"Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

It's a new world
It's a new start
It's alive with the beating of young hearts
It's a new day
It's a new plan
I've been waiting for you
Here i am

- say, the history of the Wild West is written with horse saddles. But as seen from horse heart you know now (with)
Oh, there were times. I remember commercials years 7-8 ago, when I got to the hands of the video cassette with the animated movie, I watched it almost every day of how much he liked me and the funny thing is that with each subsequent viewing I did not get bored, and vice versa interesting so interesting. That is due to what I prefer, light, sensual and entertaining at the seriousness of ideas and morality cartoons of DreamWorks Animations than more sophisticated and adult cartoons at least allocated Pixar Animations. DreamWorks Animations are nice so that almost always work with those with Kemi they've had the good fortune to work, that's why for directing the project took Kelly Esbori who was a writer, "Chicken Run" and later directed the second "Shrek" and Lorna Cook who worked on a joint project of DreamWorks and the Disney "Mulan." Naturally such a strong enough tandem could not be limited to conventional film. I liked the movie damn much, despite the fact that since its release passed 8 years of commercials and despite the fact that I've already got older for the same 8 years. Smart film that you want and you want to watch and review how the Americans say again, again and again. The animation in the film is very beautiful and interesting, and most probably released side of the project is that the animation is structured like a cartoon hand-drawn cartoons with which were in my long-ago childhood. Very nice watch as the geniuses of animation and film directors to show the beauty of nature, the sunsets, the beautiful scenery and simple beauty of indescribable beauty, while simultaneously building up enough ideological picture that manages and has much to teach and how to entertain. Awesome.
One of the most fascinating sides of this project is that the film manages to "tie" the spectator a huge bouquet of emotions and impressions, learned a lot and pull her morale and bring the viewer, but at the same time dispensing with virtually no dialogue and citations, because the main heroes horse paintings and everyday dialogues in the film are reduced almost to a minimum, due to which all the above assessed solely through the quality of behavioral characters and their facial expressions. From this perhaps quite sublime feeling, because the plot has to feel a wave, as well as the feelings that you experience while watching, freedom, love, positive. The ideal atmosphere in the picture, looking picture looking into the soul of the creators of the horses with which they have shown they do not speak (eg in many cartoons animals speak), because they are alive, they are which is what they are beautiful. Very emotional and insert with friendship and Indian Spirit's Lakaty. And of course the great finale in which it would seem that scoundrel and a villain appears with a completely different side.
must pay tribute and Russian translators. Although in the film and a few words and dialogue, level of translation and identity of the characters voices get almost as good the original voice acting Matt Damon, James Cromwell and many others who have coped at all great. It is also worth noting the vocals Yuri Zamihina which replaced the vocals of Bryan Adams in his songs. Of course, to the level of Adams him away, but he sang as they say with the soul and the heart.
Almost immediately as the company was formed DreamWorks Animations composers paintings made brilliant team of Hans Zimmer, on behalf of his own, as well as his colleagues Harry Gregson Williams John Powell. But of course the creators have identified the last two composers individual projects and decided to call in a painting exclusively Hans Zimmer because he really a genius, and he was not the first to adapt and collaborate with musicians, in this case, he had to work together with great Canadian rock performer Bryan Adams. Before that he had worked on "King Lion" with Elton John himself. Music perfectly complements and continues Adams music specially written for this film. Very beautiful music, great guitar playing, and performance of the electric guitar has sent me personally, sometimes to a similar manner of the game for "Days of Thunder". But given the fact that in the picture there are spectacular moments do not forget about the dynamic music Zimmer to the picture. Music in motion scenes, including a chase scene and a scene in which the Spirit rescues another horse that carries the river elegant, admixture of the "Rock" but without military motifs and advenchurnoy variations. Rapidly and effectively.
And now my favorite music artist Bryan Adams. His music which he wrote specifically for the film is simply gorgeous. You Can not Take Me perfect moments came under the Spirit's triumphant victory, Get Off My Back complemented with a special enthusiasm moments in which the Spirit dropped the saddle riders, Brothers Under The Sun profoundly emotional moments (playing the electric guitar simply gorgeous). But the film itself perfectly circled around numerous plays gorgeous track I Will Always Return and no less but rather more glorious track Here I Am which became the main soundtrack of the picture. Elegant guitar playing, soulful music, gorgeous and unique floor hoarse voice of Bryan Adams, it is a pleasure to listen to.
10 of 10
easy, beautiful, elegant and simply takes the soul. Be sure to watch and "as the Americans say again, again and again" ....

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