"Star Wars: Episode 4 - A New Hope" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Lightsaber. Yes, that he is so attractive to me in the whole saga Star Wars . Paradoxically, seeing him for the first time on the screen, I could not forget this is a fantastic weapon, hazy nobility and chivalry alien. All delights me in this thing. Sound, with which it cuts through the air, the speed with which flashes in experienced hands, and lethality that it carries. Admired back in 1999 (just this year began my acquaintance with the universe Star Wars ), and admire to this day. But lightsabers - is only a small part of what there is in this famous kinosage, which has become a model of science fiction and settled permanently in the hearts of millions of viewers. Including my.
What Star Wars in modern cinema? What do these two words? Yes all. Crowds of fans around the world, colorful characters, toys on store shelves, organic world, the simple truth, and most importantly - the happiness of pure joy and a smile from the viewer. You know, favorite things, they are like drugs, they want more and more. That's just impossible to stop to review this saga. It is simply impossible. It's one of those things that was not just a landmark of world cinema, this is one of those things that influenced the culture itself, on the youth of the time, and probably affects still.
So what's the fascination and charm Star Wars ? The precise and detailed re-created the world in the history of the vast state, have registered with the vaunted pedantry, in the colorful characters with whom you want yourself to personalize, to combat space ships, lasers, and the lightsaber in the Jedi, the Force, to believe in themselves, in the struggle for a better existence, the relevance of which, perhaps, will never disappear. It does not noticeable as the state created by George Lucas, the state system, similar to those that exist in the real world. And there will always be those who will fight.
film Star Wars. Episode IV: A New Hope opens up the wonderful world filled with human feelings, the life, the real adventure sparkling with happiness and pain of loss. And as hope. Yet none of the film hope was not as strong. She leads Leia along the winding paths of her life, it is the hope of giving her strength and faith. It is Luke, seeking as much as possible their parents learn and become something bigger than it is. It is Han Solo, for a cynical smile that hides the fear of tripping, open. Cynicism - his armor. But there is hope. And it gives light to all three. There is hope even Darth Vader. But in this movie, he's just a classic villain, but in fact one of the brightest and most complex characters gallery cinema.
importance of this film in its depth. That's kind of a fantastic adventure picture with proper set of situations, but there is. Not so simple. This is one of the most esoteric bands, dividing the audience with intimate knowledge that the uninitiated may take mere fiction. She teaches on which rests the world. Teaches banal faith in themselves, without which people can not. This film teaches us to see wider and deeper. Moment in which Obi-Wan Kenobi to Luke offers not trust your eyes and other senses, intuition, discover something in yourself and learn to see the mind's eye, this is the promise the audience that he was doing the same. So again have I mentioned the state system. Against tyranny and oppression must be fought, the despot will resist. Will always be brave and determined people, challenging the oppressors
Another one of the advantages of bright paintings -. It is the world. Organic, detailed, full and voluminous. One can easily imagine the huge galaxy, which plies the vastness of a great variety of spacecraft. Backwater planet where there is no power, and only thrives theft and robbery. Perfect, polished surface ships, inorganic metal echo, such as inanimate lasers. Only the blood of the living, human, flowing through his veins. And the sand and the dust flying in the eye when you stand on Tatooine and stick flooring fluttering cloak. And its narrow canyons and desert terrain. This planet road. Because there lived Luke Skywalker, because this is where he met Obi-Wan Kenobi, and this is where he started his journey. Hero. And man. And somewhere out there, far from the godforsaken planet Empire is fighting with the rebels. Here it is, this world is filled with lively sounds, feelings and people.
At that time special effects in the film are stunning. And even now they carry. Only now we can not say with certainty that operates more. The proximity of the film's heart and really good graphics. Rather and then, and another taken together. And the music. This immortal music. Maybe some pretentious. But what kind of heroism without pathos?
Star Wars. Episode IV: A New Hope introduces the viewer to the characters that have long gained a cult status. Hero seeking answers in his past, seeking the truth, filled with confusion. So will Luke Skywalker. Here he is young, full of hopes, aspirations, his inquisitive mind yearns to know. He wants to be someone else and cling to any given him the opportunity. Game Mark Hamill is unmatched. Han Solo - a sort of hero-lover. One of those incredibly brave, fearless and just good. Although this figure is much deeper than it seems at first glance. And all this is reflected in subsequent films. In addition, Harrison Ford is not permissible fine, and this role forever become one of the best in his career. Princess Leia, whose image embodies Carrie Fisher, is a combination of femininity and innocence with the strength of mind and a sharp tongue. It's wonderful. Especially when quips, his eyes gleaming in the direction of Han Solo. And Alec Guinness adequately cope with the role of wise experiences Obi Wan. Although this figure is probably, I will always be associated with Ewan McGregor. Well, we can not say and did not mention Chubakov, very terrible to look at, but loyal and faithful. And so big and fluffy. And two wonderful droid constant couple which adds film has a special charm. R2D2 and C-3PO. They are so different, but still they are together.
In retrospect, one can only marvel at the fact that the studio barefoot did not believe in the Star Wars, and were afraid that no one will watch it. There will be more like. My disk for a long time clobbered into holes. I am immersed in this world of childhood. I love his crazy love. These films are rare, exclusive. Cult cinema. Special philosophy. And just life itself. The recipe for success is simple. And George Lucas found him.

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