"Star Wars: Episode 6 - Return of the Jedi" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Return those who are destroyed for a long time and ruthlessly - Jedi. More precisely leave the old and the new come. The idea - is the end of the saga, if you watched the first episode, or continue, if you look in chronological order. For me - a continuation of the most legendary and successful and beloved saga
attack time is now
go: the famous heroes Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Lando Calrissian and the droids R2-D2 and C!. 3RO sent to the desert planet Tatooine to rescue Han Solo from captivity truly vile Jabba creation. Meanwhile, the Empire creates even more deadly Death Star, which is more powerful than the first. The rebels should conduct a complex mission: to destroy the shield generator on the forest planet of Endor, to get inside the plant and detonate it from the inside. But they do not realize that prepares them to the Emperor. And Luke, meanwhile, is preparing for the most difficult test of his life
Again new director:. This time it's an Englishman Richard Markuend . After watching the whole saga, I think that it is impossible to remove the bad Star Wars. And George still writes a great script. It is now, people are looking in the wrong order - and so saved the whole intrigue and unpredictability. Binding and battles on Earth and in space, as well as the epic duel. Opening up new worlds, new races, characters ... And new revelations - revealing the shocking truth in the previous episode, Lucas did not disclose all the cards, leaving more surprises on the times to come, for which he thanks a lot! All too exciting, even after ten or more views ...
I am a Jedi, like my father before me
Mark Hamill -. With this phrase he He went down in history. Luke Skywalker is strikingly different from the guy from New Hope and the young Jedi dropout of Empire. He becomes quiet and calm, and his eyes have the light of wisdom, sorrow and responsibility. After all, on his shoulders lay a heavy burden - the death of the teacher Yoda, Luke was the last Jedi, and he has to impart knowledge to the young generation. But first he must confront two powerful Dark Lord - Darth Vader and the Emperor. It amazes and delights even the way he believes in the power of good and the victory of light. So I'll remember him always
-. Beware, we do not want any trouble
-. Hey, it's me
Harrison Ford -! Who even asked to kill your character, he returned from karbonitnoy freezing and led the attack on the shield generator. Han Solo, which has the fastest reaction in the galaxy and most charming smile of simple contrabandist becomes distinguished general. Quite ably led the attack and constantly joking. In truth, no Han Solo - this is not Star Wars, and I'm glad that he's back
Looks like I'm stuck here. And I have no idea where it is ...
Carrie Fisher - the beautiful princess Leia becomes also a full member of the capture unit. And I'm glad that it takes more involved in the action and very accurately shoot! As it almost without taking aim, shoot a few stormtroopers - a big plus! And men are still present it is very suit ...
Do not worry, there are my friends and they shut off the generator. Or will it be the shortest in the history of the attack
Billy Dee Williams -. Now we know that the player charming, rogue smuggler and biznessmen Lando Calrissian - on our side. And it turns out he is a very good strategist and a fighter - at the mention of an unknown battle of Taanab, it was raised to the rank of general. And as a general - he is very good and plays a key role in an epic battle on Endor
It's too late ...
Darth Vader -. Fighting fist Emperor. His loyalty to his Master - is unwavering. It seemed ... We notice, though it's hard, dent in the armor of the Lord of Darkness - punched memories of the past, the good, to what he wants to reach a son. Maybe it's just a game, and maybe all of this - the truth. Either way the outcome of the battle of the two Skywalkers - unpredictable and very beautiful
Do not underestimate the power of the Dark Side
Ian McDiarmid -!. New and truly the most sinister character of the saga. Emperor - the real focus of evil and deceit. Just by looking at him shiver - here it is necessary to note the work of make-up: this wrinkled and pale mask instead of a face, the horrible yellow eyes, which seemed to shine through you. And the ugly laughter - it felt that nothing will stop him. In the merit of Ian McDiarmid - does not arise any confidence that it can crush
It's a trap
With us remain inseparable droids C-3RO ( Anthony.! Daniels ) and R2-D2 ( Kenny Baker ), a faithful and courageous Wookiee Chewbacca ( Peter Mayhew ), the wise Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi ( Alec Guinness ) and Yoda ( Frank Oz ). It also adds a new and long-forgotten old characters: the Alliance leader Mon Mothma ( Caroline Blakiston ), and Admiral Ackbar. Also a big role in comparison with the previous parts played by the X-wing pilot Wedge ( Denis Lawson ). The cast is as always sweeter, organic and great
-! Now we're part of the tribe
- Always dreamed about it
Humor - an essential part of any history of pollutants. There is more emphasis on visual effects did not immediately notice how Luke silently choking with laughter, fun listening to the chatter of the C-3RO, and prior to that sarcastic replica Khan remarks on the best captain obviousness 3RO pollutants and more. Especially funny to watch the new movie characters - small, fluffy, mostly cute, but terrible Aboriginal Endor - Ewok it. How then are they laughable! In addition to these funny bears we see a new race of Mon Calamari, whose worthy representative of Akbar - on the side of the rebels. we also have a huge displeasure of watching probably the most hideous creatures in the galaxy - bungalows. Jaba - truly the most disgusting. we also see the terrible rancor, cute pevichek, flexible dancers-tvilekk and many hunters. As for the special effects - the magnificent and fascinating, from the battles on the lightsaber and blue lightning to the unfinished Death Star
Cha tung ee-ma chay-choo raun ta-nee-ee-choo
.! familiar worldwide soundtrack - updated with new releases: the sinister The Emperor's Throne Room, cheerful The Forest Battle, lyrical Luke and Leia and fun Parade of the Ewoks . John Williams does not cease to amaze me!
another chance, we will not.
Once all thought it was the end of the movie. But in 1999 - came prequels. And before that - the immense expansion of the universe for those few films and who wants to know more. For people like me. But I love movies will never stop. No options
10 of 10
May The Force be With You!

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