"Star Wars: Episode 4 - A New Hope" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Once, in one of those summer vacations that I had to spend in the country, I decided to introduce his childhood friend from Star Wars. We started with the trilogy prequel. To me it seemed logical to start watching movies on the internal chronology. Besides, I myself had not seen the original trilogy - as something that's happened to me that the first time they failed to witness on television. We looked chic "Revenge of the Sith" and finally it was time classics. I did not know what to expect, and therefore the same day at bedtime included disk looked so "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope". And I was blown away.
Touching the picture was like a revelation. What is it? The abundance of practical special effects? Breathing with every fiber of the soul universe, which is still alive is hope? Adventure in its purest form? Yes, yes and yes. After watching, I fell asleep with some special feeling, which is not so often experienced. Sense of discovering something new for themselves. Great, grand, which definitely affect my future life.
The next day I saw "a new hope" again, this time with a friend. And it was still beautiful, wade tingling experience. Needless to say, now that I have become a fan of not just beautiful and grandiose space saga, as previously thought, and one of the most striking phenomena of modern pop culture. At the moment I have not read a single book on Star Wars, did not play in the Knights of the Old Republic, and so on, I can hardly be called a hardcore fan. Still, at least I know about these things, and my acquaintance with the world of the far-distant galaxy is not limited to pure cinema. So that at least a fan of these things things I still become. First and foremost it is a merit that it is the first two views of the fourth episode.
It was not so easy to convince parents to see "new hope". I was talking about her cultural significance (they have confirmed that references to it and its sequels to their favorite "Friends" was enough), it's just a great movie and is not science fiction, as they thought. According to the results show mom said that there more pros than cons, and the Pope admitted that "you can watch." Such reviews can hardly be called enthusiastic, but I'm still glad that he showed them the tape. I can not imagine how you can how ever interact with modern culture and at the same time considered normal not to see the movie that gave rise to a serious part of it.
As for me, the last revision of the parents is still slightly changed my perception. Somewhere in the half of the tape, I felt not as even a spectator, as an art critic, appraising historically important work. This scene has a cultural value, and that's often sent to other works. And yes, Han Solo (Harrison Ford) fired the first shot, but in the new restored version of the film painted on his companion blaster shot somewhere at all in the milk. So technically now he fired the first shot, but it is so pointless that we should not discuss
But this scene, where our main character, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) is looking at the sunset Two Suns -. All the classics in its purest form. Plus the music of John Williams here uhhh, mesmerizing. How valuable would not have frames, I, of course, did not stop to enjoy what is happening, and the inner judge by the middle of the picture calm and not worry about trifles, giving merge into what is happening.
I must admit that one thing jarred me. All that part of droids, traveling along the sandy planet Tautuin, too tight. When you show your favorite film to someone else, sometimes it happens that you like a cold sweat at the identified shortcomings or that your audience may find it so. However, the mother then said that the film is without delay. So, this is purely my claim.
When it came to the segment with the Death Star, where Luke and Han rescues Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher), I suddenly realized that the film is very good sense of humor. No jokes there were before, but now there are a surprising number. Perhaps in any other segment of the films of the saga, there were not as many as here. They work exclusively with a bang. The situation is very stressful, resulting from their discharge means is handy. Somehow can not believe that among the writers of the film appears only George Lucas -. It was too unusual after the trilogy prequel to hear such wit
Of course, this is a film in '77 for eleven million dollars, and it could not but impact. It is worth remembering that before this cosmic saga on the big screen already engaged in one (Star Trek still longer pure science fiction, so this series of films is difficult to classify the same species as the pollutants). As acknowledged by the authors themselves, they did not have much of suits for filling alien bar on Tatooine, and because there is a guy in a devil costume. Yeah, no wonder the alien and stupid devil. But while his show is small enough, so that he seemed to organically woven into the pile of freaks.
So when still not shown their true villainous face (metaphorically, at the end he does almost lohom turns) Darth Vader (voice striking James Earl Johnson) fights with Obi-Wan Kenobi (Alec Guinness) lightsaber, I do not think: "what lazhovaya fight." Rather, my thoughts are more like: "Wow, the first in the history of cinema battle lightsaber, it's interesting." In addition, it should not be amazing, when you consider all the reasons why Obi-Wan even got into a fight.
It is a product of his time, but that he is fine. The fourth episode is a little naive, but also thanks to this he became an unforgettable experience that stuck in my head for millions of people around the world. Not only is the "New Hope" is beautiful in itself, so still she looked incredible wave that is now sweeping us a particularly strong
So much so, that not so long ago, visited the cinema film "Cast Away-one:. Star Wars. History ", whose action takes place shortly before the original trilogy and is strongly associated with it. It is not the world in recognition of how much we love "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope»
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