"Spirited Away" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I find it difficult to evaluate this film ...
'Your treasure fake'
First of all, unfortunately, this is the first film in the bank of Miyazaki, which the Yankees gave Oscar. Event is unusual, special, but for fans of this golden statue of a whale on the table - everybody talks about it, but no good there. Yes, Oscar gave influx of popularity, but Oscar sold more DVD and joins Dzibli piggy bank. But is it for these chases gray artist with the soul of a child? He, who was born during the war, has lived his childhood in an embrace with airplanes, as it was the case until golden statues of the Western world, it divides them 10,000 kilometers of the Pacific Ocean, and a thousand years of history and culture. Clay vase standing in the lobby Yubaby with birds engraving gives me greater reverence than gold knight on a reel.
'hmmm, how smells!'
Indeed, the picture is very delicious smells as rosy patty, fresh from the oven. Very original, innovative, very unusual, but like all of the wizard, this film is a real masterpiece. I liked the detail of the old style of animation in all that does not concern the nature and character. So I once again emphasizes that the nature and the characters changed. The sea remained the same beautiful. :) These marine trams that go on the water, faceless people on the train, interweaving the world of imagination and reality. The film is very interesting.
'Totoro and Chihiro'
In addition, it is impossible not to notice the similarities with previous work of Miyazaki, 'My Neighbor Totoro'. Both are designed for approximately the same audience, but you can start watching Totoro much earlier, but the 'blown' children may not understand.
ringlets, Satsuki inhabitants of the house, reappeared in 'Gone', perhaps specifically for the sake of me and other zealous admirers of antiquity, Miyazaki added some artifacts for us. In 'Gone' they have changed slightly, they do the work and stokers are heaviest pieces of coal in the home furnace Ban.
In addition, with 'Totoro' time we are not faced with such aspects of behavior such as indecision, timidity and a desire to return to her parents . Chihiro often shudders, her hair and shirt to these moments as though electrostatically charged and stick out in all directions. This technique is the last time it was used in Miyazaki 'Totoro'.
As always, Haya, they are all unique and inimitable. Its history in each of them. 'Spirited Away' is our way into the world of Japanese folklore. All these spirits, deities, Toads and radish, Japanese corporate dragon - he had no wings and is more like a European than unagi dragon
Toads running in the bath -. Greedy, stupid, greedy, in general, their appearance confirms their nature
Faceless spirit -. The invention Miyazaki, as always unusual, with incomprehensible motives until almost the very end of the film
Lord rivers -. more one example of a classic Japanese spirit of the river - the dragon, the dragon - Shihan, and because it is 10 times more than the length of the legs and 10 times more than other
Yubaba -. about Chen original character, pronounced head and hands, and the almost complete lack of body. Immediately evident - who are the main baths. We did not see how nirazu Yubaba eating - if she eats at all? All the time she spends on the increase of the enterprise income. She often counts the gold and jewels, all her servants are afraid of her as lazy and disliked it turns into Chernushkas or pigs. She has a young son, surpassing in size mummy times 5! Yubaba afraid that my son will be ill if you come to the street, she was surrounded by his solid pillows, toys and sweets. Yubaba so badly knew my son, I could not distinguish it from a fake! In such circumstances, he would not be able to become an adult. He came to help Chihiro
Zeniba -. Yubaby twin sister, her total reflection and contrast, Zeniba not appreciate the wealth and lives with his hands, almost without using magic. But we see, when necessary, it is able to give a fitting rebuff! She prouchivaet Yubabu and satisfied with her a couple of trouble. In the shower Zeniba kind and gracious witch. She forgave the thief, and helps Chihiro back to their parents
Hack -. A mysterious boy, he meets Chihiro as brothers, with love and care, but when she is given a new name, as if he does not know her. An interesting fact with the names in Miyazaki - if you forget your name - you already can not resist Yubabe and have a personality Haku Yubaby works as an assistant, he was her right hand, the sorcerer.. But as we see in the end, she does not feel any attachment to it and respect, as well as to his other servants. Nothing is known about how Haku was in Bani Yubaby, but it is known that he had fallen on her head like Chihiro. The most interesting thing is that Haku did and not a man, it was the Spirit of the River - the dragon. The main male character pictures Haku Chihiro look no further and helps her find themselves, their strong side
Chihiro -. Ten-year girl who falls through the tunnel to the fabulous world of spirits and magic. Reminds Alice, if true? Chihiro's parents, not showing the best qualities of modern adults gorge on foreign food, suggesting that once the money with them, they all will be able to pay. Magic prevroschaet them into pigs, and young Chihiro, for the sake of parents and return to his world must find the boldness and courage, strength and love, honor and honesty, courage and kindness . All those feelings and character traits that are common to all the main characters of Hayao Miyazaki, all those feelings and traits, which should have every person in this world, so he changed it to become better.
Miyazaki dreamer, it shows us what we could be if the honor and kindness would be an integral part of our personalities. Miyazaki realist shows in the picture that two children, a sympathetic and loving, kind and honest, and a couple of their associates, is opposed to a whole pack of toads and frogs, evil spirits and witches.
to summarize, I would say that despite the changes that have occurred in Miyazaki animation, his style, his instructive and a good story, great pictures and amazing story of his imagination - all these qualities are more than compensated by the details that I I did not like. You can say with firmness, that the next masterpiece in the line of master stands shoulder to shoulder with such titans as 'Mononoke' and 'Nausicaa'. I would like to express my gratitude and low bow to sensei his entire team, tirelessly worked on the film for three decades
Tradition and style, morality and perfection summed up:.
10 of 10

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