"Star Wars: Episode 6 - Return of the Jedi" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

It is necessary to me to absent himself, so everyone around begins megalomania ... ( Han Solo )
'Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi' Richard Marquand . The last episode of the whole saga. Last kinoglava. A kind of farewell to the heroes. Most likely, forever ...
- Wonderful! We are now members of the tribe
-! All my life I dreamed about this ...
( C3PO and Han Solo )
If to take into account is the classic trilogy, we would like to point out to me the fact that with each subsequent episode of the story seemed more interesting and fun. 'Return of the Jedi' shakes his incredibly spectacular battles in space, where unequal, seemingly fight take ships NATO and a huge armada of Galactic Empire . I was a little confused idea, which included the construction of a new analog 'Death Star' . But in no way at this point, all the film is not affected. Impressive, of course, the release of Han Solo from the hands of the treacherous and uncompromising Jabba the Hutt's . On this exemption, by the way, we spent the entire 37 minutes of the initial screen time! Right, something I do not recall such an impressive and long escape in the other films. The most difficult scene, of course, was the one where the main characters were executed, after sending them into the mouth of a monster. Uncompromising fusion of dangerous stunts with visual effects turned out. Stands and marvel at the imagination the creators of the various beings who were present at the club Jabba the Hutt's . These fantasies are not so sophisticated, but quite funny and attractive.
Ben, why did you not tell me? ( Luke Skywalker )
appears in the plot and the new planet, called Endor . A live there the most charming and lovely creatures - Ewoks . I remember when I first saw them, remember them right away, and even fell in love with me this funny folk. Let one Ewok, and is carrying a primitive spear, it does not seem so terrible too, rather it is he is very shy. In appearance so little cubs. Language they are very fast, but it makes smile. Though they are small and quite harmless, defend their forests from the attacks of others they know. Their main weapon - it is their tactic. Ahead, they never will. Waiting in the bushes of the enemy, the subsequent surprise attack and complete neutralization. They do not know how to use advanced technology, but that in any case is not for Ewoks a huge disadvantage. Stones, sticks, spears, sharp objects - all these have of their military arsenal, with which they beat off the shoulder of giants like unwanted people. Someday, I would not have refused to meet and get acquainted with the Ewoks . After this episode, I realized that the folk is my favorite in the entire galaxy. I realize that the galaxy is huge and vast, but I can not find such creatures nicest, most likely. That's Ewoks, and helped our favorite heroes in the fight against Galactic Empire . Even very helpful. If they do not, then the problem of implementation of the plan would be stretched. Insanely charming folk ...
Hey! It's me! ( Han Solo )
Finally, the final, so to speak, the exam is presented for Luke Skywalker . Him again to fight with the Darth Vader, with his father. In this episode has immediately struck by the way in doubt Dark Lord, though his face is hidden behind a mask. Welcome, as once I told Padme, still left in it. And really, is not the real father to kill his child, can not rise from his hand on the defenseless children of their own, finally, can not he wish for her own son go to dark side . In general, the overall scene between Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Darth Sidious removed incredibly strong, with inherent emotions and related drama. And the most famous ending, when all the great Jedi meet again, is remembered for a long time. If you watch the latest, a restored version of 2004, a surprise in the end you would expect. Under such mental and light music, you will see ITS, the true face of Darth Vader . Spoilers are not going to, I just warned ...
stupas once to the dark side, it will absorb the fate of your ... ( Yoda )
In the latter episode, you can enjoy plenty of the latest adventures of favorite characters. After the end, of course, a sad note is played inside my soul. But it normal. It is not sad. Quite the contrary. Thanks to the 'Star Wars' I purchased for myself much more than one would imagine. I realized a Jedi, and strive to make to comply with this high level. I have no right to let down the history of the title. I know a lot of laugh at me when I tell them that I Jedi . But if I grieve and cry after this ridicule? No. Be Jedi - this is not only to be a real man with the most light and kind heart, it is also able to break out beyond the conscious. Have the intuition, the ability to feel what others can not, even the ability to distinguish real from imaginary silence - it is not only determines the behavior and the personality. I do not think that for me it is child's play, it is a thing that will be forgotten over time. I know that I will remain Jedi forever. Me not to kill. Be a Jedi - to be a Knight of Good and Light ...
Once in a distant galaxy, predalekoy raged ... ta-da .. Star Wars ... !
Episode i - The hidden threat;
Episode II - Attack clones;
Episode III - Revenge;
Episode IV - A New hope;
Episode V - The Empire Strikes back;
Episode VI - Return of the Jedi Finishing his epic of six consecutive personal comments, I would like to decide what my favorite episodes are still the first and sixth. And not because it is the beginning and the end, and why there is the whole effect. Because I prefer to watch the little Anakin, which does not realize that he once would be Darth Vader . My favorite Jedi appears exactly in the 'The Phantom Menace' . Image and character of the Qui-Gon Jinn will always remain with me. In the last episode appears my favorite folk - Ewoks . Yes, and the whole atmosphere of these two episodes has me to them. They make the heart beat more often. They make not break away from the screen. They help me to be exactly who I am, and is intended to be ...
10 of 10
Z. s. Thank you George Lucas . Thank you 1000 times. That's all it is. He's opened a lot of people to a new life. The new test. New reality. Thank! In the garden it is one of the most decent places should be provided to help ... Yes, in this God ... And by the way, I almost forgot!
Yes FORCE be with you!

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