"Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

There are cartoons that sink in & nbsp; the soul and & nbsp; there are those animated films that are in the & nbsp; for life remain in & nbsp; the human heart. Spirit: Spirit of the Prairies, I'll take the latter. I do not dare to call this picture a cartoon, because when you see how you forty year old man sits and looks with enthusiasm without stopping and sincerely worrying about the hero - is that something so mean ...
viewing this wonderful movie like. and many others I owe my grandfather. On every birthday, he gave me the film, and on the tenth was the turn of 'Spirit: Spirit of the Prairies'
It should be noted that in this film felt the American spirit, because it raised sharp questions for Americans & nbsp; - it is freedom in general. . The action takes place in the 1870s, when there are battles between the American nation and the Native Americans. The film shows that all living beings are born free. Unlike many films about the American conquerors or westerns, this picture shows the new American builders with a completely different side. Topics covered here the struggle against slavery, Nazism, internal protest, freedom of indigenous people and animals.
Another important component of the tape, is love. Once in the & nbsp; captivity, the sole purpose of the Mustang was & nbsp; - & nbsp; freedom and & nbsp; return to the & nbsp; their homes, but & nbsp; so happened that & nbsp; away from & nbsp; at home, Spirit's waiting for him & nbsp; fate. The Rhine writers also show loyalty, respect, and & nbsp; the connection of the animal to the & nbsp; to those who cared about him, who & nbsp; never & nbsp; to offend and & nbsp; is not left in the & nbsp; disaster & nbsp; - & nbsp; is the ratio of the animal to the & nbsp; owner of & nbsp; truly touched and & nbsp ; makes you wonder, especially in & nbsp; the contrast with yankami that relate to & nbsp; Mustangs without a soul, and that can be beat and & nbsp; to starve, that would break the spirit and drop them
Mustang shows a strong character.. The strength of will and perseverance can work wonders & nbsp; - & nbsp; if you are separated from the freedom of one leap across the chasm, he it & nbsp; will overcome, will not back down for anything and never ...
About half of the film's success depends on the soundtrack and I'm sure that & nbsp; « Spirit "with its depth and & nbsp; the atmosphere is obliged immediately to Brian Adam and Hans Zimmer, wrote the lyrics and music for & nbsp; film, & nbsp; a wonderful soundtrack. I & nbsp; do not know how to & nbsp; «Spirit" went to & nbsp; the perception, without & nbsp; These musical themes, sentimental lyrics and & nbsp; the magnificent instrumental sounds. It is possible that & nbsp; film would transfer & nbsp; sincerity, but & nbsp; I doubt that & nbsp; This is the intimacy would be complete, piercing, while watching would not be complete transfer of the senses from the screen to the viewer. Adams & nbsp; just wrote beautiful songs, & nbsp; - & nbsp; of it & nbsp; presented the main character an inner core and & nbsp; the nature, dreams, & nbsp; will. One has only to remember that & nbsp; almost all & nbsp; exciting and & nbsp; the emotional scenes in & nbsp; the film, accompanied by the song, the carrier required for & nbsp; the reliability of sense. in "Spirit" does not & nbsp; singing heroes in the & nbsp; "Spirit" sung heroes of the soul, & nbsp; - & nbsp; a beautiful and & nbsp; the sensual sound, touching your soul ... This music is pleasant to listen to and separate from the film, it will return to you the feelings that you felt while watching.
this film Bryan Adams has become one of my favorite artists. You & nbsp; Can`t Take Me & nbsp; ideal liked by & nbsp; triumphal moments Spirita Ratio, Get & nbsp; Off My & nbsp; Back with & nbsp; special vigor supplemented moments in & nbsp; which Spirit dumped from & nbsp; riders seat, Brothers Under The & nbsp; Sun deepened mental moments (Playing & nbsp, electric - it's gorgeous). Well & nbsp; and he & nbsp; the film is ideally combined with numerous playing track I & nbsp; Will Always Return and & nbsp; not less, and & nbsp; rather more glorious track Here I & nbsp; Am which became the main soundtrack pictures
It`s a & nbsp;. New world Here I & nbsp ; am
musical works Hans Zimmer became a guarantee of quality for me, none of the outstanding movie not live without him
I especially liked that the film & nbsp;. only people talking. This & nbsp; was novelty in 2002, and & nbsp; gives the film the spirit of & nbsp; the actual hand-drawn stories. Thoughts and & nbsp; the feelings of the protagonist, we & nbsp; hearing due to frame and understand with the help of songs and showing off when the screen Big View eyes of the horses, you know their thoughts and feelings
characters & nbsp;. Characters, & nbsp; disclosed & nbsp; completely, I liked the fact that there is nothing superfluous in the description of each trait and used. & Nbsp;
Mother Spirit ', which is ready to help his son as soon as may be, in & nbsp; the scene when it is & nbsp; would like to go down to the & nbsp; with him & nbsp; break; She waits and & nbsp; believes & nbsp;. his return home
«Captain Snake»,
-I remember the first time on the & nbsp; my way met a rattlesnake. Colonel, of course, does not & nbsp; was a rattlesnake. But & nbsp; first, that & nbsp; me & nbsp; thinking - snake
He & nbsp; rises in the & nbsp; his path;! But in the end, he admits that he did not break the spirit of the Wild West and does not give the soldier to shoot the Spirit ', this ability to recognize its not the rightness deserves respect
Injun on & nbsp;. Named Little Creek, who decided to show Spiritu their own world, and & nbsp; in eventually became his & nbsp; a close friend. At the end of the brook says Spiritu "Spirit. Spirit, which no one can break "- this phrase could be interpreted as if you have perseverance, willpower, or you would not be able to break down and you will be free
& nbsp;. . Rhine, which surprised and showed Spiritu kindness of the people, thus leaving his heart free
-I was lying next to the & nbsp; it all & nbsp; night and & nbsp; dreamed of & nbsp; to her & nbsp; become better
-I have & nbsp. ; I understand; not & nbsp nothing. It & nbsp; belonged to the & nbsp; this miserable rickety bipedal as & nbsp; to & nbsp; one & nbsp; us - horses. Jumping around like & nbsp; love year-old filly ... No, guys, & nbsp; be & nbsp; should
and, of course, he & nbsp;. The Spirit, who is willing to sacrifice their lives for freedom, family, friends, and & nbsp; love.

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