Speed of light introduction Essay

When humans first erected to existence 200",000 years ago, their knowledge was minimal. They only knew of the world that was in their surrounding. They were completely unaware of how much bigger their world is. They had no understanding of the cosmos, or that the earth was a spinning ball revolving around a star much more massive than us. They were just like any other primal animal; clueless and easy to fool. But after millennium went by, we began to understand more about the world. We started to develop religion; a belief system to explain the world surrounding us, about 5",200 years ago. Teaching that there are superior beings watching our every move and that we must pray to them to prevent their anger that leads to our punishment. Then the scientific revolution began in 1500 AD, leading to the industrial revolution in the 1840s bringing America from rural farmland to cities. We have made a lot so far from our distant past and now our next obligation is to reach light speed. We have already broken the sound barrier now we must cripple the speed limit of the universe. But there are some concerns about reaching that speed. The first would be paranormal things will occur. The closer you get to the speed of light, time dilation increases making everything feel slower for you then those off board. Let’s take one example to account to make this idea more sensible, I have watched the inexplicable universe by Neil Tyson and learned one good example, it is called The Twins Paradox. The Paradox says that there are two twins born at the same time and same age. One of them is sent off in a spaceship at 90% the speed of light. But while the other twin is on the Earth aging the other twin is aging but 44% slower than the other twin! Then let's speed it up to 95% light-speed, now time is even moving slower for him than the other and than at 99.9%, time moves subtly. The twin in space ages at a rate of approximately 4%. Now let's say we kept him going at that speed for 5 years nonstop and returned him back to Earth to meet his twin once again/ He would only be 5 years old but his twin would be over a century old. This paradox is a great example because it presents what could happen to space travelers if they were going on a high-speed journey across the universe. It also explains Time dilation and it also explains if you actually go through an aging process in space. In this Story, it is 2200 and the first near light speed ship has been introduced, 4 men are to board the ship to go to Proxima Centauri and to experiment with the profound effects of flying through space at near light speed; just like NASA was trying to send monkeys to space to experiment if humans are able to perform in space in the 50s. So let's open this story.

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