"Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

To speak on the topic of freedom decided to Dreamworks SKG studio. Freedom, in their opinion, is perfectly reflected in the life of a herd of mustangs. Native horses living between Western Nebraska and Utah, near the Colorado Plateau. Independence of these venerable racers envy of any resident of the freest countries. Freer of any horse in the herd, feels only an eagle soaring high in the sky, as we hinted at the beginning of the picture, showing the magnificent panorama of the Wild West. Often there is the identification of horses with these majestic birds.
talk to the audience about freedom, not narrative underpinning some conflict would be wrong. Otherwise, a full-length film would become one of the Discovery Channel series about the lives of wild animals. Reflection of freedom in such cases goes side by side with its deprivation. Ideal era of the conquest of the West by the Americans to find because there is so much had been done to her, and said acquiring lofty words. Cast on bad guys are usually the people who so love the freedom to select here the writers showed no dyuzhuyu courage, portraying Americans (not indigenous) oppressors of freedom. It looks pretty unconventional, if you recall the Westerns, which are so like to show the brave Yankees. Version of the conquest of the West by the Americans seem quite barbaric. US soldiers stealing horses, attacking the peaceful settlement of the Indians and try every possible way to expand its sphere of influence, paving the railroad tracks across the continent. But the actions of the main fighter for freedom can not be called civilized, and to some extent they even antisocial. Not to mention the big bada-boom, which gave the stallion and burned all to hell. Interesting here is as a clash of two stubborn head-on, and the Spirit's Sergeant Adams. The confrontation of these two shows, so that sparks fly. But it should be noted that the sergeant still has some nobility and respect for inherent human combat hardening, even manifest itself only at the end of the story. Not the underdog feeling, and the theme of love in such films, in order to emphasize the importance and touching story.
Enter into the narrative an animal like a horse practice in animation uncommon. We can recall a sufficient number of animated films, where equines would occur as a person loyal friend or just as a mount, but has always been a character of the second plan. Dreamworks studio horses brought to the fore, creating a kind of ode to freedom and fight for it. The decision to use in his painting of horses, rather than, say, birds (actually a horse for many still remains an animal forced on them work in the villages, go into battle and otherwise used for their own needs, and ask that this no one thinks about the animal itself is not going) with animators position is quite logical. Birds on the nature of the movement a little static (all lies in the preservation of the energy needed for long flights), in contrast to the same horses, which by their nature are constantly in motion, then just go and graze the grass, then furiously galloping across the steppes towards the sunset, and when effectively form barriers stand on its hind legs or at least effectively overcome it (in general, for the animator headache). Therefore, make an interesting, dynamic and visually pretty picture with a huge degree of pathos, the basis of which to speak about so long ago, taking care of the subject, with the main character of a family of birds is not seen as attractive. The more you can not ignore the fact that the horse is for the majority of the most kind and loved animals. Not to mention the pony who loves, not only six years old little girls, but also those who are over twenty, especially the male part of the population (say thank you Lauren Faust).
The beauty of the tape is the graphic component. Bold weave hand-drawn graphics with digital technology looks impressive. The first and most correct impression of the tape has formed at the beginning, as soon as a herd of horses dissecting the water surface, and the pillars of the spray emitted in different directions, under the soulful music of Hans Zimmer. If you are at this stage on the skin shivers ran not and did not falter in anything, perhaps you should refrain from viewing this picture. Yet one can not complain of some flaws in 2D and 3D dock in a number of scenes, and sometimes carelessly rendering of nature, which lacks clarity. Also controversial looks horses conversion from 2D to 3D. But on the whole strip get rich animated and very dynamic. In addition, the Spirit is one of the most complex characters, which had been worked twenty-four animator.
In contrast to the same animations, also supported by the plot, if not profound, but at least with intrigue, where the protagonists are the animals, Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron spectacle purely meditative. One may admire the main character of the veteran stallion, which reflects the qualities of freedom, carelessness, courage and stubbornness, squared. Surprising novelty in the supply of the plot. Search in stories told, the authentic image of the conquest of the American West, but the memory is still the brightest moments of the pop scene as a favorite four-legged jumps, jumping, sports, frowns a lyrical songs Bryan Adams. From verbal communication between animals in general decided not to compensate for this music. The lyrics of individual songs reflects the idea of ​​the painting, which was not lost in the transition to the Russian language. What can be said about the title that we gave some higher meaning, rather than simply "Spirit: Stallion Simmarona". On the quality of the dubbing can not worry. Voice and redundant bit is performed without frills. Bryan Adams songs accurately transferred to the great and mighty and sound is no less interesting and touching than the original.
In 2003, the picture won huge prizes, mainly due to the work of animators and artists. In the same year, he nominated for the Oscar as best animated film, but lost to "Spirited Away" Miyazaki. Despite positive critical acclaim, the picture was cool greeted the audience and is one of the most underrated bands drawn.

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