"Song of the Sea (2014)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Now new fairy tales are not wanted - producers with necromantic passion lifted from the crystal coffin old: Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Alice examples of modern outfits - kitsch, and only. And at this time on the Emerald Isle, the young artist revives national legend in the traditional fairy tale form, rich in symbols and meanings. It has proven itself the creator of a truly magical cartoons: the tragedy of goes in hand with death-defying conclusions and sadness light and leaves cause for hope. His tale funny and wise, interesting and serious, for children and adults. "The Secret of Kells" was a revelation to some, won the hearts of audiences of classical animation, unique style and formidable folk history. "Song of the Sea" with care taken over the strengths of its predecessor, while avoiding secondary and unnecessary experiments
Tomm Moore enthusiastically sings Ireland -. Rough country that meager nature and rich in history. Directed depict his homeland twice, showing it from different angles: in the scene of the debut film were stone monastery and a huge dark forest, full of pagan miracles here - rocky shore cold sea and autumn field. And in every landscape, even the most inhospitable, the artist has found the hidden beauty. It reflected the different faces of Ireland, while maintaining the similarity of the fine style of both bands. During its development even eight years ago, Moore was inspired by illustrations of the Book of Kells unique, making shots became so unusual and memorable, where light schematic side by side with lots of details and a variety of textures. "Song of the Sea" follows the same covenants except for minor changes, made in order to modernize the medieval styling. In this cartoon preserved landscapes, decorated with Celtic symbols and patterns that confer volume simplistic view of nature and show the unity of everyday life and legends.
The plot lay Irish myth Seals selkie people. Bron - one of them has found a happy family life with a man. Roll call from "The Little Mermaid" with an ulterior motive - their union would not be long. At the behest of the dual nature of the mystical Bron left her husband and son with a newborn daughter in her arms and disappeared into the gray foam night North Sea - a beautiful and unobtrusive metaphor at birth mother's death. After losing his wife Conor somehow cope with raising children and suffers from depression dark evenings. About lover recalls restless Saoirse - a real copy of it, which he invariably spoils. Ben also hates sister: because she was forgiven mischief, because you have to watch her all day, because he blames her mother's care. Quiet, besschastnye routine ends when the girl finds its generic a seal coat - new-found selkie has attracted the attention of many mythical entities, each of which has at her own plans. It is not difficult to guess that further developments will help to restore peace of balance within the family.
director does not hide love for creativity Hayao Miyazaki and undoubtedly learned from the Japanese master a lot of useful experience. It is not surprising that despite the quite unlike the context and artistic style, "Song of the Sea" has many of the traits of its anime "Spirited Away." In both pictures side by side the fabulous and the real world, there are similar characters, and importantly, there are no irreconcilable villains. For there is no evil, wanton, and if there is, it is unprincipled and uninteresting. Due to this in the history of beautiful and laconic interchange: a small legend in the context of Celtic mythology is essentially a paraphrase of an incomplete family drama history. Adventures brothers and sisters, and all their enemies and friends, who met him on the way - like a separate page the legend - in fact, too, is one big metaphor. Multipliers and do not hide it: equate heroes and wizards Maka grandmother, father and giant Mac Lir, the ferryman and a great Chanac. Nice and simple - each viewer sees on the screen is not only a story, but also a touching story of loved ones who have taken the past and finally gained their each other
Today cartoons rarely talk about something important, rarely truly artistic.. Modern conveyor animation filmmaking even laid on a Procrustean bed. Under such conditions, piece-work in the masterful performance, made with soul, illuminates the genre vibrant colors. Even the length and breadth hackneyed theme of family relationships that pops in every second tape with a rating of PG-13, in the "Songs of the Sea" looks smart, is not edifying. Thus it remains a child tale naive maximalist capable equally easily interact with both the mind and emotions to the audience. A piece of high art in aerial shell, she talks to us the language of parables and images - it should be cherished.

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