"Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... and Spring" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"And the spring and summer and autumn, winter just ask and ask to fallen white snow, but there is no snow and no ..." the song of Viktor Petlyura in a not very well-known song, before watching the movie Ki-Duk Kim's "Spring, summer, fall, winter ... and Spring" here I did not know that South Korea is the snow ... and I immediately remembered the winter of last winter, that for a long time and the name was not in the winter. It is for this winter looked at more than a dozen boring, depressive and other philosophical paintings from the so-called art-house and not only.
And then if they were interested in, then with the arrival of spring, and lifting respectively a movie mood frankly does not look, that's just the movie Ki-Duk Kim was no exception. One thing is certain, a genre of art-house exclusively winter, watch these films only when life has faded under the snow, but with the first spring brook, life returns to normal and the art-house need to remove the back burner.
That movie director with very rare surname Kim starts in the spring, a little boy about five years old is just beginning to live, and to live he has to, God knows where, God knows from whom to collect the early spring grass to the old monk. The very same young Padawan, ugh, the student checks the strength of the animal world, they will live, being in his hands there with a stone on the neck.
philosophy and all that in every novel the film, each dominates other different sorts of symbolism .. . first, the boy learns patience and humility, away from people, probably his teacher suggests that the only way to protect it from the temptations of the big world, to learn to live in the present, loving every creature. Secondly, even this piece of wood on which they live on the water, already represents the world:
even the purest part of it that still falls under the glowing summer, years later, that will turn into remorse board in the fall, and The trail of death in the winter.
no, even that is separate from all the world does not teach people how to live in the present, being behind this piece of wood in the water, raised the boy would not be able to preserve their spiritual purity, which is already on the author's intention here was still lost . Wines around the course the girl who it is, of course, tempting, but it's nature, it's real life, the same will lead him to a desperate act, even to at least two.
's just learning the tricks of the Buddhist religion, he was supposed to be humble and harmless, just do not work out. What does that mean, and that any religion is bullshit, because no one for a long time will not be able to comply with all the canons and rules, well, with a few exceptions. And if religion does not give a tangible result and no longer a source of unity promotes peace (to say there is not a Karl Jaspers), for what it is, humanity is sinful, but sinners the most active of the faithful ... Maybe
religion has not outlived his? The hero is back for answers if the questions which are not, the hero returns not to hide, but to repent, but whether it is capable of, and which further lead their fate. Not really (the film) to find his own way to go through hardships to go through pain and loss. Why not just find their way without overlapping another way, the director with a rare surname Kim does not answer this question, but simply powders brains audience. Even without showing the face of a woman in a headscarf, not showing its way of life, it shows the final path - the child in his arms and stranger guardians (if a stranger?), But the film was supposed to return to the beginning, in order to understand it enough to read the name of the picture "... and spring».
fine, you know, a picture, albeit limited, though not showing all his life, but only a piece of it on a small piece of wood, not showing the real world, the director leads the viewer into their world and tries to prove that this is the real world, at least, er personal perception of the world of lonely outcasts.
Let it be so that the film is, of course, is not highly artistic, but the film can tell about life and the lives of several people finding their way while sitting in one place, try not to make mistakes, but making they are foolish, even the old monk in his own way is not right, and youth is doomed to this fate
the next frame of the film were, I do not understand:.
why go on the ice tied himself to the stone (perhaps to get out, after breaking the thin ice and rock left on thick)? And then climb to the top of a hill with a statue in his hand and a stone in the back (in order to better hear the Buddha)?
Ki-Duk Kim deceived many, taking off, this masterpiece, he deceived himself, and if I learn Korean, and I ask him what he meant, I did not understand, in order to understand it you need to be Korean or, at least, a Buddhist, that mean at least the following characters, animals from time to time appear on the screen in the hands of the heroes: the frog, fish, trained cock white cat and a small tortoise, there is something definitely skryvaets i.
man not only by nature he is an animal and the animal nature, but with his moral standards, as the film "Spring, summer, etc." for me becomes a film about the people that remained in his animal disguise, lagged behind (escaped) from life and lost in a quiet world of silence, that's fine, but it's boring.
I would not have been able, as it were, did not like silence, but this film gave me a half-hour silence. Yes, this is a film meditation, but for me the word empty sound meditation. It Was. Prior to this film. Until today ...

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