"Star Wars: Episode 5 - The Empire Strikes Back" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

-. The Force is with you, young Skywalker, but you are not a Jedi yet
fifth episode of "Star Wars" is perhaps the most recognized of all seven on this day of scenes - and it not surprising. After all, in this episode, perhaps the most iconic of all the scenes, which will be further parodied many times in a variety of creatures, from the "Toy Story" to the comic trailer "Avatar 2". In this episode - the emergence of a great musical theme "Imperial March". And it is quite surprising that the "New Hope" Oscar for best soundtrack received, and "Empire" - no. With this theme song has really become Vader Vader - starting with this episode, each time he only mentions this music sounds, absent in "A New Hope". It will be barely audible sound even in "The Phantom Menace" in the words of Yoda, "his education promises us many dangers." And this is really one of the best pieces of music written by John Williams
Watching this film, really understand -. His place in the top-250 IMDb completely deserved and is not just some kind of trend of the times. Rarely is the impression after watching almost every scene - "and this is not just a scene, it's a great scene." Get at least a scene with Vader. They simply tighten when viewing - we see an incredibly charismatic villain, and we really get scared. And even more sorry for the admiral and the captain Ozzel Nida - despite the fact that they are more scoundrels. And it is terrible for Admiral Piett, when Vader tells him that he was appointed to the post. We are afraid when we suddenly see Vader in Cloud City. And his voice in the original voice acting of James Earl Jones - this is what you need to hear clearly
And while the "Empire" is another feature of his life -. In this episode is shown in detail training possession Force. In this episode there is the religion that is not associated with inappropriate and unfair dogmas, but going back to the true light, and it is greater than in the rest of the episodes. Yes, I'm talking about the stages of Yoda to Luke. These scenes - top cinematic mastery. Such scenes in blockbusters very little - they are shot in a very slow pace, of course, is not at a pace of "Stalker" Tarkovsky, but pretty close to it. And in the meantime, they are not forced to miss - they allow you to relax your mind and unleash positive feelings, to fill yourself with Light, to get rid of anger, fear, aggression. Yoda's teaching that there is a Dark side of the Force, and why it should be avoided sinks into the soul is incredibly strong. When he speaks about Luke: «for a long time after him, I watched it all his life staring into the distance, into the future, beyond the horizon of thought, where it now» - somehow perceive it personally expense, and no offense, but start thinking about self-development and inappropriate waste of his time. Yoda brings this idea to the viewer so that the viewer really feels like to receive some vital energy to self-development - where you will find more such truly useful movies? Yes, this is the case when the film came out, and anger, fear and aggression really became less in the world than it would be if he did not come out. For the case of true art - to teach good, not vdalblivaya something in his head, and very carefully going through right keys of the human soul, being careful not to damage it itself. Very few people manage it in our unfair and cruel world. But Lucas and Kershner approached this matter very seriously. Even the Dagobah, and colors in these scenes are very well matched the filmmakers, the audience tuned into the pure and bright thoughts
When we see Yoda in the movie -. Puppet, realistic and very pleasing to the eye - we see actually Jedi Master who went into exile, having suffered a fiasco. We see a person who with all his might of not been able to save their order, which is not particularly eager to have someone to teach, because realize that was already truly bad teacher. But in the words of Yoda himself does not blame - for the bulge in itself something highly moral, even a sincere sense of guilt in itself is very questionable matter. Yoda to Luke just says that anger in him strong, and we understand that Yoda does not want to aggravate the situation even further. Yoda tells us - The dark side is not stronger, it is simply easier and more attractive. And all the forces trying to save Luke, penultimate hope Jedi from Dark Side
No less interesting is the story of other characters -. Han Solo and Leia Organa. Scenes with them, too, went down in history, only one «I love you» - «I know» what it takes! Yes, this is the case, when we see them both more arrogant facial expression. However, in the universe there is such a great power as love - and it stands above a lot. If the prequels theme of attachment is opened, which leads to jealousy, and of what this attachment may result in the original trilogy, in particular, in the fifth episode, revealed the theme of pure love. How emotionally charged scene where Luke, hanging over the abyss, says «Leia, hear me» ... At this point we realize - and in Luke and Leia, flows very powerful force. And yet they have the Love. And then I want to compete with yourself Sherlock Holmes - No, Comrade Sergeant, it is not the opposite of cold reason only of the fact that is emotional. It is the opposite of hate. She's incredibly strong, and much though to truly love, of course, it is difficult, it is much easier to be angry and hate. And the great Vladimir Vysotsky on this occasion there are great words - «if not love, then did not live, and not breathing»
-. Luke! Do not give in to hate. . That leads to the Dark Side
film "Star Wars: Episode 5 - The Empire Strikes Back" - is an art that teaches a lot, in particular - of pure love and diligence. In vain they say that the movie does not teach that the cinema is valuable to something else. This is the case when the film is at its huge popularity is far from philistinism - when Lucas are also designed Saga, it may under whose wishes are not aligned to, removed as much as possible in an original and at the same time realistic and boring. This film he commissioned to shoot Irvin Kershner - and he took it down, reacted to this case very carefully, and as a result has immortalized his name, though about it and remember to be less than about my father Saga. Of course, this is a film that is desirable otsmotret - and not just once.

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