"Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... and Spring" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Spring eighteenth year.
My teacher in philosophy, gleaming bald head, rubbing his massive watch and speaking before an audience, tells something about Zen Buddhism. At the lecture were the most persistent, almost the entire flow - it was the only speaker who was on forces to raise such a huge 'public'
'And finally, give you a piece of advice: "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... and Spring. '- it would seem that name in this movie: look at the time, he helped me a lot. He helped almost find your zen. Wonderful South Korean director Kim Ki Doc name. And thank you all for your attention, you are free '.
Classic is the end of the lecture, as if from old American movies where the teacher-innovator, raking conservatory foundations of the education system, trying to teach young people' practical theory '.
Summer XVIII year.
I sat down on one of the balconies of the post-Soviet high-rise buildings to watch the picture, slowly burning throat green tea. Warm a small chair, a dilapidated floor, the sunset and the smell of jam. I'm trying to otkovyryat toed sneaker concrete piece and stare at the monitor, very slowly drawn into view. Wow, I feel a philosopher - Soulful such, legs crossed, and last summer mantra birds bring me to easy trance. Kim Ki Doc, probably also because psevdoasketichnom sat in solitude and enjoying tea, working on the script for this film, while its operators were carrying equipment, choosing the right Buddhist-frame production. Picture - a splendid, fully in the spirit of Asian cinema, which focuses not on the brilliant perspectives as to the harmony of objects in the frame. Chic soundtrack: clearly expressed by the Asian art of music, with light hints of European influences. The plot is good, is divided into a kind of 'seasonal short story' - is actually a Buddhist parable, unfolding according to the canon and, renouncing the traditional brevity, it does not lose even an ounce of its harmony. In a quiet and misty mountain edge, like the making for the search itself, for a clean and tranquil surface of the lake drifts Pagoda. The walls of her home to an old teacher and young student. The old man, who is over the step from encroachment on enlightenment, rather passively watching the mistakes a young boy, very sluggish moments trying to put him on the path he knows that mistakes are inevitable
A couple of hours later:. Titers, the curtain. Zen I did not know
Fall XVІII year
I was covering a terrible depression:.. Boldly, suddenly, like a Yakuza philosophizing, it makes me a 'tie', preventing normal live and breathe. And then, you bastard such kicks me -. Helplessly on the bed whining
second time I revise 'Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... and Spring'. A lot of new thinking, a lot of unsung last time interestingness. Watching a movie on the part of the idea of ​​'redemption', again marveling atomsfernosti and competent work of the composer's Park Ji-un. Oh, and Kim Ki dock and installation are more engaged: a true master of kung fu - mastered kinodela not kinobludie, perfectly
great, almost relieved.. But Zen again I have not found.
Winter XVIII
I am dying from constant colds, not very mature love, and the third row view of genius in his multifaceted fabric Kim Ki Doc allows me to look at this parable through the prism of 'unhappy, stupid feelings'. It turned out that each plot is really developing in the season of the year, which is listed in the credits. Matured monk drags on 'Golgotha' their 'cross' - the heavy statue of Buddha. Perhaps Kim Ki Doc wanted to say that feeling - it's fine, bright, bursts, but of secondary importance in the way of knowledge, and even dangerous. Love - the feeling is not always present, but to know 'authenticity' is very difficult, especially in an age when the genitals prevent the brain to think. Zen And, by the way, I did not know even now
Spring XIX of the year
My lecturer in philosophy quit his job and went to a better place -. 'There is none'. I grew up, maybe even a bit wiser, I definitely moved in the film, I try to write reviews, materiel bison. Advised to see 'Spring, Summer, Autumn Winter ... and Spring' 'Know, say, oriental art, Asian wisdom. I smiled. Another balcony, another old high-rises, another laptop, I'm just another coffee instead of tea, only the film and sneaker earlier. I draw in my head symbols that are now crammed director, speculated chain with a bang fall for the technical component of this creation, in parallel with viewing in polumeditativnom state, come to the conclusion that the 'leitmotif' here - rebirth, self-cleaning, with all the necessary prior to her pain and all the sweet consequences. "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... and Spring 'conquer me completely. Understand everything that we can understand, I feel the potential reincarnation of Buddha Shakyamuni, a little more - and renounce material goods. Next: Only asceticism and preaching. I feel the wind - very easily, firmly. I walk on water: Tea spilled on the concrete floor. I did not know Zen. And do not

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