"Star Wars: Episode 4 - A New Hope" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"- force can be influenced by a weak mind." (C)
That this film, from which all when it began! May 25, 1977 th year - the world premiere of the legendary film that almost immediately after the appearance on the screen - has become a classic of modern cinema entertainment. This rarely happens, that would be a purely commercial, pre-calculated only on the banal entertainment mass audience film, when leaving to hire a revolution in filmmaking, collected a pile of all sorts of awards and nominations, was enthusiastically received by all sorts of people - from professional filmmakers, to simple inhabitants and finally - entered the mass pop - culture. But the 33 year old -Oh George Lucas - young and nobody really not well-known American director succeeded. And his main success in his career - was his last, if we consider only its author's projects. For nothing is as impressive and successful since he did not take off. However, let's face it - he did not even try to do that. Catching only improve its corona offspring, he essentially remained in the minds of viewers of the film director. In fact, George Lucas and "Star Wars" - is synonymous, mention one name - immediately remembered and more. Once given the average person sci-fi thriller, in a resounding success that none of his producers themselves, and did not believe (as in shooting galleries there were no stars in the frame - and over), thought will gather in the wake of the promotion of their 30 - 40 million - which is enough recoup the costs - and is something to rejoice. After all, the film cost - the legend just what that $ 11 million! Even adjusted for inflation - it was not huge money - because the budget of the average shooter - film. Whose studio "20th Century Fox" produces over a dozen years. But the fate of offspring Lucas was happy and unique. Only the national film distribution brought incredible 215 million. World rental enriched the studio for another 300-odd million, transforming the young George Lucas in multi secured to the end of his life, since the profit itself was enormous, and besides, he signed a contract with the producers of the project, in which - all the profits from the release inspired by the his film production, will go into his pocket after taxes. Because, as has been said, the studio did not make the film a young director rate, do they let him. As a result, miss the hundreds of millions of $, as under the brand name "Star Wars" over the next decade produced very different products: toys, T-shirts, backpacks, school notebooks, coloring books, board and video - games, collectible figurines of the characters, and even got a whole series dedicated to the saga in the popular children's designer of "Lego"!
supply as directed by the first picture (still just a "Star Wars" without the subtitle, "a New Hope" added later, when the saga was divided into episodes with serial numbers), as well as writing forher script - inspired by American comics, old westerns, Japanese war movie - samurai and fantastic literature, Lucas later recused himself from directing. He was engaged in the following two scenarios paintings is their executive producer, to fully control the production. From the selection of the actors before shooting hard staged action - scenes and the development of specific technical achievements, which were created with the help of all these amazing special effects. After all it was filmed in a combined way, thanks to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of old Hollywood creators of computer graphics when the question is not vilos. Among the film received Oscars later, there was a special - issued by the Academy of the creators of special effects for special achievements. All in all, the tape was awarded seven honorary statuettes (for the work of the artist, costumes, editing, music and sound) and another 4 extends (film script, direction and Actor)! For not applying for something special sci-fi adventure - it's more than phenomenal, agree ?!
20 years later, deciding to fulfill the promise given earlier, Lucas returned to his project. But before filming a new movie series, he wanted to ensure that viewers are still waiting for a new trilogy of the franchise. Therefore, it is spending money to upgrade outdated by the time the effects of old paintings, restored released "Star Wars" is already subtitled "A New Hope" and divided into episodes of the fourth, fifth and sixth. Repeated cult classics brought hire several hundreds of millions that could be spent on the creation of the first film prequel - trilogy. In addition, the "classic" trilogy had already been repeatedly published and republished on the video in the all new formats:. VHS, Laser - disc, DVD - which allowed to make a brand infinitely
By coincidence, who were removed from in " Star Wars "actors, only one Harrison Ford pulls Hollywood superstars. Securing their success in later and more the role of archaeologist Indiana Jones - another producer project Lucas also eventually grew into a trilogy. His partners on site - Mark Hammel and Carrie Fisher - have remained hostage to one played by their image. The first was for the audience performer the role of Luke Skywalker and the other forever be remembered as Princess Leia. By the way, after more than 30-ti years, they returned to their famous roles, having played in the sensational and the box-office film of the saga - the seventh episode, subtitled "Awakening Forces." But that's another dedicated directly to that film reviews
in "A New Hope." - tells about the meeting with the young Luke Skywalker Jedi Master - Obi - Wan Kenobi. Who persuades him to go with him on a dangerous space travel aboard an interplanetary smuggler Han Solo. Assist in the important mission is to save Princess Leia Organa, they are burly ape Chubak and old - familiar droids C -. 3PO and R2D2
photographed "Star Wars" operator Gilbert Taylor, invented to create believability fly spaceships, special techniques combined shooting. The legendary soundtrack picture that is sure - everyone will know, not even the Saw saga (if any exist) - was written by a young unknown, and no one then John Williams. But the multi-volume and during the long years of the script is being finalized this fantastic saga - was written by George Lucas. Today, it would not know whether the planned saga (at least the first to sixth episodes) from the start exactly the way it is. And it is not important. It is important that everything turned out, and the film became so successful that many refer to it as the best project in the history of cinema!

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