"Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Born free, after spending his childhood and youth in harmony with nature, is unlikely then I want to live in a cage, to endure the whip and hard work. And if the majority eventually submit to a fate and resisted the irresistible spirit of the prairie, then there is always at least one who will fight to the last, no matter how many times it is not trying to tame.
This cartoon was the directorial debut for Kelly Asbury and Lorna Cook, but at that time they had a great experience working animator. They have a hand in creating some of the most famous and beloved fairy tales of our times. And together with DreamWorks they talk about the hard life of the animal, which until the 20th century played an important role in human life. The plot tells about the times of the Wild West and its restive steed, whose temper helped him remain free.
with the main character we are introduced at the time of his birth, and even then in his eyes you can see the irrepressible admiration for life. Over the years, the surrounding beauty more wins the heart of Spirit ', making it a worthy leader of his herd. Only curiosity gets it right into the hands of the colonists, who know the price of a good horse. From their open spaces, he always drew energy and, once away from home, Spirit loses power, but does not lose the power of the spirit - it nourishes the hope of his return home. This character was very realistic, not like most of the animals from the cartoons, because it does not speak our language and behaves like a real horse. But we can often hear his inner voice, sounding overs and successfully combined with his facial expressions and the look in his eyes. And the sense of humor he is excellent - even in captivity, he finds a way to make fun of arrogant soldiers who tried unsuccessfully to break him. Spirit and delights, and he taught to always keep his head proudly, and no matter what happens to continue to fight for themselves and the ones you love.
not the first person to meet on the way the main character, was the Indian named brook, but he was the one Spiritu who showed that there are still good people in the world, capable of living in harmony with nature. This crafty guy was very impressed with a wayward horse, because he was not like those whose kindness domesticated Indians. Their story of friendship delights, because even without words, they were able to understand each other and began to respect. Even without this meeting, they hardly had a chance to survive in such a dangerous adventure. By the way, the original of the character voiced by actor, in whose veins flows the blood actually Native Americans
«-. We have to curb the wild stubborn. And this better? »
Spirit's main problem is not only his extraordinary curiosity, but the colonel gets pleasure from the constant proof of their superiority. I bet he liked to fight, to put the Indians on his knees and destroy what could not conquer. That scene, when he realizes that he can not make his protagonist manual transport and decides to just kill him, it reflects all the rotten nature, and the inability to do good. It is unlikely that he has changed, and after meeting with spirits, unless he understood that there is a great force for every force. And this is only what the character believes.
special place in the story is given and Mother Nature, amazing views which are fascinating. No wonder the cartoon created traditionally, without the use of computer graphics. Artists have tried to convey the original beauty of America, where he has not yet grown big cities and bright lights are not lit up. Barbarians shown here are those who are trying to transform the vast expanses and civilians, men and beasts, for themselves. After all, they built a new world on the ruins of another world, now almost sunk into oblivion. The directors tried to make the cartoon closer to reality, do not forget to recall that love creates hatred and turns to dust. And it is always worth to believe in yourself, even if it seems that the battle was lost. And the result of unexpected musical duo consisting of Bryan Adams and Hans Zimmer, has become the perfect soundtrack whose songs tell about the Spirit's state of mind in different situations, and happy, and virtually hopeless. A great story, which quickly captures and leaves behind only positive emotions, and even mild envy as the free inhabitants of the prairies.
Free heart can not even keep the strongest bridle.

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