"Star Wars: Episode 5 - The Empire Strikes Back" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

multicolored world
«Your destiny is inseparable from my Skywalker. Obi-Wan knew it so »
Darth Vader
... The artist paints a picture, gently, with a precision jeweler applying paint, combining impossible colors, thereby producing unprecedented, hitherto unseen shades. Each brush stroke, touching the white linen, bears the responsibility to transform it and make sense of. And here in front of us the whole fabric, woven from multicolored paints ...
saga fans no doubt share referred to the fifth episode of the darkest after "Revenge of the Sith." And indeed, we see how light and shadow converge in the final match, and Welcome bears the first losses. Before the eyes gets some big epic framed in a frame fi genre. It should be noted that the creation of George Lucas epic, not only because it is based on the rules of ancient legends and chronicles, but also because winningly seriously. Lucas takes us from the fines and dust of the day, which are often present in "neprizemlennyh" genre movie, to what determines the content of all human life, measuring the scale of living eternity.
This film brings us, the audience, to the main question of the meaning of own life. Such that it is not lack of will indulge the soul, prohibiting squandered on trifles, chop. Lucas gave the main characters of a high degree of seriousness, size concerns, recalling that they had already lost the folly inherent in youth, but have not lost faith in the triumph of justice, for life are willing to pay. And next to the serious qualities of conscience, have Lucas 'Star Wars' bright, natural love for life, and as part of it - the element of humor and laughter. It is risky and Han Solo flying among the asteroids and bustle droids R2D2 and C-3RO. Heavy and dramatic moments often brightens amazing love of life, and as a consequence, the same optimism.
I have called "Star Wars" epic of modern times. The main reason for this statement - directed gaze himself, the creator of the epic George Lucas on his heroes deprived of impassivity inherent in the ancient myths. The film that "lights up" the author's attitude, unobtrusive and inconspicuous, but even spilled on the canvas, so that never for a moment crumbling illusion of independent existence heroes.
Art brushes
« you've got no way out ... This is your path »
... Barcode, bar ... more artist is what he wants to portray, but in advance he can never know for sure. Thin brush, but even thinner images drawn by it. Clear ideas, soft borders, alternating colors from light to heavy and translucent dark. Each stroke of the brush is unique. Each shade is appropriate. But the artist does not seek only to this, it faces a more important task ...
particularly surprising ability to display the Lucas character of their heroes, to refrain from acute subjectivity. It seems that it has set itself the task of taking the character from the inside, in its logic and psychology, as each character in the saga has its own inner world, often with a complex system of self-justification. The strength of the director, the penetration of the film in its ability to not give in to the will of self-will, remain indifferent, beat subjectivism. Lucas - the artist, not sparing neither negative, relatively speaking, no goodies. And if we can only speculate about the feelings of Darth Vader kneeling before the Emperor, the reaction bright heroes, each of which is losing something valuable, we know
Leia -. It fears for the life of a loved one, subjected to monstrous experiment frozen in carbonite . In Chubakov - concern for others and a desire to faithfully execute the last request Khan. Obi-Wan and Master Yoda - the desire to save the galaxy and Skywalker. At the very Luc, who dreamed to be like his father, the realization impossible, terrifying truth, after which only two possible ways:. Break or go further, becoming stronger
Lucas tries to emphasize the similarity of Luke with his father, the presence in them of certain qualities. But it does not betray Luke bright side, it does not change yourself, as I did once Anakin. Why? What prevents Luke tempted to choose what is easier? An example of his father, the responsibility in front of friends. Luc embodies the energy of life, no longer carefree, but you get used to the weight of debt on the shoulders.
Comprehension of meaning
«Luke, you can destroy the Emperor. He foresaw it. It is your destiny. Together we will rule the galaxy as father and son »
... Last, the final touch and the only sound of the heart. Artist closes his eyes, plunging into the void, to forget everything. And then look at the picture of wide-open eyes, incorruptible and fresh outsider viewer impressions. It is a skill, so look. The artist sees, recognizes a single integrity, extraordinary vivacity and meaning in every shade cloth. That's what he wanted. His offspring becomes independent and the artist turns to the creator, the creator.
«Spontaneity" peculiar to Luke, there are traditionally good qualities of the soul and the senses. Recall, as Luke on the first call, only to learn about the danger of his friend, throws training and risking themselves in a hurry to their aid. "This young man - our last hope," - said Obi-Wan. "No, there is another" - meets Yoda
choice of Luke is not easy, because often good carries a particle of evil, and evil good shred.. This creates a contradiction, thinking of that, you can select the wrong side. Luke is worthy of great respect for the fact that it is not turning away from reality, to choose a path without changing yourself. True wisdom becomes the one who is aware of what to reject and what is going on.
Lucas, the creator of this diverse world, gives us the joy of understanding the nature of the characters, their ideals, habits, leaving the illusion that all this is done not by its author will, and our own, independently and freely, as in life. And this is art.
The film teaches us that the very loss, destruction, death, Chill Lucas is not a bottomless horror, and also a part of life, the transition to something different, and a heavy moment of farewell, and life not never crossed
Great epics - "Star wars" reminds us, people suddenly wilted under the burden of circumstances or bleak impressions of the day, everyday fatigue:. life is enormous, its manifestations are unexpected, and maybe tomorrow there will be something good, and what is not knowest today. Even in the bad there is often a sense of where the road leads to good. And in general - the gift of life is joy. The joy of love, victory, friendship, air, sky overhead ...
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