Staff Management At J&J Furnishings Essay


Discuss about the Staff Management at J&J Furnishings Limited.



The aim of the paper is to conduct analysis of project leadership management skills against the backdrop of the given case study. The study takes J&J Furnishings Limited as the example and considers the three goals of the company, which form the crux of the assignment. The first goal was to attain environment friendly methods of operations to benefit the stakeholders. The second goal was to attain new heights in business by up gradation of factors technology with aim of leveraging productivity. The third aim is to expand the present manufacturing capabilities to meet the growing demands for J&J’s furniture products (, 2017). The company is setting project team to achieve its goals. The various sections would revolve around talent acquisition and management. The paper particularly delves into strategies to manage the staff and lead them towards attainment of the organisational goals.

Staff management teams

The following staff management plan would be used by J&J Furnishing Limited to manage the new projects:

Maintaining relationship between staff members of a project team:

The project managers should apply the strategy of maintaining healthy relationship with the staff members in his team. He should encourage the team members to collaborate in the formation of strategies to achieve targets. He should ensure that the senior and the junior employees cooperate with each other. The project manager should ensure that all the team members receive respect and equal opportunity to perform irrespective of their cultural background. The basis of the task division among the team members should be their educational qualification and experiences. Thus, diversity management and maintaining healthy relationship with the employees would enable the project to manage their staffs and lead them towards achievement of the target (Burke, 2013).

Empowerment of employees:

Empowerment of employees would help the project managers to manage the project teams more efficiently. This is because the employees would be able to assist the managers to form strategies more efficiently and take decisions. The managers should form plans to empower their employees to increase the eligibility of their subordinates (Mir & Pinnington, 2014). They should provide them with trainings and mentor them to enhance their skills and knowledge. Thus, empowering employees would help the managers to manage the teams with the cooperation and active participation of their subordinates in decision-making.

Leverage technology:

The project managers should use modern technology like Liquid Planner which would allow them to manage various aspects of the projects like deadlines, buying materials and managing the productivity of teammates. The modern software allow the project managers to manage their staff by accessing them over smart phones even when they are on leave or working from home (Schwalbe, 2015)


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