"Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Somewhere far away in the prairies, live wild mustangs, and once in their ranks is replenished - a foal is born, who is called Spirit. Beautiful, graceful, strong - Spirit rides across the plains like the wind. It is free and happy, he becomes the leader of the herd, and a defender of their relatives. One day, a young mustang curiosity gets him prisoner to the people. Silly Homo sapiens neukratimy hope to curb the spirit of freedom, but they do not know that according to the free soul - invincible, and sooner or later, she will escape from captivity to get away for a meeting to the wind - to go back home ... animated film Dream Works Studios 'Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron' very deep and subtle spectacle, moreover, - the tape looks very unusual. Imagine that in the 'Spira', cartoon characters, animals do not talk to each other - they communicate through its natural sound, and only the inner monologues of the Spirit ', acquire human speech. Hence, this picture becomes even more real and deep - for singing and speaking little animals in the film enough, and despite the fact that removing human speech from the lips of the animals, the authors occasionally overdoing with facial expressions and habits of the characters, as if explaining to a slow-witted audience or that emotion - everything is 'Spirit' is still very much alive and moving spectacle
I will not hide - I think that 'Spirit' in its depth and the atmosphere is obliged directly to Bryan Adams, who wrote for the animated film, well, just a soulful soundtrack. I do not know how to 'Spirit' went to the perception, without the enchanting musical themes, heartbreaking lyrics and gorgeous instrumental sounds. It is quite possible that the cartoon would have preserved the intimacy and depth, but I doubt that this depth, would be so poignant, because Adams not only wrote beautiful music - his songs, he gave the protagonist inner core and the nature, dreams and desires. It even seems that Adams at the time of writing music, and himself in which the plan has become spiritualists, otherwise how to explain such a heartfelt and sincere work. I can even boldly (but subjectively) say that Brian made for this project, more than the writers, animators and even the director! One has only to remember that almost all the exciting and emotional scenes in the film, accompanied by songs, bearing necessary for a reliable sense. And here it is impossible to compare the 'Spirit' 'from the Disney animated musicals - in the' Spira 'no singing heroes in the' Spira 'sing soul heroes - beautiful and sensual sound, tearing to pieces the heart ...
Despite the fact that the music, in my subjective opinion, it is the main component of this masterpiece here as we can not accept and remarkable work of animators. Hand-drawn animation - excellent. I do not get tired to believe that this trend does not itself become obsolete, in fact worth a look 'Spirit' 'to understand - how subtly, beautifully and naturally, by means of brushes and pencils, you can create truly vivid images and beautiful scenery. Green hills, deep canyons, high mountains, lively rivers and waterfalls falling - it is truly indescribable beauty spectacle. A mustangs - never had these beautiful animals do not look in the animation so gracefully and naturally. In the picture the same, and computer elements were used that completely harmonizes with the hand-drawn animation, as if adding to and improving the overall visual range. Suffice it to recall the scene with the fall of the train or the episode of the waterfall, to understand the complexity of the work. And we must pay tribute to these and many other moments pictures are shot not only perfectly beautiful - but also a dynamic, exciting and spectacular. Although, if we talk about the dynamics of the narrative, then there can hardly be called 'Spirit' 'is entirely dynamic - in the picture there are all sorts of scenes, and it's great that the lyrical and romantic scenes are very well and smoothly into action, with all its attendant chases and dangers.
Another important component of the tape, is love. Spirit's Love to the mare named Rain, love and devotion to his master mare, and of course, the love of freedom. Once in captivity, whose sole purpose was the Mustang - the freedom and the return to their homes, but it turned out that far from home, Spirit's expecting his fate. Rain - his faithful mare redhead host - as soon as Spirit saw her, he immediately fell in love, he has found for himself a native creature that will fight for and no one will give, even if it is taken away at the end of the world and zakuyut in iron chains. Rain is beautiful, delicate and feminine, she would never give his friend, and when she lets go of her human friend, and Spirit's freedom, and then gets into trouble - rain turns and jumps to his aid. Here the author emphasizes the deep devotion, respect and communication of the animal to the one who tamed, who rode on the vast expanses who never offended and did not leave in trouble - is animal related to the owner of the touches and makes you think, especially in contrast with American soldiers which relate to the Mustang as his slaves, on which you can ride without getting tired, which you can beat and starve just because it's just a horse. On the other side of the horse, showing very loyal and understanding natures, strength of will which can work wonders - if the home was just one step, the length in the wide, multimeter break, mustang overcome it, even if he has to gain wings and fly PS 'Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron "- very touching, soulful and deep cartoon. Thanks to the excellent and emotional music of Bryan Adams, the story seems to be real and alive. Stallion of the Cimarron, a son of liberty, child wind - Spirit combines much sense as combines the very nature of life and destiny. After the viewing, a dream is born in the soul - you want for a moment to be in those places, and at least for a moment, to see the prairie herd of wild mustangs galloping freely ...
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