"Star Wars: Episode 5 - The Empire Strikes Back" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"- Yes you will arrive with Power!" (C)
After a fabulous triumph of "Star Wars", which probably did not expect even their own author, studio, "20th Century Fox" gave the green light to the creation of a large-scale sequel. Which we have spent even more than the original picture. Truth himself, George Lucas has not returned to the director's chair, preferring him to the post of general producer. Despite this, he still was more than an ordinary producer - financier. Lucas was in fact the curator of the project, followed the embodiment of his script and helped implement complex combination of tricks - which hired for the post of director Irwin Korshner veteran was not strong in the action movie. Studio dedicated funds in the amount of ti 18 million - more than enough, because who starred in the first film actors must sign a contract that agree to work for the same low fees and on the continuation of the tape, if it is followed. Most of the sets and equipment created for the first film, was used in the second. It also helped to considerably reduce the production budget. The truth is all exactly had to look for new locations, hire new artists on the role of new characters. But then acted according to the old, tried and tested principle of the previously - not "stars" make this project, and the project does none of unknown actors "stars". But on the script with Lucas already pored few people - even though the first and swore that the literary basis of the saga was written by him in advance. Perhaps Leigh Brackett and Lawrence Kasdan - just help colleagues to expand the work, or worked on the characters of numerous secondary characters. Hired a new operator, the fifth episode of the loud, subtitled "The Empire Strikes Back" - Peter Suschitzky shot for which a sequel of such a big movie was the first experience of the big Hollywood blockbuster. But the composer remained the same, and throughout the film we are pleased with rousing music of John Williams. Again on top to provide technical special effects and visual design of the painting, magicians that perform labor under the direction of George Lucas - without any computer intervention. Subsequently, he will gather all these artists under the auspices of the studio he created "Lucasfilm" - which will be shot "new" trilogy of the cult franchise
plot of the fifth episode tells the story of the confrontation the rebels organized the Alliance center of resistance -. And renamed the Republic of the Empire, under the leadership of powerful Emperor. HQ Rebel evacuated to remote coated eternal snow planet Hoth. Escaped during the long crossing over the snowy wilderness Luke Skywalker, the spirit of former mentor Obi - Wan sends a pass training skills of the Jedi - to the long-departed into hermits Master Yoda, located on the planet Dagobah. At the same time, the Han Solo and Leia Organa are beginning to experience a series of dangerous adventures, against which there is their "grinding" to each other. Got in sight of imperial courts heroes, he begins to pursue Darth Vader, who need to find their comrade Skywalker. Black Lord feels emanating from Man Power, and by order of the Emperor is trying to persuade the young Jedi to his side. But before you meet face to face with Vader, Luke must undergo accelerated training cous under the guidance of Yoda ...
In the plot there is a charming rogue Lando and schemer - which at first makes a deal with the Empire, but then decides to help his desperate friend - Han Solo which is partly thanks to him was in a bad situation. Played this character a black actor Billy Dee Williams. In addition to these characters, played by the same Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hemmellom, in the picture there are also the old - good friends - the robots R2D2 and C3PO (which then again subjected to an analysis on the components), as well as re-appears liked green - Ushastik shorty - Master Yoda. True "reappear" if we take into account the fact that the second film - is the fifth in the later history of the transformed, and this charismatic hero was already an actor in the trilogy - a prequel. However, while - in 1980 th, Yoda appeared on screen for the first time. Watching the same is now the fifth episode, so to say in retrospect - it is impossible not to notice what is unusual for "still" Yoda eccentricity. A famous Master of the Jedi Order, why then, now and then laughs and does not produce the former impression of a wise and powerful mentor and the head of the Order, as it was in the 'new' trilogy. However, it can be seen only watching "Star Wars" in the order, other viewers can not make the behavior of the Master's special accent.
Out on the screens in 1980 th, "The Empire Strikes Back" has become the undisputed world super hit rolled, collecting even more than its predecessor - as much as $ 540 million. Earning a lot of money on more sales of related products and all kinds of toys that were released after the premiere promoted. Around the same time, very actively started developing video market and the first slot machines - which could not but affect the cinema - the universe of George Lucas ... More precisely, this film is famous for its final revelation of Darth Vader, which specifically will not write that would not leave spoilers. And also, many fans of the saga, "The Empire Strikes Back" - recognized as the most favorite movie in the series. Looking at such a technically perfect space adventure fantasy - saga - it's hard to disagree. No wonder that, of the four Oscar nominations, the film won two - for the best sound and another award for advanced special effects. Which increased significantly as, in relation to the first film, the same award-winning in the same category. Given that later Lucas updated the outdated special effects to all the old "Star Wars", re-released them on the big screen - the film looks flawless today. Among the director's projects to film Irwin Korshnera - fifth episode and remains his most famous work. Though before that, he was nominated for the Palme d'Or at Cannes, and in future will remove the fashionable fiction thriller "The robot - Police - 2". But despite the success they shot the film, to create the next part of Lucas decides to hire a new director - still not wanting to occupy the director's chair, engaged in writing the script and the producers' responsibilities.

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