Sports university Essay

Throughout my life, I have been engaged in many sports activities and I have come to desire a career in the sports industry by studying in the inclusive sports environment in the UK. I have always played football and have often participated in other sports such as rugby, volleyball and athletics. I have become interested in and passionate about science when related to sports, particularly how our body functions based on our diets and on the exercise we perform.

During my eighth grade, I was fortunate enough to be selected to play for U14, U16, and U19 football teams at school along with a club team called “JSSL Football Club” in Singapore. Even being only thirteen years old at the time, I had the opportunity to compete in so many tournaments around the region and meet different types of people. My parents were very supportive of me playing sports, yet, they were worried about my school work and asked me to reduce the time and energy spent playing sport. In order to satisfy them, I worked hard on my school work to prove to them I was capable of balancing my time with both school work and football.

I am currently studying IBDP Biology. I find it exceptionally interesting how the subject covers a variety of topics and also how the body is affected by exercise and nutrition. During research assignments for IBMYP Physical and Health Education I learnt the benefits of being physically active while developing motivation and reinforcement for healthy and informed lifestyles. Those assignments changed sport to be more than just a hobby and I began to think of building a career in the industry.

My passion for football and sports in general was fostered by the people who taught me what sport is really about and all of these experiences together have become a significant part of my life. When I was sixteen years old, I was selected as a team captain for the first time. Although being the captain was not necessarily something I was looking forward to becoming, it taught me a lot of things about building relationships and leading a team. Besides, being the captain was different from being the best player on the team. It is not only about the physical aspect of the sport but also the emotional side of it. It is about being capable of making the best decisions even in the most terrible of situations and to ensuring the team functions as a unit and continues to work as a team. The responsibility to take care of my team both on and off the pitch has improved my ability to lead people and reduce unwanted tension between individuals, as well as leading the team during practices and contacting the facilitators to organise events.

Being the captain was like being a manager who knows how to work with the team, and ensures every player has a stake in the team. He or she anticipates what the needs of the team are and motivates it by encouraging each team member to believe in their strengths, even in the moments when everything seems lost. Over numerous matches, I have had many opportunities to practice these essential skills and have viewed the sport from various perspectives.

UK is famous for its funding towards sport through the national lottery and performs very well in the Paralympics. These show the UK has an inclusive environment which allows people of different nationalities, shapes, sizes, and abilities to come together and perform.

Sport is now a big part of my life because it has allowed me to mature and change my view on life. Without sport, I believe I would not be who I am now. The experience of taking responsibility for my learning and development, as well as, understanding that success comes from hard work, has given me the belief I can build a career in a sports related industry and become who I want to be.

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