"Spring on Zarechnaya Street (1956)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In the yard in 1956. Already after some 5 years Soviet man, who began a daring assault on the space, the first to make a flight around the Earth. In the meantime, the phenomenal engineering development draws on himself the heavy industry. It was on her the task of delivering new materials and alloys providing technical breakthrough. An increasing number of factories, workshops length measured in kilometers of the enterprise are many times larger and more complex than the city in which they live their workers. Because naturally, instead of former revolutionaries and farmers at the studios begin to cast and forged new heroes of our time - the workers. Steelmakers-foremost taming subordinating flame and iron, as well as their friends zavodchane kneaded to exit the screen. The national cinema opens a new "industrial" period, and one of the highlights of his heroes is Alexander Savchenko -. Zarechnaya street character
Savchenko (Nikolai Rybnikov) boy found the Great Patriotic War, which claimed the life of his father, and, being the senior man in the family from a young age helps the mother with the housework and looking after younger siblings. On first acquaintance viewer understands that the screen is open and endlessly positive character an optimist and enthusiast, whose thoughts and actions are often filled with children's naivety. His character was formed long ago, and life went on as a predictable course - at work, he leader-production, and in the evenings, along with the driver Yuri and becomes the soul of the company, spending time till night in the dances and fun. In the same company, he meets Zina, which slowly start to build relationships, and her mother, Sasha sees as a potential son-
But this little world is destined to falter when the city comes a young, humble, but strong in spirit teacher of Russian language and literature. - Tatiana S. (Nina Ivanova). A mysterious force begins to push the hero in search of contact with it, and each time getting delicate, but the stern rebuff, it will only become more frequent attempts. Tatiana gets his class teacher at night school, but unlike his colleague Nestor Petrovich in "Big Break", it does not show external timidity and weakness. Playing Ivanova nice to look at her character alive and real. Then, with a smile of Turgenev girl, she is immersed in listening to a concert on the radio ordered, fingering the petals of a flower, then frowning, like a big sister chastises hard workers for violation of discipline in the classroom.
Tatiana and Alexander are in the center of beautiful and easy melodrama, full of timid steps ridiculous jealousy, stupid insults and embarrassment. On the screen through the stones of misunderstandings and misconceptions are gradually emerging shoots of real feelings -. True love (and not only the main, but the secondary characters)
Alexander has ambitions and pursues the goal of light, because begins to fend off the old "strong company", as from its members in life have nothing but fun, they are not able to create a new, do not think about the future and certainly not seek to make the world a better place. Exposed the true face of the former environment. Zina is important that here and now it was a man, and do not care that he left school and never reveal their potential. A chauffeur Jura except season of singing songs in the company of girls (always different) can only propagate gossip and ruin other people's relationships. But blame him hard because he sometimes does so unintentionally, because of their nature. For in a world where there is a place a man with a capital letter, be sure to find another, beginning with a negligibly small letters.
Savchenko, together with the audience will rediscover truths. That the real friend is not someone who calls you on a regular chat with the girls, but the one who is going through when you're wrong, and is ready to justify you in the eyes of unfamiliar people. That life should not associate with one who jealously binds you to the foot, and the one who helps you become better and for whom, you yourself are ready to improve and grow.
Picture of luck, she got famous after the Twentieth Party Congress and month prior to treatment of the CPSU "On strengthening the political work of party organizations ...", perhaps because of all the time in the film never mentions the party, communism and other "ideological" elements. And the role of a wise older friend not given to the people's deputy, and good-natured and too enamored engineer Krushenkovu (and this is no accident, but a characteristic feature of that time that the workers instead of the name is always used his position).
the characters have turned out peculiarly exaggerated, often know that real people in the story line would have behaved differently. But that did not stop the film to get a resounding success, because it was dedicated to the ordinary human feelings that are familiar to most viewers
Besides the story can not fail to mention the camera work of Peter Todorovski, whose camera is capable of everything:. Capture of fleeting emotions of actors to a spectacular demonstration impressive strength and scales Zaporozhstal (wherein conducted "craft" shooting). The title track of Boris Mokrousova authorship also turned out very successful, and there are quite successful in our days as an independent work.
important merit of the founders is that they were able to fully saturate the picture atmosphere of openness and goodwill of the time, thanks to the next generation can also however briefly, but immerse yourself in the era.
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