"Star Wars: Episode 5 - The Empire Strikes Back" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Golden words says Yoda is shrunken, small, hunched creature, once the strongest Jedi of his time and the most mysterious personality of the universe Star Wars . And Luke followed his advice. He did not try, he did. He walked forward, throwing all the doubts and fears, he was able to become the person worthy to be on the right. In a past life he was a young boy, now a man, a Jedi Knight, one who has the power and knows how to manage it. It was in the film Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker is changing, becoming a hero in every sense of the word. And there are no more places of youthful amusements, on the line of life and death, on the line of his own soul. And Luke makes his choice. In the finale. Choosing a hard, difficult, because much was easier to reach out and make a step forward. But then it would be Luke Skywalker was someone else, but not Luke Skywalker. And in this it differs from his father, the choice of which was made a long time ago.
About Star Wars can talk endlessly. They are so versatile, deep, full of so much affect important aspects, and most importantly, strong characters shine. The fact that at the beginning seemed like a good entertaining film, in fact it turns nailyubopytneyshey tape, not devoid of seriousness, wisdom, depth and esotericism. Simply, it must be able to see.
After the incredible success of the first film viewers in three years to see its continuation. And it reveals many cards, figures on a chess board are beginning to line up, and the veil of secrecy ajar, revealing a contradictory human nature. For Star Wars - this movie is not about space ships, not about lasers and light swords, not of spectacular battles, not about multiculturalism and multi-ethnicity of the wide world, it is even not a movie about the struggle for power. This movie is primarily about man, about the fight in him the two warring sides - good and evil. And never clear who will win in the end. The chances are equal. And it all depends on the choice of the selection, which makes the person in whose soul struggling light and darkness. And George Lucas, as a skilled magician, not giving a clear answer as to which option is better. He simply demonstrates what results, and he and the other two on the outcome of media Skywalker family. On the father and son
It is in Star Wars:. Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back the viewer with Luke close encounters with the forces of the phenomenon. In the first movie about it has been said a few words lengthy and vague hints that give some idea. Here we see the embodiment of the Force itself. Master Yoda. He - the wisdom of the ages, multiplied by the experience and seasoned with a sharp mind. My favorite character of the whole saga. It is in this picture Yoda says to Luke that this power and how to control it. And in these scenes on marshland abandoned the planet, from which poisonous vapors rise, where the land champs under their feet, where the constant mist and where no ray of sun penetrates, it is here that lifts the veil of mystery of the world and the universe. The Jedi were the best soldiers because they could enjoy with what nature has given them, they interact with the outside world, we feel the vibration of each subject and can manage them. This and learns to Luke. Pacification, peace, faith in themselves and their capabilities. Lucas seems to say these scenes, anything is possible, that people too often doubt try too often, and does not, as so many things seem to him impossible. Luke thought so, not yet self-assured, hot, impetuous and impulsive. He did give in to the impulse and that just did not destroy. And Yoda calm grandeur shows Luke how he was blind. And humanity as blind to the hidden knowledge or simply not ready for them.
Empire and the Rebel War erupted with renewed force. Emperor longs to possess absolute power and use their puppet - Darth Vader. And he blindly obey the orders of his master, getting the viewer absolute evil source. Only the final tape is tempting to think that this character may not as open as it seems at first glance. But George Lucas continues on skill mix cards.
Khan Line Solo, Leia, Chewie, and the two droids responsible for all adventure-romantic film component. Stinging dialogues Han and Leia, which is full of one-liners, and through barely disguised sympathy for each other, gradually developing into something more fun and amusing. Charming droids and Chubak. It is interesting to watch them all. Beyond that, they travel through space, how cleverly evade hounds Darth Vader and painful to look at how they had been betrayed. But in critical situations are exposed all the true feelings that is clearly demonstrated in the picture, reset and mask the real person appears.
is also worth noting a world that seems to have become even bigger and better. Especially good are the first shots of snow-white field, with the harsh northern winds, the unspoilt, pristine nature, so dangerous to its original beauty. The world is filled with living creatures. Scary and frightening to distant planets, in the remote corners of the galaxy, where the rebels are forced to hide. Attractive beautiful city, soars under most skies and buried in the clouds. They lure you with their understated glamor and glitz, with its simplicity and a sense of complete unreality. And space. Even now, after more than 30 years after the release of the movie, these shots are dazzling. Although I love the Star Wars in the first place is not for the wrapper, but for the very candy. But who said that the wrapper should be faded and dull?
The actors are good and organically in the roles. Everyone copes with the task. And let Mark Hamill will forever remain Luke Skywalker, Carrie Fisher and I have always been associated with Leia Organa, but these roles have become iconic. They gave the world the great characters who are perceived exclusively with their face. Except that Harrison Ford is knocked out of this slim series. He not only Han Solo, he has a lot of any other man. But, undoubtedly, this role - one of the best in his career
Cult film.. Bright. Smart. Thin. Not devoid of psychological insight, a complete and interesting. George Lucas skillfully combines Star Wars entertaining and useful, making the film itself becomes only more attractive. Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back - a continuation of the legend, the film in which the main conflict begins to take more precise shape, a film in which there is a fracture caused by several words from the mouth of the main antagonist. And the main character freezes them in a daze. One of my favorite movies.

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