"Spring on Zarechnaya Street (1956)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

There are good movies that are popular, which accepts the idea, but the soul which is not something that does not lie, but not mental contact occurs, emotional resonance. Films that, for all its merits more objective and coincide with your mental attitude, an absolute minority. "Spring on Zarechnaya Street" just out of this category: light and beautiful film about the correct romance, love, life
There is a romance of everyday life, with regular daily life:. Not to suffocate in love and harmony in close and boring family nest, and to live in a big world, where there is heavy, but the favorite and necessary work, where there is really reliable friends and a lot of love. This beautiful and films 50-60s: they gramme latent anxiety, no dark thriller elements, but there is a background feeling of happiness built on conquering the confidence that "the world is festive and wisely." Therefore, beautiful and vigilant heart even communicating heroes "Spring ...", which for the external cold and rigor of his young teacher sees no snobbery metropolitan intellectuals and confusion timid romantic girl. Therefore they tumble to her housewarming party uninvited guests with gifts and semi-dry wine, convincing not by words but by deeds, crying Tanya that she is not a stranger to them, and their own kith and kin. Therefore he meets Tanya smiles her pupils steel plant and open-hearth shop. Therefore turned out so piercingly beautiful March, even to me, is not a fan of urban landscapes, he does not seem ugly piece of iron, as a symbol of creativity and meaningful, happy human life.
general, a special thank you I want to say the genius of the operator. The operator focused on thin, pleasant for me to face, between the palpable vitality of what is happening on the screen, when it seems that you can touch with his hands and smelled, and unreal ephemeral dream. Here, the camera looks a bit detached: this city is real, this is not a phantom created whimsical fantasy director, but sensuality and life does not beat palpable eyes. So looking at the world of man - visual: Not a care in ghostly dreams reality refined, but not dissolving with every fiber of what is happening. And it turns out as a result of the city in which they live, Tanya and Sasha, on the one hand, just a little muted backdrop for the story, but on the other - also a full participant in the story. In this city under Tanya's dictation sounds coming snowy winter, wrapping drifts cozy one-story houses. Sonorous spring sun melts the snow drifts naughty drippings, lighting Novoselov Migulko standing with a newborn daughter in her arms on the balcony absolutely brand new house, Living as young as he is the people - to fall in love, marrying, bearing children. The May Sunday, warming his soft warmth of a flock of high school student in the city park, and boat on the pond, is replaced by the rapid cleansing shower. Actually, now only for himself he noted that in this movie, we almost do not see old people - children, young - as they want, and no old people. It's a film about youth and spring. And that ringing sensation youth brilliantly transferred to the operator.
Just brilliant operator appears on the faces of the main characters of their love. Although the film is generally broader than simply the melodramatic love story - a story of human beauty and spiritual growth, but I love the line here is very expensive. One of the most beautiful in the world cinema. And it's not only in absolute psychological compatibility and characters complement. Strong and cheerful extrovert Sasha, capable of the power of his love Tanya convince the sincerity of his feelings, strong arm, connecting Tanya shy with other people, never to be settled in her heart a feeling of loneliness (well, a lot of words about human charm Rybnikov said). And smart, strong, romantic introvert girl Tanya, hiding behind the external inaccessibility his shyness and vulnerability. Tanya, for which Pushkin or Mayakovsky - people are no less dear and beloved than her students, is able to open up new horizons such Sasha, who were before him are not available. (Many criticize the game of the actress, but as for me, because it brilliantly coped with the task of: cold official Tatiana S. instantly transformed into a genuinely smiling girl is worth it just to be among those whom it certainly can not be shy and do not be afraid of only the scene with Rachmaninoff. I do not like: that's where replays in my mind). This love opens in loving person the best that was and what he could be, he had no idea, because he sees the beloved first inner beauty. Therefore Sasha on the second day of our acquaintance is not talking about Tanya's unearthly beauty, and that he liked the man, and then reveals the day-to-day in this man more and more worthy of the love of the (Not to recall Vysotsky: "Beautiful love often and diligent, cheerful like smaller, but faster - and silent love, only rarely, but certainly if you like, the stronger ") Tanya begins to look at Sasha new tender gaze, she had only to find there is not just a passionate love with a man. a man who has the mind, the soul, the Features p. Therefore, the characters are long and difficult road to themselves and to each other. Pass without simulated theatrical passions, but with the incredible range of feelings that are reflected in their faces - you just have to look into those big plans. Sasha is still out, the soul is wide open - and hence this bright palette of embarrassment, joy, reverence for the beloved, pain and resentment, and then - hope. And if you take a close look at the stern face of a more restrained Thani, and then on it you can see the confusion and lack of confidence, the joy of meeting and the bitterness of resentment, and most importantly - start brooding tenderness of love. And all this - just look, muted gestures, scarcely perceptible play of light and shadow. And a thousand rights Marlene Hutsiev that did not finish the film banal wedding or a passionate kiss in the diaphragm The point is not that Sasha and Tanya live happily and die in one day, and that 2 people have found each other. Then begins a new story. Well, the audience remains open charm, but it is quite understandable finals and ringing feeling of spring - the beginning of a wonderful pores
9 out of 10.

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