"Spirited Away" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

All the stories of Uncle Hayao cause a lasting impression. Resolute and courageous Nausicaa of the winds of the valley, the legendary pilot - macho lout Porco Rosso, touching witch Kiki, a small fish Ponyo, who lives in the neighborhood, good troll Totoro, mysterious Laputa, brave Princess Mononoke and proud wizard Howl - all of these characters live in a huge a magical world that exists invisibly present next to ours. Magicians studio «Ghibli», under the guidance of a good storyteller and a prominent cartoonist, gave us a wonderful, incredibly kind, charming and touching his reality world.
In his masterpieces Miyazaki subtly and delicately accents, says about the things that are understood by the smallest spectators and interesting to adults, without tedious sermons and speeches, boring tediousness and morality, the master and his team are fascinated relevant and interesting subjects, clothed with unmatched external form.
and yet, "Spirited Away E 'occupies in my heart a special place. It has something that touches deeply awakens childhood soul. Peace, for a moment it seems better, and in the company of little Chihiro, insidious, but his unfortunate Yubaby not childish serious Haku, good-natured grandfather Kumasi and all the inhabitants of the magical baths that on the other side of the river, goes unnoticed. Surprisingly integral work, filled with beautiful music and oriental wisdom, this tape so that to protect your audience ... put his arm around the shoulders like an old friend, cartoon offers young viewers to learn to be compassionate and to be friends, he teaches kindness and self-sacrifice, and adults makes us think about the fragility of the world child, the mystery, which was once known, and they, too ...
world of fabulous baths, where the rest of the spirits and ghosts, will not tolerate outside interference! If you do not know how to behave, and a light snack turns into gluttony and disgusting, the violators of the direct road to the barn. Again for adults will take the rap here baby! In all his works, the wise and astute master it gives children the qualities that should be in adults, but for some reason they are not available. In "Princess Mononoke" adult world looked iron Moloch, devouring nature, greedy and narrow-minded monster, ready at all for the sake of power and money. The "Spirited Away" adults do not realize the fragility and danger ghost world, they have long existed in his own world. That's why so hated the move upset and alarmed little Chihiro, in contrast to the beloved parents. The ability to love and to sacrifice themselves Miyazaki puts above all the virtues and qualities. Whatever deadlock was not the time, one has only to gain commitment and to look at the situation through the prism of kindness and here - an insidious Yubaba is not a terrible witch, and a loving mother and miserable, greedy pig animals are not stupid, and my mom and dad. And forgetting his real name dragon becomes a noble friend and usual boy!
And how about the incredible detail and secondary colorful characters? Spirits and demons, and the maid Faceless, Spirit of water and minnows Kumasi grandfather ... One has only to cross the river, cross the bridge and the world of scented baths will open its doors. That just does not have to go through and pass the charming Seine, which everybody thinks slob? Literally snatching jobs from Yubaby hands, which did not frighten, but rather looks ridiculous and laughable, Sen to sign her contract and will be held by the internal maturation, carrying its natural light and the wisdom of a child where it is needed. Miyazaki is admired by the light and seems to be forever ready to scream at the well named child's soul to listen to such a valuable echo. Perhaps only an outstanding anime Isao Takahata "Grave of the Fireflies" so carefully and sympathetically told about the fragility and childhood uniqueness, but there was pain, suffering, terror and death, and is pure fairy tale, the philosophy of childhood ... Recognizing the great Norstein his teacher, admiring unattainable depth "Tale of Tales", Hayao Miyazaki as a true Japanese notices that the time does not matter. Master says that it will take years, and he, like his age - the teacher will tinker on another magical universe, oblivious to anyone around, will create a new world and chuckle quietly in a snow-white beard ...
In 2001, small and frightened girl of klutz has turned into bold and decisive Chihiro! Ghosts carried away and took us to the other side of the river, where the characters and masks, the Japanese wisdom and outstanding animation, patience and love, hot tempered witches and faceless, sad demons ... There, by single houses and rare plants floating on the infinite surface of the water a little train and it seems that it is already impossible to imagine a world without the tales of the wise and surprisingly simple truths of the eternal big baby -. storyteller Hayao Miyazaki
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