"Spirited Away" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Chihiro year-old girl with her parents moved to a new town somewhere in the Japanese wilderness. Turning the wrong way, the family is in a strange place - in front of a blank wall with a gaping in her mysterious passage. After going through it, Chihiro is together with the parents in the town, similar to an abandoned amusement park. The streets, which are virtually alone restaurants are empty, but at one of the stalls full of food. The parents, in spite of all exhortations daughter, decide to try the treats and after dark turn into pigs, Chihiro and myself, assisted by the mysterious boy Haku, now has to work hard in the baths, which owns the Witch Yubaba. Because otherwise it does not save the parents and not save itself.
'Spirited Away' with the development of the action gradually immerse the viewer in an unusual magical world filled with unusual creatures and strange events. This dream world largely overlaps with the Japanese mythology and at the same time extremely close to reality, but this understanding does not come from the beginning, because the first thing you notice when watching - very unusual is happening. A strange place, administered by the witch Yubaba - bath for around the world of gods and spirits that do not place an ordinary man. Strange staff of this place, visitors and unusual main character attempts to cope with their responsibilities, in order to save their parents - that's what we observe in the beginning. But all this 'strangeness' and 'singularity' is only the surface layer and better enough to peer into an unusually lively and profound picture of the creation of the Japanese master Hayao Miyazaki, in order to understand just how much all laid creators in their work .
mysterious world really is full of illusions, references and complex allegories designed to carry not only the didactic element, but simply open the eyes to the fact that maybe someone knew but gradually forgotten as unnecessary. And it is actually in the modern world many simple aspects are not necessary to us, everything fades into the background, displaces the ordinary course, which is very difficult to escape. Sami actors 'Spirited Away' seemed to be an example that it is unnecessary to search for the secrets of where they simply do not have. Conventional, stereotypical parents of the main character, she Chihiro - not how remarkable year-old girl, Kamadzi grandfather, the unusual appearance hides his good nature and desire to help and to prevent trouble, and even a witch Yubaba seeming austere and brutal, but in fact it turns out that reproach her not at all. As nothing to reproach is not one of the main characters of the anime film. Everyone has an excuse, a reason to do so, and not otherwise. And the things that are hidden in his creation of a Japanese director, is not so clear. True friendship does not need to be checked, which can not be bought or sold. Rejection of something new, which actually turns out to be unfounded. Perseverance, win over some phobias in the face of need, when you need to help a loved one. Trying to find recognition, his place in life, his home (which is so eager to find Faceless), and so much more, it is worth thinking over what
But perhaps the most memorable image of the 'Spirited Away' -. Celebrated many trains rushing through the endless sea. Where he was going? For what, for what it's moving? The answer to this question lies in the phrase rin, who dreams to quit work and rush off into the distance. It is there, in the distant world of dreams races this mysterious train as a symbol of escape from the daily routine, turning its victims into the same mass of faceless shadows, gray and everyday crowd in which everyone loses his identity. But maybe someday it sits such as Rin, who decided to finally give up the everyday existence and dart away to the unknown worlds of dreams about a carefree life. But whether this will ever happen? Do dare any man to give up everything and disappear over the horizon? Actually no, because all most of them are satisfied with the life they live, and the biggest step to which they are addressed - dreams. And the dream of wealth and other benefits working in the baths being in fact not even seek to change something, because their lives are essentially arranged and devoid of problems.
Quite interesting both contemplative and philosophical point of view of animation creation - that's probably the meanest feature 'Spirited Away' . But give a more complete characterization of the more difficult, because too much into it laid creators to describe it printed text, all you need to see and understand yourself. Anime film, designed for each individual, because it carries the mortgaged multiplicity of interpretations, giving much food for thought. Everyone understands it differently, depending on what the problem is closer to him and that touches it to a greater extent, because the world 'Spirited Away' - the world in which you can catch a hint of everyday life of each of the us. And it is very easy to change, just to find the target, no matter what, and strive for it with the certainty of finding his happiness.
10 10.

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