"Spirited Away" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Hayao Miyazaki - The Great Creator, I am not afraid, it sounds pathetic, because these words are from the heart. From a grateful heart. Thanks for that Miyazaki has given us the most amazing his creation - "Spirited Away»
There are no age restrictions.. The only children who are about 12, can not understand the beauty and the meaning of all this, they can not carry away, so do not be surprised. But they can also understand
I'll try to list what I fall in love with this film
Firstly, it is a realistic portrayal of the characters -.. Traffic, conversations, looks, gestures, actions ... In short, they are all so real ( despite the fact that not all of these people, and unusual magical creatures) that really start to love them, empathize with them ...
Take, for example, a scene early in the film when Chihiro and her parents are traveling by car to his new home.
Secondly, the very magical world. It captures, he surprised he pleases. Ghost World, the world of spirits, the world of nature deities, various world of sentient beings. This world fascinates the audience with its beauty, its magic ... I want to wander through the streets of the town, take a walk on the flowering gardens of huge palaces, make friends with the spirits that inhabit this blessed place ...
Thirdly, it is good. That's good. Because it seems to me that Miyazaki has created a very good picture. Of course, there is not very pleasant moments, such as when parents are transformed into pigs Chihiro, and when Faceless starts to spit out nasty black goo. There are also negative characters, but "negative" at a stretch. After all, the essence of all evil in this film - is the hostess baths, principal witch Yubaba that worships in his little son, and related Promise to give work to all who would ask
Yubaba First appears before us a mighty ruthless witch Chihiro afraid of her. Yubaba threatens to turn it into a "pig" or crayon. But then it wakes up her baby, and it becomes clear that it is not so scary. Along the way, we see that Yubaba not oppressive tyrant - running in her baths respect and obey his mistress, they live and work without knowing the grief. And her sister Dziniba, even though they do not like each other, wrong about it can only say: "She won some, all of a»
And Chihiro gradually gets used to the ways of this world, to its magical inhabitants. And as the story makes it clear that nothing terrible in this world there is, its inhabitants - quite harmless, and are different from the people only those that live in a world of magic, and the appearance
Fourth, shall we say, ethics. this splendor. No need to be a philosopher to find her. The story about the incredible adventures of a little girl teaches the viewer to be kinder, to see the good in other people, even those from whom all turned (Chihiro and The Faceless). Helping friends in that whatever the cost (Chihiro and Haku), and boldly move forward, not knowing what awaits you there (and Chihiro Dziniba). . Always hold back the data you promise (Chihiro and Yubaba)
Besides Miyazaki slightly raised topical issue - people's attitudes to the environment (Chihiro and owner Rivers), which is the basis of other masterpieces, "Princess Mononoke»
. Fifth, the music. It is the best fit to the overall web. It creates the necessary mood, hints, cautions. Magic music as a whole with the magical world.
Sixth, characters. They are all different, but all without exception cause a great deal of sympathy. About Chihiro and her parents Yubabu I said enough already. Haku, youth assistant Yubaby. Dziniba, twin sister Yubaby. Rin, a girl working in the baths. Faceless, sad penumbra, in touching the mask. Bo, the son Yubaby, and his faithful friend - a funny little bird. Santa Kumasi, heating water for bathing. Soot, they are also funny crumb-embers. The owner of rivers, which took over the Spirit garbage dumps. And still many other colorful characters. All these heroes are so different from each other, but they all share a desire to help Chihiro, to meet her kindness and openness.
Seventh, most importantly, I was just captivated by this film. This railway, crossing the endless sea. Nothing is more beautiful, I have not seen in a film or on one canvas, on any photo ... the endless sea, the vast blue sky, big cumulus clouds, and the railroad, which runs through this expanse of water. A train traveling on that road, cut through the water waves ... And quiet sad music ... Who
passengers of this train? The author does not explain to us, everyone is free to find his understanding. Translucent, black shadows in the gray pavement. Calmly, silently and motionless they sit ... What do they say? ? To strive for the souls who have found peace and follows up his last stop ...
train rides all day ... The sky is painted in sunset colors, the distance can be seen the small islands ... sweeps past one of these; a small island, it is worth two-storey small house, with a slightly ragged walls, and green tree. Who can live in this house? ... and live there anyway? ...
When I review this passage in my heart aches from some quiet, sad, as if it's something that I know well, but not I remember, as if some memory rises from childhood, like once upon a time I went to the train ...
film - a masterpiece
10 of 10.

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