"Star Wars: Episode 4 - A New Hope" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Castles in the air
«The day before the premiere of" Star Wars "on the beach, we have built a sand castle. Then, when it was announced that tickets for the premiere session is sold out, we built another one. We make come true, if the tide will wash away our castles, the film fails, and if not - all goes well »
Steven Spielberg
When in January 1977, George Lucas has shown edited material" Star Wars "to your friends, he was advised to hide this nonsense away and no one else to show. Only a close friend of Steven Spielberg predicted that this might have something happen. However, the main difficulty was in another - no film company was taken for a screen version of the story. In the end, I managed to persuade the leaders of once profitable, but located on the verge of bankruptcy production company «20th Century Fox». When they came out of "Star Wars" and its collapse was a matter of matter of days. The film became a miracle saved the company from bankruptcy
May 25, 1977 -. The day of the premiere of "Star Wars" George Lucas was in Hawaii, where, according to the official version, he went to take a break after working on the film. In fact, the creator of the saga did not want to attend the premiere because he was afraid that his film would be a failure. Hawaii to Lucas joined Steven Spielberg, who came to rest after the filming of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind».
Worry had something. On "Episode IV. New Hope "hit a lot of derogatory articles by well-known film critics. In the early days of hire people reluctant to sessions. But then ... Box office exceeded all expectations and beaten all records. A total of "A New Hope" has collected in world hire 798 million. Dollars, he has received numerous awards, including several Oscars, giving the world one of the most famous and the great myths ... Company «20th Century Fox» could only grieve over the fact that instead of the fee Lucas gave rights to the characters and symbols of the film.
After the premiere, the world embraced "star fever". Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, who played the main characters in the film, woke up famous, in a few days become the stars of world scale. "Star Wars" looked and reviewed. Millions of boys and girls, watch a movie, imagined themselves Jedi ran to buy the toy Wookiee model spaceships, robots, posters with images of your favorite heroes and masters of lightsabers. Older people throwing the phrase «Yes Force be with you" or "I have a very bad feeling» .
In addition, the "Star Wars" gave the world the concept of force. In "A New Hope" Obi-Wan Kenobi tells Luke Skywalker: «Strength - this is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy into one. » Surprisingly, modern science is slowly but surely moving towards the opening of the Force. For example, it is known that the visible universe objects are not more than 10% of its actual weight. The rest of the matter is invisible and imperceptible, but it is. It is believed that it serves as an adhesive for all objects in the universe. Jedi can use the Force to influence the mind of the enemy .. When Obi-Wan and Luke are passing through the cordon of the Empire, Obi-Wan inspires attack aircraft - a clone, that he must miss them, even though all the signs, they are the ones who need to be detained. He explains to Luke: «The strength easily acts on the weak in spirit." It's the same with the famous medihlorianami, measuring the level of use of force.
All this is strange, until we turn to modern biology. In the cells of all living beings have mitochondria. They extract energy from nutrients. At first they thought the cell particles, but then discovered that mitochondria have their own DNA, and they reproduce separately from the body in which they live. Now scientists believe that the union of two people, and the mitochondria - a symbiosis on mutually beneficial terms. Why not the analogy with medihlorianami?
similar analogues and not "accidents" in the saga set. Into your minds and repeat like a mantra: fiction sometimes more real and vital than the most mundane Kintz. "Star Wars" is an example, to conquer the world, and has broken the stereotypes unnecessary.
So what this film is affecting the hidden strings of the soul? Is that - is that it is always difficult to explain in words, but what is unmistakably the most reliable compass - heart. Friendship and loyalty, luck and support, hope and sincerity. What gives to feel the taste of life. And now, what we often lack. Anyway, that run up to the open window, close your eyes, breathe in the subtle smells, brought by the wind, give birth to the distant half-forgotten memories, and say: "This is the air of my childhood. The same, when it was believed that good will always triumph over evil, and ahead awaits only good when the protagonist of what is happening around you was himself and no one else ... »
What overwhelms dictatorship
«Help me, Obi-Wan! You are my last hope! »
Princess Leia
Hope ... How many in a single word. When you lose hope, finds freedom. Hope gives us strength, setting the target, but it can also deprive all. Hope - is always a risk. Hope - is always a challenge ...
empire reached the height of his power, authority and power.. Dissent is punishable. Either you are an accomplice of the Empire, or nothing. There is no stronger enemies. Up to a certain point, when the foundations of society and break out of the shadow of dissent. It does not matter who you are. It is important that you feel. Not recklessness, a willingness to follow through. And the dangerous path and insidious enemy, the stronger and faster than you are. Rebel movement is gaining momentum, dreaming overthrow dictates. However, they have something to fear. Build a giant station "Death Star" capable of destroying entire planets and keep at bay the galaxy.
«This lack of faith can not bother me»
Darth Vader
at the helm of the Dark Empire Lord Darth Vader, right hand of the Emperor. Vader himself directs "Death Star" is not he who decides on the destruction of one or another planet. He is the one who inspires panic anyone. One of the best masters lightsaber long forgotten religion. He who once wanted to give people life, but only learned to take it away, stopping the heart from a distance. He is the one who, in the words of Obi-Wan, Anakin killed the father of Luke Skywalker's father, and betrayed the Jedi. A former pupil of Obi-Wan. No one has seen the face of Lord Vader's black helmet closed. Nobody ever. No one heard his voice through the speakers without amplification. Nobody ever. No one knew that the Dark Lord hesitated. Nobody ever. Not because it could not be. And because it is impossible to imagine.
Princess Leia, the adopted daughter of Bail Organa, consisting in the Imperial Senate, one of those politically important figures who are helping to organize resistance Empire. The rebels managed to seize the secret blueprints station "Death Star", but Princess ship is captured, and she is forced to convey important information to the droids R2D2 and C-3RO. Once on the desert planet Tatooine, they must find Obi-Wan Kenobi.
«I'll fly with you ... More me here nothing holds. I want to learn to use the Force and become a Jedi like my father »
Luke Skywalker
lives on Tatooine and the young Luke Skywalker with his uncle and aunt. Farming - it is not for him. «Luke in the shower is not the farmer ... He looks so much like his father», - says Aunt Beru. About his father - taboo. Luke knows only that his father Anakin was a consummate pilot who participated in the Clone Wars.
near their farm lives in seclusion eccentric old Ben. The one Obi-Wan Kenobi, who was not called by that name since then, the end of the Clone Wars. Obi-Wan watching over Luke, whose life is far from Empire. Two forces, born in the same year. There will come a time, and Kenobi tells Luke about the Force and will give the lightsaber that once belonged to Anakin: "... an elegant weapon civilized era ... izdrevne Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. Before the dark times. Before the founding of the Empire. " By Obi-Wan, Luke learns that his father was killed by a ruthless Darth Vader.
«Once I was a Jedi Knight, as well as your father. He was the best pilot and a consummate warrior ... And besides, he was a great friend »
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Luke could not imagine coming changes when bought from the Desert of two droids R2D2 and C-3RO. With this seemingly ordinary transaction and begins his way, promising adventure, but turns into a path through the pain and death, victory and defeat. His much waiting. Him a lot to learn. Luke Skywalker gradually transformed from a young man, dreaming about traveling and adventures in a man capable of self-sacrifice, heroism and conscious of their duty. Everything has its time ...
«Doubtful religion and obsolete weapons do not replace a good blaster»
Han Solo
Han Solo - a man who knows the value of life and the value of money. An adventurer with a heart of gold, in which there is a place for friendship and love. We finally convinced of this when Solo will return to help Luke to destroy the "Death Star." Smugglers Han Solo and wooly Chubak tribe Wookey - old friends, flying on a space corral "Millennium Falcon". This ship is rightly one of the main characters in the film. Han Solo in it the soul is not caitya, saying proudly: «on this ship, I made the journey to Kessel in less than 12 parsecs. I'm getting ahead of even Imperial starships. " The creator of the saga of George Lucas with a laugh notices that Khan was so fascinated that he forgot that the parsec - a measure of distance, not speed. But this entire Han, not the most pedantic man in the galaxy. «This is your pimped? You're braver than you look », - grins Leia, looking at his ship
Together they will go through a lot.. And above all, try to save Princess Leia from the Death. But even here, Luke had a long time to persuade Khan:
- but it also wants to kill! - exclaimed in despair Luke
-. But I did not say that I want to on their own to break into the prison block - Han Solo seemed most serene
-. But it will kill
-! The main thing is not me.
- It is rich in ... - Luke decided to play Han weakness money
-. rich
-? Yes. She has wealth and power. Look, if you save it, the reward will be hoo. You can even imagine not so much
-. You have no idea how much I can imagine - Solo was inspired
-. So much happened. True
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chubak, droids R2D2 and C-3RO -. Is the force capable of shaking the foundations of dictatorship and to resist the Empire, joining the rebels. What is their secret? I'm sure you know the answer. Friendship. What afflicts dictatorship.
The revival of the Light
«I was waiting for you, Obi-Wan. Finally, we met again. The circle closes »
Darth Vader
Time puts everything in its place. They felt that they meet. The shadow of the past does not give himself. Duel old teacher and his former student, like an echo for a long time otgremevshego past. The story goes on as usual, developing according to certain laws.
In 2005, screens out the last episode of the saga 'Revenge Sithv "and the world learned the story completely. By the way, the visual range of "Episode III. Revenge of the Sith "(2005) and" Episode IV. A New Hope "(1977), organic connection between the episodes themselves. Take a look at the release date of the film. Is not this true professionalism? Of course, that "New Hope" funds were spent far less than in subsequent episodes. However, this does not distort the movie and does not spoil it. The reason for this - the presence of the border between the Republic and Empire. Episodes I - III is the road into darkness, for which there is a Republic. Episodes IV - VI revival to Light, destruction bases Empire. In "Episode IV. New Hope "Empire appears to us in his prime. So, the city of unsightly, people are exhausted and frightened, and all around the ruin and general dullness arising from hopelessness
«New Hope." - the beginning of this revival. Yet reckless, cheerful, full of sparkling impressions of youth and daring. I do not yet know the pain of loss and frustration. Faith in the sowing and the help of friends - the key to conquering the world and victory over evil. Heroes can only guess what the ordeal for them is. And so with undisguised mirth and wit laugh at the enemy, enjoying the dangers. Least of all, you can call this reckless game, but whether to blame the youth
One has only to recall how Han Solo led by the nose of Imperial stormtroopers, talking with them on the comlink cell block:?
- We have everything is normal. The situation is under control, - reported Solo invisible interlocutor
-. What's happened
-? Uh ... Oh. Weapons give failure. But now everything is in order. It's okay. All right. Do not worry
-. I send a platoon of reinforcements
-. Uh ... No! Do not. We had a reactor leak. We need 5 minutes to isolate him. Very dangerous, by the way ,.
- Give your serial number - at the end of the link is clearly about all guessed
-. All the same, boring conversation went, - stated the Han, shooting into the microphone
role of Han Solo. - hour of a little-known at the time the actor Harrison Ford. Played so that "sparks fly" .Rol created for Ford. Actor, created for Han Solo. Much of the success of "Star Wars" Harrison Ford in the account. His words from the film for a long time divided into quotes: «Well, girl! Or I'll kill her, or she was just like me, "" garbage disposal - it is just a great idea! ! What a gorgeous smell "," yes there is no reward is not enough »... His Han Solo - Smuggler, which is much better than it might seem. He is witty, bold and sincere.
However, Luke Skywalker, played by Mark Hemmilom, in no way inferior to the bright image of Captain Solo. By the way, "Star Wars" is not one of those movies where someone someone overshadows or replays. And Mark Hamill is the actor who became only possible by Luke Skywalker. Luke's eyes - eye Anakin's son. Do not judge superficially about this phrase. Think about it ... and you will understand that this is one of the great roles played in kino.Mark Hamill played so that we can see a coherent and organic changes its character in the course of the film. In "A New Hope" is an ordinary young man, still unaware of all that he will oscillating when Obi-Wan calls him by themselves, do not realize the truth ... One of the important reasons why I am always impressed by "Star Wars" is that we can all become better and stronger than it actually nasamom ... and let's say that this is the only unmatched role of Mark Hamill. It does not matter. Because a role like this, to say more than a long filmography.
Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia, perhaps the only actress who was known to shoot in "A New Hope". Daughter actress musical Debbie Raynolds and singer Eddie Fisher, Carrie appeared before photographers, having two hours old. Her Leia in the saga of a brave, intelligent, open and extremely charming. In short, Fisher managed to embody exactly the image that middle ground needed for the film.
Chubak, R2D2 and C-3RO add an indescribable atmosphere of the film. Such that you can feel: the "Star Wars". Lucas is a master of his craft. The man whose imagination is truly limitless.
To confirm his words are well-known example of how Lucas was once a guest of Arthur C. Clarke and saw him on the table interesting paperweights. In the film, it was the gun sight on the ship Han Solo "Millennium Falcon". As for the "Millennium Falcon", the model for its creation served as a hamburger with an olive.
Probably, and legends are born. There is only one example of such
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