"Star Wars: Episode 5 - The Empire Strikes Back" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In 1977 there was a film that changed the idea of ​​the film, special effects, and about life in the universe. It - Star Wars. And now, after 3 years, at 1980m - the second part of A New Hope (for which added to the title of the episode number and second name) - The Empire Strikes Back. I can only imagine how fans were stunned when, one day in May 1980 ...
You've got to go to the Dagobah system. You will learn from Yoda, the Jedi Master who taught me ...
Nobody thought that blowing up the Death Star in the Galaxy there will be peace. Empire is strong and powerful. The rebels are forced to move to the remote and snowy planet Hoth. Dark Lord Darth Vader, meanwhile, is constantly looking for Luke Skywalker, who destroyed the Death Star. Luke - is sent to the marshy planet Dagobah to become a Jedi. And Han Solo and Princess Leia, crossing polgalaktiki on the disabled vehicle and pursued imperial fleet, forced to take refuge in the Cloud City ... The main characters are scattered in different parts of the galaxy, but who said that they did not meet again?
George Lucas, probably tired after exhausting filming the first part, has now decided to stay on as a writer and producer, behind the director's chair Irwin Keshneru . Together, they have done an excellent job. I was always impressed how it is possible for the 2:00 show so much: it battles in space and on the ground, the new characters and their characters, new locations, and we are absolutely not to be confused in their titles. Even love story - does not overload the action, and is shown as a matter of course, which looks with a smile and a sinking heart ... It has been a lot of additions: and most importantly - it is the disclosure of the Jedi theme. In the first film, only patchy information about the basics. Here - the deeper aspects and great opportunities, unknown and terrible Dark Side ... With the film we know the different planets FGD - a snow-covered hot, swampy planet of Dagobah, indoor clouds of Bespin and soaring in the sky Cloud City. And probably the most memorable - this is the most important revelation of the film, which I have goose bumps every time - I really wanted to move in time to attend the premiere of the Empire and feel the reaction of the audience, I wanted to experience the same thing as they are after the very phrase
. - I want to become a Jedi. I will not fail. I'm not afraid
-. Another will be
Mark Hamill -. It was very difficult to find in it the boy, who had just escaped from the narrow and deserted little world and seeking by all means to eradicate injustice . Luke Skywalker grows up - we see how he led Rogue Squadron flies to the Imperials. And then it goes to comprehend the unknown power of the Force. There have already drawn attention to its physical form: he runs, carrying on his back a little teacher, he climbs up the vine, stands on his hands. And finally fighting lightsaber to Vader. And his reaction to a phrase that same standing on the brink, I think the most emotional, bright, and the climax of the film, if not the entire trilogy.
Do not tell me about the possibilities!
< b> Harrison Ford - at first glance, he has not changed. Han Solo is still a desperate smuggler and pilot. But you notice it is not very hidden attitude after a couple of minutes to the princess, and the true reason why he stayed. And listen to their verbal skirmish - it is something! Also, this is where we prove why Han Solo is the dashing pilot in the galaxy, as he walks away from the chase in the asteroid field with the words: 'They're not idiots to follow us!'
Do you like me because I'm a scoundrel. Probably in your life there were very few
Carrie Fisher -. All the same beautiful princess and the leader of the rebels. And here she is just trying to look foolish and secretive, like Khan, she is trying to hide their feelings. Not very good at it turns out ... Listen their skirmish - it is still obvious. It is obvious that in the princess' life was a little like Khan, charming and desperate villains. Therefore, he told her so much. And once outside the formal situation Leia gives vent to feelings and love ...
- The son of Skywalker must not become a Jedi
-. He will join us or die, Master
Darth Vader - and about him we learn a lot of new things. That there is one person to whom he reports - it is all-powerful and terrible emperor. It was he who sent his servant and disciple to find Skywalker. Vader did not stop, he will pursue the fugitives, kill anyone who fail his plan. And you do not immediately understand why all this? Wait and see
-. I'm looking for a great warrior
-. Wars not make one great
Description -. The main miracle of the film. Half-meter, green, with a raspy voice, a strange way of talking, and even more strange and ridiculous behavior. Doll, controlled and voiced by an actor Frank Oz, came to life. According to it, do not say that he is a great master. But then listen to his wise counsel - you say yes, it is he
Lando Calrissian.. Player, a crook, a scoundrel. You will like it
Billy Dee Williams -! Show us the charming ladies' man. He wears a beautiful and fashionable clothes, his unforgettable smile and excellent manners. It is difficult to believe that he was once a smuggler. Now he is a successful businessman and Baron Administrator of Cloud City. From the very beginning - a very strange character, whose actions are almost impossible to predict
All the main characters remain -. And it cheerfully! Where are we without loyal Wookiee Chewbacca, inseparable droids: garrulous S3RO and restless R2D2 and a wise mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi
-? Sir, I think this asteroid is not entirely stable
-! not entirely stable? And I do not understand! Chewie, take the professor in the engine room
Humor -. As much a part of any of the pollutants - this endless verbal battles S3RO and R2D2, Han and Leia, Chewie growl interrupted, funny adventures of Luke in the swamps during the training, and a lot of visual scenes
should be noted and special effects -. especially this new planet (although hot - this is Norway), the spectacular Cloud city, the incredible and powerful flagship Vader Artist ... A asteroids - then there just is not: and stones, and potatoes, and shoes ... and finally - advanced Douai and lightsaber
-! Your tauntan freeze before the first mark
-. I'll see you in hell
soundtrack - created unmatched John Williams . It is here that we heard the famous Imperial March . Also, we hear a new theme: the mysterious Yoda's Theme, and overseas (no other word) Lando Palace
I just set a new course . .
new part - more innovation, revelations, love, fly through an asteroid field, marathons through the swamps, fights in the light swords and compulsory continuation! No options
10 of 10
May the Force Be With You!

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