"Star Wars: Episode 4 - A New Hope" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Well simply not possible to start on another! It all began in the far-distant 1977, when the screens out the film that changed the lives of millions of people on the planet. The movie, which brought the film industry to a new level. The film, in which the first effects appeared. The film, which has become the undisputed leader of film distribution and increased invested in it costs 70 times! The film, which opened the way to a new and wonderful universe for us. The film that changed my life forever ...
- I think I hardly can I help you, sir. I'm not even sure I know where I am
- Well, if there is a center of the universe, you're on the farthest planet from it
In the film, everything is unusual:. Start with the plot!. After all the action takes place in the most unknown to man the place - it is space, distant, poorly studied and so attractive! And once upon a time, in a very distant galaxy reigned turmoil and civil war. Mighty Empire conquered almost every planet and has absolute power. Its opponents - the Rebel Alliance - made a first victory: the giant stole blueprints and incredibly powerful Death Star space station. One of the rebel leaders Princess Leia, price capture, time to send drawings station and two inseparable droids on the desert and completely uninteresting planet Tatooine to find those legendary Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, to help restore peace and justice in the galaxy ...
All this we owe to one person who could pull off the incredible efforts of the first part, despite the huge differences with the studio and bosses. This George Lucas, which not only removed the film, but also wrote the script, has produced, assembled ... I'm afraid to imagine that pollutants could not be! Just imagine how you can come up with such an unusual, fabulous and fascinating history, which is similar to the legend of the galaxy, where there are millions of different races, where advanced technologies are flourishing where there may be traveling through space on space ships in a few days. instead of light-years, where there is an energy field that surrounds, penetrates and binds the galaxy together, and her name - The Power ... First, you have a cool head is from such a quantity of information, but then have to understand - you can not break away from the screen!
- I'm Luke Skywalker, I'm here to save you
Mark Hamill -! sure every once in my life heard of this interesting and pleasant on hearing the phrase 'Luke Skywalker'. When I have not watched the movie, I already knew the name of the main character. It's still a young kid from the farm, has never flown to the limits of its dry planet who wants to change the world for the better. Marc managed to perfectly convey this youthful ardor and enthusiasm of the young hero: it constantly look with a kind smile and wish all the best to the hero and you know exactly what the guy will succeed
- I'm Han Solo!. Captain 'Millennium Falcon'
Harrison Ford -. To this film, I imagined it only in the image of Indiana Jones. And after the New Hope - he was well, the fastest shooter, the most dashing pilot and the most charming scoundrel Han Solo! He flies on a pile of scrap metal the fastest in the galaxy. He always shoots first. He is always the most charming smile, which immediately any girl. Only do not think that it concerned only the money - he is brave and reckless, and these are only the true heroes
-. A wonderful girl! Or I'll kill her, or she will start to like me ...
Carrie Fisher - the boldest, most beautiful, most desperate princess. And the only girl in an almost purely male team of the film. I do not understand people who say that it is ugly - it is one of the most beautiful film heroine. Simply, it is sometimes too serious, but not her face when playing smile - you'll understand what I mean ... Well, who can forget her famous hairstyle
-! You have made the first step into a new world
Alec Guinness - the fact that he is the only actor in the history of Star Wars was nominated for an Oscar, says a lot. He is a wise, calm Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi, who has long believed dead, but his skills with the Force and a lightsaber - still honed
-. I find your lack of faith disturbing ego knows each: his black cloak, his unique helmet, his red sword, his famous breath and of course his famous thundering voice. Darth Vader, which is so good that it played 3 actor. David Praus - went to the suit, James Earl Jones - the voice, and the Bob Anderson - perform tricks. Vader - became part of the culture, it is copied, admired ... I can not disagree with them
-. We are doomed
impossible to forget one very fun couple - this is the famous droids R2 -D2 and C-3RO, who was lucky enough to say the very first sentence in the history of Star Wars. They constantly argue, swear, have different ideas about life, but in fact they are the best of friends. We must pay tribute to the actors Kenny Baker and Anthony Daniels - they revived the droids have given their special character, thanks to which they have become the most memorable
-! Fear will keep the system in check
. Peter Cushing - as always, cold-blooded and calculating villains play mileyshey soul people. Cushing has created an image of the commander, cold, insightful and truly ill.
undoubted combatants became 2metrovy Wookiee Chewbacca, played Peter Mayhew . At first glance it may seem intimidating, but then you see that he is a loyal and devoted friend and a brave warrior
I have a bad feeling about this ...
The film affects everything. I can imagine a furor film almost 40 years ago. All of these incredible effects: spaceships, giant battle station capable of destroying the whole world, planets, dozens of unusual creatures that can be found in the cantina Tatooine ... We can see the legendary X-wing, the Millennium Falcon, the Death Star, the famous attack aircraft, Jabba the Hutt .. . Laugh at jokes Solo over C-3RO, on the plan of salvation on the Death Star ...
- The ancient religion is no substitute for a good blaster
Oh, and finally - this is music: unforgettable and the most recognizable in the world soundtrack, created by my ca by direct favorite film composer John Williams. These compositions are: Star Wars theme, The Dune Sea, Binary Sunset, Princess's Leia's theme, Cantina Band, the Throne Rome - already they carry me into the world of Star Wars ...
-! Nothing will stop us
recently, when I review the whole saga, the It begins with New Hope, all originally looked. And when I click Play and hear the roar of the TIE-fighters breathing of Darth Vader, shots blasters bibikane P2 lightsaber hissing - I transfer into the world of Star Wars, and I know that this time in my life will never go wasted
. 10 of 10
And that he may abide with you Strength!
PS My hundredth review!

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