"Song of the Sea (2014)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In life there is always a fairy tale. Unfortunately, in today's Russia, this place is negligible. Twenty-odd copies, to be specific. It was in such an amount to our rolling out a new work of Irish director Tomm Moore animator 'Sea Song'. Thing unique and infinitely beautiful, but it will be able to see only a few. Let us leave this misunderstanding on the Ministry of Culture of conscience, distributors and forming a repertory theater. Perturbations of the situation has not changed, but to draw attention to the product of his good, it is quite possible.
Tomm Moore, the son of Irish lands in love with animation since childhood, has publicly declared itself in this field in 2009, firing on the world's screens 'Legend of Kells' . On this project, he acted not only as a director and author of the story, but also as the author of the whole visual style of the film. It tells about the life of a medieval abbey, the creation of 'Book of Kells' (beautifully illustrated manuscript that combines the gospel and their interpretation) and the difficulties with which we encounter the young illustrator Brendan. Despite the specificity of the material, cartoon gladly watched in many countries of the world, and its author was awarded prizes and nominations on the set of film festivals, including the Oscar in 2010 (nominated for "Best Animated Film"). On the basis of the history and Irish folklore, Moore created a work full of magic, adventure and humor, reviving the medieval work of art, whose rich illustrations if awakened from centuries of sleep and began to play with new colors migrating from paper to film.
took some five years here, in the second time we have the opportunity to visit in the imagination of a talented author. At this time we are waiting for the adventure even more magical and fantastic. From the very first frame, we understand that we are in a different mood and rhythm of the narrative. If the 'Legend of Kells' colors were vivid, intense, and the music is dynamic and rapid, the 'Song' meets soft colors, though we are immersed in delicate watercolor and background sounds gentle lullaby. The next hour and a half, we will, as in a dream, sail the seas of Celtic myths, tales and legends. The film is built around the character of Irish folklore, and consists of two worlds: reality and myth. During the show we will guess the mutual reflections of these worlds, the complementary nature of the characters, not casual some similar characters voiced by the same actors. These two worlds connects being able to live in both - silk - Irish analogue of mermaids, people-seals that live in the sea, but are able to throw off their seal skins and live on earth, and as well as their rybehvostye counterparts possessing unearthly beauty, from what they easily fall in love people. That lighthouse keeper, Conor, I could not seem to resist once and married a beautiful silk. She gave him two children, the older and the younger Ben Saoirse inherited maternal genes, ie, born as silk, but after the last birth was forced, for unclear reasons (death of a metaphor), back into the sea. Thus the daughter's birthday celebration marred the life of a family Mother's care. Father in prolonged depression, elder brother rude and prenebrezhitelen, because he believes his sister guilty of leaving his mother, and she grows up and hears all obtrusive call of the sea. And then there comes a harmful grandmother and under the auspices of the fact that 'you can not continue to live like this', takes the children in the city, away from the sea and memories of his mother. Well, where is the magic? Yes, it is everywhere, if you look better! Upon arrival in the city, more precisely even when you try to run from it, it turns out that Saoirse has the magic power of silk and only under her power to release enigmatic perfume from the curse of the evil witch, owl mahi (so similar to the grandmother of the protagonist). Narostaet pace since Ben and Saoirse to hurry until Mach not bewitched few remaining spirits, and on the heels of our heroes have come minions witch. We are waiting for a lot of unexpected and magical! Meetings with the mythical deities, the battle with the witch, which is proving will not angry but confused loving mother, wanting to help his son, but has chosen to do a very dubious way back home, back to life and comprehension of the simple truth that no matter what shocks is necessary to continue to live and not to forget the most precious we have -. our loved ones
Tomm Moore has created a wonderful film for all ages, full of feelings and meanings. Thanks to him, we can not only touch the magic, but also to discover the world of Irish folklore and myths, so close and so far away to us. At the same time, the director performs a very important function - it does not pick up dust in its history, the history of their country and its culture. Thereby passing the baton traditions to succeeding generations, like transmitted from century to century Book of Kells or the magic of music sink, capable of transforming darkness into light.

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