"Song of the Sea (2014)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Once, the youngest daughter asked her what takoe lies in a stone barn - is silver, with brown stripes. The woman ran into the shed, grabbed the skin and headed out to sea. When she was sailing om the shore, the boat got to meet her, in which sat a fisherman. He looked at the seal and found his wife's opinion, but it was too late. ©
This family are absolutely miserable. About six years ago, the mother of the family, for unknown reasons, for the main character, suddenly left the family, leaving only a little girl wrapped in a white fur coat. After that, my father became depressed and began to drink and obviously ignored his son, but to wrap the newborn care and attention, which, of course, very hurt the boy. It does not improve the situation and dumb girl who makes everyone around adults (very few) to treat it with a paranoid concern, forcing the older brother to wait on her. Of course, in such a situation, the unfortunate child thinks little sister his personal enemy, because of which my mother was gone, and the others ceased to love him. In addition to everything it comes to the grandmother - excessively initiative lady ready in whatever was to improve family life and children forcibly taken away to the city, where they were, as it seems to be better and calmer ...
This proverb, but a fairy tale ... tale tells about selkie, beautiful virgins-seals with a wonderful voice, hairy sages and owl witches of turning into stone, magical journey, and what happens if you refuse from its nature (but that is not always bad, if this decision is meaningful and not cripple you). About a mother's love and a big male mountain of courage and acceptance of responsibility. What is good, "Song of the Sea", it's the fact that its a fantastic component is closely related to consumer, and that myths and legends find their interpretation in individual families. Very Jungian approach to the story being told, moreover, that in the frame are identified in plain text conditionally evil witch that transforms creatures into stone for their own good and conditionally antagonistskaya grandmother aggressive imposing their assistance, but because doubly traumatic ...
general, "Song of the Sea "obviously created under the impression of Disney" Tangled. " Aside from the obvious and throwing in their respective eyes (magical girl living in the tower, cut off from the world, a character with magical glowing hair, lost my mother, wicked witch, fulfilling the maternal function), they even talk about one and the same, just in different styles : if the "Rapunzel" - it is such a versatile and sterile-clean of any manifestations of exoticism story of a parental figure searching, the "Song of the sea" - this is a very stylish, clearly appealing to the Norwegian folklore tale about a mother searching for and that even if living parents can grow up without parental figure before his eyes. Mom-selkie and a wicked witch - these are two equally traumatic extremum if one actually intervenes in the lives of children, genuinely wanting to protect them (and thus completely destroying them as individuals), the escape-selkie mother - a voluntary exile himself from the child's life. Of course, as dictated by its nature, but it is by no means something that is a little easier injured Ben. It is a pity that her fault what happened actually blurts, and therefore the ending becomes strange accents that put into question the moral of the story ...
But, on the other hand, the "Song of the Sea" (as opposed to, by the way, "The Secret of Kells" ) is very polyphonic in their interpretations. This is the story about the afterlife, and the responsibility, and family relations, and the conflict between progressive and authentic, civilization and nature, progress and stagnation ... Perhaps this is what makes the "Song of the Sea" is so captivating tale - it manages to be multi-faceted, rather than non-specific, and that not everyone cartoon boasts.
and, of course, the divine animation. This combination of conventional cartoon, computer kaleidoscopic patterns and stylized elegance book illustrations already in "The Secret of Kells" looked terrific, but here at all is amazing; one episode of the battle with the Maha is worth something! And flights of seals under water! (Just flights, otherwise the movement will not name) And the final scene Saoirse songs
Toward the end of the two thousandth all were convinced that the abundance of digital computer animation completely destroy the production of two-dimensional!; They were just suspicions, but now, in 2015, it is clear that the arrival of computer animation does not mean the end for the draw. "Song of the Sea" - yet another proof of this fact; . Perhaps not as evident, but quite convincing
If "Mystery of the Abbey of Kells" - is a great start for Tomm Moore, the "Song of the sea." - a clear demonstration of his talent and aesthetic position
Whether more will be.

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