"Song of the Sea (2014)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I remember George MacDonald wrote that if the artist managed to convey in his creation something is true, then the viewer (listener) is required to see it more than put the author.
have occurred the same feeling when viewing the 'Songs of the Sea'. Do not know if the director put all what I thought, but in any 'true' myth is and should be the main echoes of Myth.
remembered the phrase up. Paul: "For as I passed by, and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription: 'TO AN UNKNOWN GOD.' This is that which you worship in ignorance, this I proclaim to you "(Acts. 17:23).
It feels like the altar of the unknown God is in any nation. This Irish history is told a tale of redemption, but the language of the language. Every nation breaks the redemption story in its own way, it penetrates through your own intuition
In this legend the fall -. It is the rejection of the senses. Atonement - is the return of the senses. But how to do that? How to return the feeling? Boy Ben, eyes that tell a story, is faced with the bitter truth - when a person gets hurt, Mack comes and takes away feelings. To not suffer.
Everyone is afraid Mackey, but she is confident that brings happiness to people. And when a man gives her his feelings, he turns to stone. The world is full of spirits and stone people.
Each of us sooner or later comes the pain, and often a person escapes from the unbearable feelings. He invents himself McCue - a way to escape from reality. Mack - a symbol of false redemption, making life easier, the price of which the inner feelings of numbness
What is wrong with that person ceases to feel the pain.? The fact that he also loses the ability to feel joy
But there 'Selkie' -. A magical seal people, who sometimes emerges from the sea to the surface. And one such fairy enters into an alliance with a man, and they have a son and a daughter. Daughter - is both a man and a fairy, selkie. She has a sink, and when it plays the song, which is taught by her mother, a person begins to awaken the senses. Disenchants he ceases to be a rock.
Hope of the World, selkie (a girl named Siersha), is fragile. Her brother, Ben realizes that she is doomed without it. He must save her primarily from McKee - she tries to deny her feelings. It almost works, but boy is ready to do anything to save her sister. The world's Redeemer came into the world a child fragile, and many sought his soul. If not for the people who were around him, the world would not have been redeemed.
Atonement can not come without a man. God is too fragile in this world to save us without us. His strength is as the strength selkie can only occur under certain conditions. His strength - it is not violence, but rather the power of weakness in the frame. The strength of the hidden cover of weakness.
Siersha can save the world, but first we need to save Siershu. God is in our soul can do a lot, but we can give him the opportunity to do so. He will not do violence to the soul. He waits until we are His 'save'. We give Him all. And then ... the song begins to sound the sea
Song selkie -. It's music, evoking the stone. Siersha begins to sing. Stone begins to feel and to revive. With feelings and pain comes, first of all this pain feels Makka. Mack - a human invention a way to escape from reality
Decoupling is interesting because Siersha chooses to become a man.. And as a result of something going on with my father. He once lost his senses, finds a new life through what Siersha stays with him. He realizes that she was for him, and it raises it to joy.
he found his feelings, and these feelings were redeemed by the victim's daughter, Siershi which deliberately gave her magical nature.
Christ deliberately gave His Divine nature when straitened and came to us in a fragile human body. He decided to stay with us, creating our abode.
What is the redemption of our senses? Why do we so often listen to the arguments of Mackey and refuse to feel? Because we are afraid that our heavy feeling no redemption. It seems to us that we feel it always. Song of the sea - this is where our heart suddenly starts to sound like something that calls us back to the feeling. This is the strongest appeal, and if it is heard, it can lead to pain and tears. When the soul is thawing, she begins to cry.
But these feelings have redemption. As soon as your heart sounds song selkie, give her a sound start to cry, and then He will appear in front of you, who gave his divine dignity for all, to become a man. You will see him. And the tears turned to joy.

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