperor Luke all fell into place. Once Anakin chose the dark side, to avoid the loss of a loved one. Luke is more afraid of death, to see the dark side of their friends. Suffice it to recall his reaction to the suggestion Vader, it is possible, Leia goes to the dark side.
But the Dark Side really tempting. It will not get rid of seemingly immutable and simple reasoning about the good and bad. Make her temptation, imagine a voice whispering to you, this is the path to the Truth through the comprehension of evil laws. This is when you are ready to do anything to be strong, for the Good connectivity to ordinary weak people. We live by the rules of all the universe, including evil. We do not need to close their eyes so as not to see the terrible. The worst crime - to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others, for the whole world to venture for one of you. All that is exalted morality - an empty phrase. Murder, deceit, cruelty - is not a sin, they are necessary to achieve the goal. Any sacrifice to find yourself. We are not many, but we need to be, we need peace. Someone needs to master the art of evil, to subdue it, turning from the terrible enemy faithful servant ...
Think how much dedication, courage and will need to not betray and do not be tempted. This is the real truth.
The breath of the wind
«Luke, help me take off the mask ... At least once let me look at you with my own eyes»
Darth Vader
From the first to the last frame of the film keeps in constant tension. "Episode VI. Return of the Jedi "will draw a line under the whole story. Curtain will fall on the story puzzles, not dispelled the charm of the film. And striking sincerity every glance, every word, every action. Such was the conversation about parents between Leia and Luke. This was Luke's encounter with Vader. And the help of the forest tribe of Ewoks rebels. Such was the belief of friends. . Genuine, present
falsity and malice of the Emperor - nothing compared to the integrity and nobility of Luc. Who says that everything is predetermined? There is always a chance. There is always hope. There is always a choice. The film about it. And Luke proved it by going to the Emperor in spite of all the warnings. Who said that the evil and cunning is stronger? They are weaker simply because they choose the most comfortable and easy way, clinging to any means in order to survive. Choosing between the Emperor and Vader Luke to some extent was not entirely unexpected. After all, Luke was able to make people think the Dark Lord before he took him to the Emperor.
Amazing music, great shot, great story ... I understand that when a man praises the film, then he waved his hand and say "fan". I am not that fan of "Star Wars", but it is one of the best films I've seen.
... because in the brightening sky over the dark silhouette of pine forest, eclipsing stars, sparkle lights of fireworks. The pain recedes, leaving a refreshingly needed sense of sadness. Universe celebrates victory, the world, life. And in each Blix fire, in every star, every breath of the night wind whispering revival from obscurity to take revenge of fate.
«... There are no trails in the world without end,
follows that forever gone in the darkness "(a)
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