"Star Wars: Episode 6 - Return of the Jedi" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"- I - Jedi, the same way when it was my father!" (C)
After the great success of the second film series that bears the serial number "Episode fifth" with the subtitle "The Empire Strikes Back" - put a veteran film Irwin Korshnerom, "Star Wars" after another three years, triumphantly completed the sixth episode - which was the third film "original" trilogy. Followed by George Lucas - head writer and "godfather" of the franchise - he has announced that he would return to the saga ten years later. True fans had to wait a little longer, but essentially it does not change - "Return of the Jedi" was the finale of the "old" trilogy. Because it had been high hopes both artistic and commercial plan. And in my opinion, with both Lucas performed admirably - great razvlok audience and assembled box - office about 500 million $
script he wrote the third film in the company of Lawrence Kasdan, and together they brought to its logical conclusion Lucas invented the story of intergalactic civil war . The large-scale, complete a variety of events, the film has everything, for what this franchise loved by the audience. And space flight with the shooting of light guns and battle lightsaber, and racing motorcycles on the air, explosions, melee fights and adventures. Luke Skywalker meets again with the mighty Darth Vader, which would put an end to confrontation between the Empire and Rebel Alliance forces forming. Han Solo and Leia with Chubakov and inseparable robots R2D2 and S3RO - are on the forest planet inhabited by warlike Bears - Ewoks to help them in the decisive battle with rebel forces. Is the development of romantic princess line Leia and Solo, Luke has long conversations with the spirit of his dead mentor - Obi - Wan and preparing for the care of Master Yoda. However, the most memorable and psychologically difficult for a hero, I will talk with my father and they povilivayuschim Emperor - who want to lure Luke to go to the dark side. The young heir to the Jedi forces will have to find the courage to resist temptation and fight with your anger. Well, actually show the big final battle with the forces of the Empire - in space and on the forest planet. Which sum up the outcome of a long confrontation, and will end the saga worthy
After filming in the "Star Wars" played in them leading roles actors:. Mark Hammell, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher - have become so popular. Although only one Ford has managed to break out into the "stars" of the first magnitude, while his colleagues - have remained essentially iconic artists one role. However, as opposed to who had gone "downhill" Fischer (the fate of which was later written a book and filmed a feature film - "Postcards from the Edge of the Abyss"), Hammel actively playing in the theater, and then engaged in dubbing cartoons and video games. Gather all of them together only after more than thirty years, for what would have to act in her best roles in the seventh episode, which brought them the once world-wide fame and money the franchise. But it will be another story ... Yes, and of George Lucas in the future there will be nothing equivalent on the success and the viewer's perception. "Star Wars" - and will remain his main project, which brought him not only international fame and prestige of a lifetime in Hollywood - but the fabulous state. Without taking into account the profits derived from the rental of films in the cinema and the sale of associated products, enough said about the value of the transaction prisoners Lucas with the studio "Disney", which bought his copyrights to the legendary franchise for the fantastic $ 2 billion! Now you know how rich George Lucas ?!
shoot the third film if he, too, refused, preferring to oversee all aspects of production - from funding and to create special effects, providing engaged in work with the actors and the film adaptation of his script with Lawrence Kezdanom hired director. They became a native of Wales - Richard Marquand. At that time, just beginning their careers, and removing low-budget, almost "arthouse" films. "Return of the Jedi" - became his ticket to the world of big Hollywood movies. In the future, he will remove a cool thriller "Jagged Edge" and write the script for the thriller "Nowhere to Run". The successful start of the director's career interfere with his premature death at the age of 49 - years old ...
operator to the third film has changed again. This time it was Alan Hume - had previously collaborated with director Richard Marquand painting and worked on two films about James Bond, "For Your Eyes Only" and "Octopussy". Operator experience in the filming of action is felt that there is at least this famous chase on air motorcycles - which looks incredibly spectacular and intensely even today! Generally, the third part contains a lot of crowd scenes, especially those related to the march of imperial troops under bravura theme, written by John Williams. Stored and demolition on a sand planet Tatooine from the vile Jabba the Hutt slaver. By the way, they captured Princess Leia in this film appears in a sexy bikini gilded. Funny folk Ewoks - like plump teddy bears with spears will help Luke and his friends in the battle with the soldiers of the Empire. The combination of both humor and drama - typical of the "Return of the Jedi," even more so than for other parts of the cycle. However, Luke's encounter with Vader and his conversation with the Emperor, calling to give in to his anger and move on to the dark side - one of the most powerful dramaturgic in the whole saga. Compared to it is able to, except that the final duel Anakin and Obi - Wan Kenobi in "Revenge of the Sith" - when the mighty student goes against his teacher ... But academics did not appreciate the artistic merits of the painting, again awarding its duty Oscar for technical achievement
now. when the saga continued, we are interested to learn the fate of Luke Skayokera - became the last Jedi galaxy. As an allusion to his return to the epic was the final episode of the seventh. It's a shame is if Hammel aged over the years to play in the eighth episode of the only old - wise teacher, designed to transfer the skills and experience - Ray - the heroine Daisy Ridley. Why then, I want to believe that waving a lightsaber to Luke antiquity still have to!

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