"Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... and Spring" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

'Love - the drug, which must be able to give'
Spring. Death. Karma.
Silence ... peace and quiet. Only dimensional ritual tapping old monk returns to the original idea of ​​the time relaxing and soothing serenity of the ocean. as if time has stopped. The world stopped. And, apparently, the Millennium will be - as real estate will be surrounded, Having closed in a tight ring of mountains. Only a small pagoda floats about on the surface of an alpine lake. Laconic sage explains the six year old boy debt burdens attendant faith
Mind boy -. Like a blank sheet. So much to learn more! And now - the time comes, and he, like all of us, it happens to face with death and suffering, for all living things in this world one must die ...
But what about when the cause of death of the other is ourselves? ..
Summer. Love. . Tanha
drifting in the lap of nature pagoda - an island of peace and the abode. But love knows no barriers and obstacles. Everything in the world is committed to love, everything breathes her one. And it's worth it just to allow to approach close enough, as the usual peace and serenity become unbearable ... Now nothing else is already bringing the coveted meet, a world without love - quickly fades, loses its paint
We do not know her ... and water. our life runs fast and quietly, the vortex of monotonous everyday life draws us into his elusive tomorrow, but every beat of the heart responds to pain and not close my eyelids, wet with tears, we need only to lose it. So what is - love .. Short Happy Life for Two? Unavoidable suffering remain in solitude? Medicine for suffering, or the sweet poison, corrosive quiet and peaceful life?
Sixteen young man, knowing the love and separation, leaving the teacher ...
Autumn. Service. Dukkha.
Everything in this world is made up of the interaction of pairs of opposites. This is well known by the ancient Chinese, they have displayed is the symbol of eternal harmony 'Yin - Yang' circle with a black and white drops. If there is light, it means there is a shadow. If there is a day and night so there. And if there is love, then there is hatred, fear, pain ... So
and the freedom to choose is not given to us without having to be responsible for their choices. Through the millennia, it would seem like a death sentence to the world words of Gautama Buddha: 'Truly, this world is - a vale of suffering ...'
Thirty student will return to his master, to wash from the soul the sin of murder ...
Winter. A life. Marga.
say wisdom comes with age. What do we get in return for cast days, months, years? What really should fill your life to live it sanely, sensibly, righteously? And what if our every breath, every step defines all of our long journey to the very end? What if every moment seemed to be saying to us: 'We define! Decide! Take Action! Who are you? What is your path? Identify yourself. I'm waiting ... '
deserted pagoda again settles forty minister monastery Buddha. He is waiting for his spring, a new cycle of life, ancient as the hills, and unpredictable, the fate ...
... and Spring. Samsara.
aged, wise teacher teaches life on the path of service and inner silence still very young pupil, and it will be quite a bit more time as a fun and mischievous joy in his eyes give way to new, previously unknown feeling more ... and all happen again ...
extraordinarily expressive and just a very beautiful film directing master Korean Kim Ki-Doc. The film, simple, like a fairy tale, and the deep, as a parable. Film characters and metaphors, Buddhist and simply human. Here, as in an ambiguous, but tenderly loved me 'Fountain' Aronofsky, the director shows greater than speaking through his characters. This movie, in my subjective opinion, is one of the best, if not the best expression of the worldview of the Far Eastern Buddhism. . Here is, perhaps, only one example of
extremely symbolic gate on the way to the pagoda and the door in the hall inside it, and the gate and the door without any hint of a fence or wall, they are going ... Way - everywhere and all around you, including - right here where you are and stand. But ENTER - you can only through the door ...
So maybe love is indeed a medicine, which must be able to refuse ..
8 out of 10?

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