Standards And Ethics For Counseling Essay


1.Make a list of at least 5 issues or more needs that you and Juliette might choose to explore and clarify together, and explain the indicators of each of these issues
2.Explain which of these issues may require referral, and describe how you would go about making a referral in line with organisation requirements.
3.briefly outline at least three appropriate counselling techniques/skills that may assist you to address the issue.
4.What are the legal and/or ethical issues associated with working with Juliette?
5.Write a draft “script” in which you communicate to Juliette the details of therapies you would select to assist her.
6.Explain what might have gone wrong in this situation of Juliette.


1.The concerned case study is related with the first counselling session with Juliette and there are various issues that need to be clarified with Juliette in order to initiate the sessions in an effective manner. One of the issues has understood the reason why Juliette has been feeling on the edge even though she has a family of husband and a child. This has been indicated with the help of her withdrawn eyes and her soft spoken answers. The next issue has been she has come to the session without informing her husband. This issue needs to be clarified in order to understand that whether she has some issues with her husband. This can be understood when Juliette says that she has to leave from the session as her husband does not know that she has come for the session. The next issue that is in line has been the reason she avoids being with her friends as she feels that her friends have a perfect life. It is seen that she feels that she is not a perfect wife and a mother. It is even essential to understand the issue that why she is not working any more even though she has the age and the ability to work once again. This needs to be understood that whether she has any family pressure that restricts her to work. The final issue that needs to be clarified has been that what has been the main factor that has led her to such a depressing nature.

2.The issues that have been discussed needs serious attention and out of all these issues the depressing nature of Juliette and her loss in self confidence has been the main reason. Therefore, this issue requires referral with respect to medical issues so that expenses of the treatment can be attained. Claiming benefits can even be referred in order to gain financial benefits for her counselling sessions and for her sickness. In case of any legal difficulties due to any discovery of the family pressure which has led Juliette to behave in such a manner.

3.With respect to the issues that have been mentioned earlier in this paper, it is seen that three counselling techniques can be used in order to rectify the issues. It is seen that Cognitive behavioural therapy can be used as it is seen that this theory aids in psychosocial interventions, which are useful in improving the mental health of the client. This therapy helps in changing the cognitions like the attitudes and thoughts. This therapy would be useful for improving the mental stress that Juliette is going through.

The next therapy that could be used for improving the lifestyle of Juliette can be Person-centred therapy. This therapy is used for improving and solving the personal relationship of the client. The case history reveals that Juliette has certain issues with her husband and therefore the implementation of this therapy would be fundamental for the development of the self-realization.

The next therapy that can be included in for the counselling session of Juliette is Expressive therapy as this therapy promotes dignity of the human and can be fundamental for the treatment of the emotional, mental and physical disorders of client. This theory develops balance and harmony within the life of the patient and therefore can be used for treating Juliette and bringing her back to her normal life.

4.There are several legal and ethical issues that are related to working with Juliette and it is seen that maintaining relationships professional so that the issues that are faced by the client can be resolved in an effective manner. If personal relationships are maintained then it would lead to development of feelings and sentiments that would reduce the level of counselling restricting the proper treatment of the client. It is even essential to maintain professional responsibility and with the help of assessment, analysis and the interpretation of the issues that are having an impact on Juliette. There are other clients as well who are even treated simultaneously along with Juliette and therefore it is essential to look after every client equivalently and take steps to eliminate their psychological issues. In this case study, it is observed that Juliette has been attending the counselling session without her husband’s knowledge and therefore, it is essential to keep a one of Juliette’s guardian or spouse informed about her attending the sessions. In case Juliette’s husband comes to know about this session he may file a suit against the counsellor and therefore, according to the laws of the government. The counsellor has to fill up a form with the client where they have to inform their spouse about the counselling sessions so that in case of any discrepancy, the counsellor would not be held liable for it.

5.This is a draft that has been constructed in order to inform Juliette about the therapies that she would be undergoing.

Dear Juliette,

After the conclusion of the first session, there are various issues that have been noticed that have effected your mental and physical state of mind. In order to rectify your present issues, it is essential to undertake various therapies in several sessions. You will be undergoing therapies like the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as this would improve the mental state of mind. Person-centred therapy would even be undertaken as it is helpful in developing self-confidence and self-realization that would improve your self-confidence and in a way bring out the actual self out of you. Expressive therapy will even be given be provided as it would improve your self-dignity and in a way would improve your mental disorders and issues that you are facing. The use of these therapies will improve your state of mind and in a way would let you live your normal lifestyle.

6.In this scenario, it is seen that Juliette has not been responding well when she is asked about her relationship with her husband. This has made her even more distressed and in order to improve this situation, it is important to change the topic of discussion with Juliette and create a cordial environment so that she feels relaxed. It has been observed that Juliette gets depressed when asked about her husband and therefore in order to gain knowledge about her husband, it is essential to divert her mind and talk about several topics and with the help of these discussions bring out information about the same indirectly. Therefore, obtaining answers in this manner would improve the therapy sessions and in a way would improve the state of mind of Juliette.


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