"Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... and Spring" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The gates are opened. Wieden faint hint of the origin of life, the dawn of vitality. Even in silence and solitude, where everything seems to have stopped, the atmosphere is soaked through unshakeable serenity, where even the sleepy sheet afraid their rustling disturb the overall calm. It is here, in the depths of serenity and kindness emerges the whole spectrum of human emotions caused by its aggravation, because they are under the yoke of a single host of the framework, able to be superimposed on our souls - their conscience, their inclinations, that we have at birth. Fall and spring - the most difficult periods of the year, in the autumn of running out of power, in the spring we energize that seeks to absorb the weakened body, if too thick wick immature taper. We see that thought is material - every emotion and feeling is reflected in the tangible world. Still a child, so little understanding in this life, with a living brow, I know not the distortion of the sorrow of the world, aware of the impact of their actions on itself, distinguishes the imprint left on the soul. By virtue of naivety and invested in us the principle of omnipotence, pronounced in children, the child tends to self-indulgent, not realizing that not every source has positive energy that the actions caused by desires, lead to destruction. Repentance is inevitable, but it is hard to believe, come to terms with him. This discrepancy is those first shots, the first send to our numerous disappointments and, as a consequence, repentance is the first clear understanding of what is the burden and how hard it will then be held.
Kim Dee Cook managed to create from his paintings are not a way of life a person - from the innocent joy to the full realization of the insignificance and inevitability, and the state, the feelings that fill the soul at every step, while obezlichivaya tragedy, giving it the scale and boldly attributing all over the world as a whole. Thin, and sometimes the most obvious symbolism inherent in the very style of the director, after so many strong drama were developed in at least disarming the audience drama "Empty House". Getting accustomed to the film, it can be said that this is not the discovery of humanity, do not rebuke that prefers to remain hidden, we'll just see painted pale colors of life, full of passion and suffering apogees, which do not need bright colors. Water will seep through the smallest crack as a defect may be apparent only to find in the world a house, and sin can discover their way even into the pure of heart, for one simple reason - they are already predisposed to it. There is nothing surprising. This is the law of all existence, the director shows us it is such as it is, within and without. And what makes this film the most unique of them all, the most subtle and unobtrusive, memorable, this is how the story takes place. Once even a dumb scene say a lot more (and that such a film is saturated) than the most pompous philosophical ideas intelligent dialogues.
amazing how much can transmit the film almost without words, simply reciting us pale footage, fascinating for its beauty, filled with loneliness and complete range of human passions, and destroying the world, and we are in the world, but that is an integral part of it. Life always finds a way to have buckled, as well as find a way to give us a chance. We do like the protagonist to choose our way, we hope, we stumble, we can drop his hands from the shrine, on which we rely, frightened, love, repent, bear his own burden. This inevitability is shown even with the first frame of the film - with the words of the teacher about the child's first error, the first knowledge of the pain - "It's a burden you will carry to the end of life." How hard to climb with a heavy load on his back. You for many years, almost all the life left behind. Every year it is heavier, and we are all aware of it. Like a vicious circle, which does not give us out of ourselves, it is a stone tied around our body, making our way incredibly difficult, that is true - people will always be a man. It presses, pulls back. We seem closer to their goal, but it always continues to push us out of the way, changing our movement to the side, then throwing back. "Redo can not be personal. Nothing can be corrected. Otherwise we would all be saints. "

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